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What To Check When Your Wi-Fi Is Giving You Problems

November 13, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Jennifer James, Independent Technology Author

Wired network infrastructure in an office is limiting because you don’t have the freedom to move around with your machine when you want to. Installing a wireless infrastructure comes as a relief and you certainly will enjoy the freedom of working at any location of your office and even out in the compound when you feel like it.

Every change however comes with its downsides, and Wi-Fi has its fair share of the problems too. The good thing is that most of the downsides comes as a result of poor or wrong installation of the devices, and more so that router.

The Location

The size of an organization determines the gadgets you will require to provide usable, or a supply of internet that can be comfortably used by the employees. Supply and access to the resource will be limited by some factors, the following being some of them.

Too Much Glass

Reflective glass will always be a hindrance to good supply of wireless internet to different rooms and departments of your company. It gets worse when the glass is tinted, given that the tint has metal components that absorb the Wi-Fi signal thus making it hard to penetrate from one room to another.

Separate Floors

When the source of the signal is installed on one floor and its meant to feed devices located on other floors, the strength of the signal will weaken as it extends to farther areas of the building. In that case you will be needed to invest in a wifi router use boosters and repeaters to enable the signal to reach the users in usable strength.

Number of Users

The bandwidth allocated to you from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is meant to be used by a given number of devices. If the connection to your wireless router goes beyond the maximum allowed number of the connections, you and other users will experience poor internet speeds.

To resolve that you need to configure the router to only allow authorized connections, which are the users in your company only. Secure the router with a password that will only be revealed to the authorized users.

You will also need to regularly check the number of connections you have on your router, just to ensure that you have the allowed devices only.

Use Of Separate Networks

Some people think that having multiple routers in an organization will solve the connection problem. While the users may be accessing good signal strengths, there are the problems related to networks that have close proximity. The different passwords will for example be a nightmare to your users when they have to change from one network to the other once they change locations of their work stations.

Poor Quality Gadgets

The quality of the devices that you have bought for your network matters a lot. Poor quality will obviously give you a bad experience of time-outs and slow speeds of your Wi-Fi internet. Cheap gadgets will also keep on crashing forcing you to replace them many times, which won’t be proper investment.

High Usage Among Your Users

When you install Wi-Fi internet at your workplace where everyone in your organization will be using it, you need to remember that all devices that are Wi-Fi enabled will have access to it. The same password you will set and give to your employees will be used on their smartphones, iPads, laptops and you might also have a printer, photocopier or televisions that will connect to the internet too.

For that reason, you will need to prioritize the usage and limit the use of internet to those gadgets that aren’t relevant to the operation of the organization. For instance, you can set a specific bandwidth to a board meeting where they will need to download resources. By so doing you will ensure proper supply of internet to crucial systems like the CCTV system and communication gadgets.

Equipment and Things That Slow Your Internet


You might think that your office kitchen is a good place to install your network equipment and save space but you will be wrong. The signal will be interfered with by your refrigerator and microwave.

The aquarium has the same effect as a mirror or glass, and it might be the cause of the slow internet that you are experiencing.

Those are some of the main reason of a slow Wi-Fi internet that you can check to resolve your problems.Your IT staff will also help you to dragonize the problem and ensure that you have good supply of wireless internet for your company.

Author Bio:

Jennifer James is tech consultant in IT Company. She is passionate about reading news on internet technology and getting ideas from it. She keeps contributing on good blogging sites for expressing her thoughts.


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