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What you need to do before iOS upgrade

June 19, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Maria Carole, Independent Technology Author

Whenever one is planning for an upgrade for their iPhone device, they have to be very careful. IOS upgrades are famous for being unpredictable and can be the cause of unforeseen problems in your device. This is why it is better to be appropriately prepared before actually going forward with the upgrade. Following are a few tips about the things you need to do before an IOS upgrade:

1. Preparing your device for the update and backing it up:

This is but a necessity that your device has to be backed up before any big or small upgrade or even if you are only planning to restore your data in the device. But it is a surprise that most of the iPhone users don’t bother having one done and then have to bear the consequences. Hence to avoid all the hassle it is vital to choose a safe iPhone backup location and have all the data in your device backed up.

2. Updating iTunes:

Since it is not possible to reset your iPhone without iTunes, regularly updating your iTunes is important. If you are still using an outdated version of iTunes and if something goes wrong during an up gradation it can create a problem while troubleshooting the cause with the help of the outdated version and then you might have to look for alternatives to know how to reset iPhone without iTunes.

3. Ensuring battery charge of the device to 100%:

Any type of an upgrade for an iPhone takes time along with a lot of battery power. Even the Apple Company recommends that the device should have at least 50% charge in it whenever you are planning to upgrade your device and also, in general, it is better to have your device fully charge which can be beneficial in case of an emergency.

4. Backup your Apple watch (optional):

This is an optional tip and applicable to the choice few people who own an Apple Watch. If you are planning to upgrade your iPhone it will be imperative to backup your Apple Watch also.

5. Checking the compatibility of the device for the upgrade:

It is a myth that any iPhone device is automatically compatible for an upgrade to a new IOS up gradation. You will have to check for the compatibility of your device platform as to whether it supports the upgrade or not. You might not have to face any problem if you own a more recent version of an iPhone device but if you own some other older version then you will have to get it checked at any of the Apple outlets.

6. Updating your IOS apps in the preparation of the upgrade:

Some people do not believe in updating their apps with the help of the app store and keep using those outdated apps until completely necessary. If you are one of them then you should start updating all your outdated apps before you can even think about an upgrade for your device. This can be advantageous in solving compatibility problems between the apps and the upgraded environment.

7. Get yourself familiar with the new upgrade:

Your new upgrade may have the same look and feel of the older version but you must not be fooled by this as you will find there is a lot of differences between the two after you start using the upgraded version. To familiarize yourself with the update check some reviews on the net above the upgrade which will give you some insight into it and generate familiarity.

8. Ensure the jailbreak status of the new upgrade:

This is important must do in this list of things to be done before an upgrade. If jail breaking is valuable to you and a liberated IOS device is your topmost priority, then make it a point to check on the status of the jailbreak if the upgrade before going any further.

9. Most important; keep your login information ready:

In the earlier time, there was a lot less of a fuss created for upgrades as the user, upon noticing an update will select to process it and the further tasks will be handled for the user and hence the user is involved in the upgrade minimally. But now it is a different issue. The first things that you will be asked for an upgrade are your iCloud credentials and the Apple ID. Ensure that you have them ready with you so that you do not have to face any problem moving further.

Keep a check on the release time for the upgrade you are aiming for so that you can be ready with all the above things and finish doing them before the upgrade is released.



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