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5 Reasons Why You Should Develop a Career in Data and Analytics

January 19, 2022 No Comments

Data has proven to be one of the most valued assets of the 21st century. Companies collect thousands of terabytes of information about their clients, competitors, and business. This helps improve customer retention and come up with interesting strategies.

Data analysis is even used in planning train schedules and aviation routes. Over the years, it became more widespread and relevant than any time before. Companies and government institutions are looking for people who can analyze it. As a result, competition has never been higher. Professionals apply different strategies, including addressing a top-notch resume edit service to stand out from the rest.

It’s only natural that industries see the merit in analytical work. It’s not surprising that many job seekers want to make their mark in this career field. There are several benefits to choosing this line of work.

Improving Your Skill Set

At its core, data analysis deals with finding problems and coming up with solutions. The only difference is that professionals have to deal with issues on a large scale. These issues may concern the business itself, its employees, and customers. Working as a data analyst helps sharpen many skills:

– graph theory, linear algebra, and applied statistics;
– processing information and making conclusions;
– problem-solving in professional and regular life;
– math skills related to numerical analysis.

These skills allow data analysts to influence decision-making in different company areas. The information you check can play a role in many business aspects. This includes advertising campaigns and sales pitches to acquisition and company expansion.

This kind of power makes data analysts one of the most important in the company. It’s your job to explain your findings and make projections. The explanations should be simple enough for anyone to understand. Especially when it concerns department heads and upper management. This is a job that both freelance and in-house analysts have to do.

Great Freelance Opportunities

The past years proved that laborers can find a job from the comfort of their homes. All they need is a stable internet connection. Of course, not everybody can work behind their house laptop. Luckily being a data analyst provides plenty of opportunities for remote work.

As a result, recruiters have been loo5 Reasons Why You Should Develop a Career in Data and Analyticsking into hiring remote workers more often. That’s why one can find many daily listings for data analysts on services like LinkedIn and Upwork. If applicants don’t have experience in resume writing as well as resume-scanning software, it’d be better to address professional resume writing services to land an interview. The job market has become that competitive.

There are no restrictions in choosing the right industry for work. You can provide data analysis to government organizations, financial companies, and even airlines. Employers look for someone to sort out the data and find practical applications for it. But it might not be enough.

While having a resume that can pass through any ATS bot is a good start, it doesn’t end here. Professionals in this line of work have to improve their skills. It’s a good idea to pass as many certified online courses on the subject as time allows. You will get more knowledge and employers will see that you are a dedicated worker.

An Attractive Salary

Working with interesting people is not the only good part of being a data analyst. It also offers significant financial gains. An average professional earns more than $70.000 per year in the United States. The salary depends on the level of experience you have. The number of certificates you own also plays a role in your earnings.

If you are still unconvinced, data analysts on average earn 15% more than their IT colleagues. In the last 10 years, the salaries in this sector have increased by a whopping 300%. Many believe that this trend will continue. The industry grows and data collection becomes even more widespread.

Data scientists and practitioners are one of the top-paying professions. This is the latest information from the IT sector. Data scientists make $120.000 a year while big data professionals earn about $90.000.

Increasing Demand

Aside from job seekers, high-school students know the value of learning data analysis. This kind of knowledge must be included in everybody’s resumes. If there is no time to write them to land a job, look for professional services like ResumeService24 to get help. You can use the available time to hone your skills.

With more companies and organizations working with data analysts, the demand increases. Graduates with analytical skills will more likely get higher salaries. This means that employees with a knack for math and analytics can change careers more often. The occupation also opens an opportunity of traveling around the world.

A Chance To Work For The Big Guys

Of course, at first, you will be working with smaller companies and start-ups. Right qualifications mean that companies will take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Working for players like IBM, SAP, Microsoft, or HP means bigger responsibilities. But, it also offers greater opportunities in the long run.


As you can see, there are plenty of perks of working as a data analyst. You will have the attention of every manager in the company. They will rely on your knowledge to develop company strategies and grow the business. What’s even better is that you’ll get paid considerable sums for the work.

The new year is a perfect opportunity to think about your career and where it’s going. Maybe now is the time to take that first step and begin a journey in the world of big data. Check out a few courses, read about the subject, and take the time to think this decision over.

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Perla Aroyo is a content Writer at Skillhub with more than five years of experience in the resume writing service industry. Her primary specialization is English and Marketing, but she writes on a great number of other topics.

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