Webcast: “Validating Storage Efficiency Cost-Saving” with Special Guest Forrester Group

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“Validating Storage Efficiency Cost Savings: Forrester Group reviews the Total Economic Impact of Real Time Compression on your IT environment.”
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Despite the economic slowdown, storage capacity has been continuing to grow at an unprecedented pace for the past few years. Think about it, you have to not only accommodate your organization’s precious intellectual property, but also all the emails, pictures and Powerpoint presentations being sent back and forth every day. To help users understand how to cost-effectively store their data, IBM and Forrester Group are presenting a special webcast featuring Forrester Analyst Jon Erikson.

Although the portion of the overall IT budget allocated to storage is growing for many organizations, the amount of increased budget may not efficiently accommodate the increased quantity of data. Many factors contribute to explosive data growth and expanding IT Storage needs. Business growth, the roll out of new products and services, the digitization of content, the rapid growth of unstructured data, the expanded use of rich digital content, and acquisitions all contribute to the increasing storage demand within a network attached storage (NAS) environment.

Organizations who are looking for a way to maximize their storage efficiency will want to listen to this webcast to hear Forrester Consulting Director Jon Erickson present the recent Total Economic Impact study on the industry’s newest storage efficiency product: Real Time Compression. Results show an 83% ROI and a 1-year payback period. This includes backup costs.

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Jon Erickson Webcast: Validating Storage Efficiency Cost Saving with Special Guest Forrester GroupJon Erikson
Senior Consultant for Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Practice
Forrester Group

steve kenniston Webcast: Validating Storage Efficiency Cost Saving with Special Guest Forrester GroupSteve Kenniston
Global Storage Efficiency Evangelist

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