Will 2012 See the Last Big CES?

January 2, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: TechNewsWorld

This month begins the march to 2012 technology with the Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner. Vendors have already started prebriefings for what will likely be a cascade of announcements all happening in the same one-week time frame.

This will be the last year that Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) keynotes or has a major presence at this show. Like Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), Microsoft is moving to an event-driven, rather than show-driven, schedule. The reason is showcased by the fact that Microsoft will be announcing Windows 8 about a month before it is really ready to be announced. This makes me wonder if we are having a Comdex moment and this could be the beginning of the end for CES and other massive shows of its type.

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