Why LogiXML is Clearly Preferred Over Crystal Reports

April 24, 2012 No Comments

We are fortunate that customers share with us their experiences with other dashboard and reporting applications, as well as with LogiXML technology. Such information is invaluable for numerous reasons, not the least of which is managing our product roadmaps.

We’ve had many customers tell us of their trials and tribulations with Crystal Reports. Additionally, our own Business Intelligence Consultant, Nicholas Keune, has extensive experience with Crystal prior to recently joining LogiXML. Nick shared his insight in a recent webinar, recording available here.

I enjoy talking with customers and sharing their insight in case study documents, webinars, and brief case study videos. My favorite customer quote, from the entire duration of my career, came from a LogiXML customer regarding Crystal Reports. You can hear the IT Director of Grand Crowne Resorts, Alicia Loughnane, say it 47 seconds into this video.

“When I first got this job, [LogiXML was already in place and] I was actually a little irritated, because I have all this Crystal experience. But after I got just a little bit of training in this, I was sold.”

Crystal Boz Why LogiXML is Clearly Preferred Over Crystal Reports

When a company tells you their products are great, it doesn’t have as much weight as when customers tell you the same thing. But when a customer tells you they were initially irritated at being forced to use the product, and then quickly grew to love it – well, that’s even better.

Alicia continues to state that application development on top of BI and database write backs were the reasons she was “sold” on Logi Info and, “it is what I had always been missing with Crystal.” A full webinar recording is also available.

Finally, the CTO of Motionsoft, Shane Edmonds, also describes getting beyond Crystal Reports for embedded reporting capability in Motionsoft’s SaaS application in this webinar.

Considering switching from Crystal to LogiXML? Email our sales team. Have a story to share of how LogiXML freed you from the shackles of Crystal? Email me.

Megan Bozman is the director of marketing at LogiXML. Follow her on Twitter at @meganbozman, and read some of her other posts here and here

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