Why HANA? A Customer’s Perspective

February 15, 2013 No Comments

Date : Wednesday March 13, 2013
Time : 11:00 AM CDT
Duration : 45-minutes



Want to hear about the real story of transformation of SAP HANA on Savvis Foundation Hosting from customers just like you? Join us for this informative webcast, which will include:

* The advantages and disadvantages of implementing SAP HANA on-premise versus a hosting provider
* What to expect in terms of transformation, potential challenges and best practices for the greatest
success in implementing an SAP HANA solution
* Candid stories/feedback from executives who have considered these choices and made these decisions

In 60 minutes you will understand the full value proposition of SAP HANA on Savvis Foundation Hosting and have a better understanding of what to look for and how to make a realistic decision for your company.


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