What Agile Business Intelligence Really Means

April 8, 2011 No Comments


One of the written works I most admire, Bruce Catton’s history of the Civil War (“Never Call Retreat”), says of the prelude to Missionary Ridge that Grant and his commanders “had inspected the ground beforehand, and, as sometimes ironically befalls the diligent, had unanimously fallen into error” — by concluding that a flank attack could succeed.

Several months back, Jill Dyche, a long-time business intelligence consultant with a clear indication in her blog of diligence, savvy and experience in data warehousing, launched an attack on present-day enterprises attempting to do agile business intelligence (BI) “on the cheap,” claiming that they were not performing the drudge work of developing data models and improving data quality and therefore were less likely to achieve agile business intelligence. In the process of critiquing these users, Dyche also seemed to imply that the methods she laid out were sufficient to achieve significant improvements in business agility.

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