What is your Business Intelligence Quotient?

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Focus Research introduced BIQ (Business Intelligence Quotient) a while ago and I think this is a great concept.  You can get a free copy here.  It aligns well with our thinking here at myDIALS and outlines the following list of “High-Fives”.

  1. Encore the fact that BI is everybody’s business
  2. Data, Data Everywhere! But I Can’t See It No Matter How I Do My Search?
  3. Enumerate the potential of BI as an innovative invention of a superior customer experience
  4. Right time information is the NEW BI imperative and it prevents the data burst
  5. Consider BI as a strategic solution for your business

The “High-Fives” start with ensuring everyone making daily business decisions are aware of the importance of using BI capabilities (performance metric visualization, analysis and analytics) to make better, fact-based decisions more quickly. This needs to be supported by making the BI capabilities more pervasive within the organization - how to achieve pervasive BI was discussed in a previous post.  The second point is about mapping processes and understanding where relevant data sits.  The BI solution has to bring that data together into an integrated “single version of the truth” to provide insight and enable better business / operational efficiency.

Next is to provide self-service to the BI users so they can customize their experience and provide more business context based on their role and scope of authority. Here are some thoughts about allowing users to personalize their experience while maintaining consistency.

This is followed by ensuring that the data is timely – presented in “right time” – such that the information is granular enough to make business decisions quickly, but not too granular such that the decision makers are reacting to noise.  A previous post titled Business Intelligence at Business Speed addressed this concept.  That blog post also addressed aspects of point 5 above, by illustrating the need for the solution to continue to evolve and support changing business requirements and structure.

I particularly like the conclusion by Focus Research.  They reiterate that next generation BI is driven by customer-centric imperatives of:

  • faster time-to-insight
  • right time information availability & accessibility
  • enhanced self-service, business-process driven, multi-tenancy enabled
  • the ability to enable “big decisions”  derived from any and every data source

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