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Expert Viewpoint: 5 Ways to Maximize SharePoint Communication Sites

August 14, 2017 No Comments

Featured by Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner of AgreeYa Solutions

If you are here, then you’re undoubtedly curious about one of the most innovative moves Microsoft has made in the last few months. Words like “beautiful” and “dynamic” have been recently used to describe their new SharePoint Online communication sitesand as experts in the field of software consultation, our team could not agree more!

Considering the popularity of SharePoint in today’s business world, it is rare to find companies who do not already benefit from one or more aspects of its communication and data-corralling software. But, while sharing files and folders on the platform is certainly efficient, this fresh online innovation takes workplace collaboration to the next level via individual, customizable sites that look and feel professional, while providing an engaging experience for contributors and users.

Make the most of this groundbreaking step in SharePoint evolution:


Because SharePoint offers team sites, as well as communication sites, it is important to make sure you are going in the right direction for your business. If you are looking to create a site that is worked on by only a few select team members, but broadcast out to a much larger audience, either within the company itself or externally, this is definitely the option for you. Use the sites for interdepartmental projects, internal campaigns, reaching fiscal goals, or for B2B purposes. However, before you get started, we recommend you check out this extensive video tutorial from Microsoft.


It can be super easy to get lost in the incredible aesthetic clarity of these new sites. And there is no doubt you will want to have some fun with providing imagery and graphics that gives your forum a professional feel and works with the overall tone. But, don’t forget about the important text and catchy copy! Take time to make sure you can integrate both and that one doesn’t overshadow the other. Imagery is great, but messaging is always more important!

*Resizing and reformatting images does not seem to be a problem for the program – so any visual can be integrated seamlessly– just make sure you own the copyright!


It’s important to remember that, because these sites can be incredibly professional looking, they will be perceived as such. Keep users interested with a familiar World Wide Web experience on every page:

– Try to keep fonts consistent for headings, sub headings, data, and body copy.

– Any language should speak to the tone of your message, so choose a style and stick with it (serious, lighthearted, powerful, fun, etc.).

– Use a color scheme that transcends all sections, and stay away from dramatic differences in tone from page to page.

– If you are choosing a name for a specific communication site, keep it catchy and easy-to-reference.


There is nothing worse than trying to unscramble and analyze a site that has way too much going on – with more sections than seemingly possible and redundant verbiage that adds nothing to the experience. Just remember those frustrating moments from your personal Internet career when building in SharePoint. Keep it simple! Make sure all your text and data points are as concise as possible, leaving plenty of room on each page for your eyes to “breathe’’ and take in the messaging and visuals. The software seems to lend itself to this type of formatting, so you are off to a good start already!


Maintenance. Upkeep. Upgrades. All are super-important to keep your audience engaged and up-to-date on the latest in your shared world. Adjust data and introduce new product possibilities. In any case, this is now your personal site for broadcasting a company message or tone, so take advantage of all there is to offer. Reach your audience how you want with the look and feel of a modern site.

About AgreeYa Solutions: AgreeYa is a global provider of software, solutions and services focused on deploying business-driven, technology-enabled solutions that create next-generation competitive advantages for customers. Headquartered in Folsom, Calif., AgreeYa employs more than 1,500 professionals across its 22 offices in eight countries. Over the last 18 years, AgreeYa has worked with 200+ organizations ranging from public sector, Fortune 100 firms to small and large businesses across industries. AgreeYa’s software portfolio includes QuickApps (award-winning suite of SharePoint/Office 365 apps to customize SharePoint without coding), BeatBlip (simplified test automation solution), SocialXtend (intranet and enterprise social collaboration), VDIXtend (desktop-on-cloud) and Cogent (comprehensive end-to-end case management solution for collections agencies and law firms). As part of its solutions and services offerings, AgreeYa provides portal, content management and collaboration on SharePoint/O365; cloud and infrastructure; enterprise mobility; business intelligence and big data analytics; product engineering; application development and management; independent software testing; Anti Money Laundering (AML)/Risk & Compliance and IT staffing. For more information, visit


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