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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

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4 Tactics to Simplify The Web Developer’s Workload

July 12, 2016 No Comments

Featured article by Robert Cordray, Independent Technology Author

The life of a developer is filled with deadlines, meetings, and collaborations. It is hard to understand how we put so much responsibility on their shoulders. As a web developer, there are responsibilities outside of the work environment. From maintaining up-to-date knowledge concerning several different languages to attending conventions, the average developer has an assortment of different things crowding their mind on a day-to-day basis. As technology has progressed, many programs and methods have been created in order to help the average developer’s workload. In this article, we have curated a list of 4 methods utilized by the top development firms to increase productivity while easing the workload of developers.

Separate Huge Tasks into Small and Concise Parts

Scheduling goals and deadlines for specific aspects of your project will benefit you while increasing your level of production. When tackling a large project, it is overwhelming to view the project as one target. This is proven true for almost every facet of any business from construction to art and it is no different than development. Embedding several different languages into one cohesive unit is never an easy task to accomplish. Therefore, specifying when you hope to complete the java portion, HTML, CSS, etc. part of the code will ease the mind of any developer on the project team. If the project is especially complicated, try delegating every task to the smallest level.

When you attempt to incorporate this into your business, be wary of which developers work well in a team and those who do not. It is imperative to incorporate this method when you have developers who do not wish to work alone. A disagreeable developer placed among a group of collaborative developers will decrease productivity levels of the entire group.

Encourage Proactivity

Positive reinforcement is vital to employee retention and boosting morale. Applying work incentives to weekly task accomplishments and different facets of your work will help maintain curiosity and will to work amongst your team. An easy way to increase productivity is by rewarding those who are proactive with their work. There is no fail-safe method to implement this tactic but we have listed suggestions below.

- Bonus for Early Work Completion

- Cash Incentive for Quality Work

- Extra Vacation for Completing X Amount of Work

- Allocate a Percentage of Revenue From a Project To A Celebration

This method is built around understanding what works for you and your team. One method may work for one team but damage another. Remember, failures help you understand what doesn’t work. Learn from mistakes and continue to grow.

Utilize a Case Management Solution

Case management systems have been used for decades. Recently, the programs have been breaching higher levels of quality and accuracy with unseen amounts of functionality. These programs allow you to delegate tasks and see what is assigned to each developer within an organization. It also allows you to effectively measure the current workload of each member of the team. According to Wrike, 89% of high-performing organizations utilize a task management system in order to encourages more strategic approaches to acquiring market share. Among these organizations, 59% of their departments maintain their own project management team in order to increase productivity and streamline each business process.

Utilize the Cloud

Many companies are beginning to shift their data systems to the cloud. Although it may sound impossible, today’s business owner can transfer all of their data to the cloud. This creates a level of accessibility that was impossible a decade ago. The process of moving to the cloud should be taken slowly and steadily. You do not want to compromise your data, so be sure to utilize a server that will help you with the transition.

The modern day developer is plagued with responsibilities. It is vital to your business to help them feel comfortable and relaxed. This will increase their productivity while boosting your revenues due to increased output. This is not an all-encompassing list of ways to ease the workload however, these are great steps in the right direction.


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