Independent Research Report: Build Security Into Your Network’s DNA: The ZeroTrust Network Architecture

June 13, 2011 No Comments

Philosophy of Forrester Research’s Zero Trust: Security professionals must stop trusting packets as if they were people.

by John Kindervag – Forrester Research, Inc.

This report is a deep dive into a potential way in which you could use the concepts of the Zero Trust Model and conceivably implement them in a real-world environment. One of the goals with Zero Trust is to optimize the security architectures and technologies for future flexibility. As we move toward a data-centric world with shifting threats and perimeters, we look at new network designs that integrate connectivity, transport, and security around potentially toxic data. We call this “designing from the inside out.” If we begin to do all those things together we can have a much more strategic infrastructure. If we look at everything from a data-centric perspective, we can design networks from the inside out and make them more efficient, more elegant, simpler, and more cost-effective.


This report is being offered compliments of NetIQ.

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