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6 Tips from SnatchBot’s CTO Avi Ben Ezra on the Application of Chatbots

November 25, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Jelena Dinic, Creative Writer and Blogger at Podroom Creative

phone 300x199 6 Tips from SnatchBots CTO Avi Ben Ezra on the Application of Chatbots

As a CTO of one of the best AI chatbot building platforms, SnatchBot, I have learned a lot about them. In terms of running a business, these little programs are the best way to stay competitive in a modern business environment.

They help automate many business processes, allowing their human counterparts to focus on the most critical tasks while eliminating repetition from daily responsibilities. The best thing about chatbots is that they excel at automating conversations. They can benefit businesses by:

- Saving time and money
- Generating leads and revenue
- Providing exceptional customer service and experience
- Providing a 24/7/365 service
- Engage users in a personalized way

These benefits give chatbots unique value and make them very useful in beating your competition. Here are some tips on the application of chatbots that should bring this technology closer to your organization.

Think about the things you want to solve with your chatbot

Chatbots are like your digital assistants. They are designed to help you run your business more smoothly, and their primary purpose is to bring value to your customers. The first step should be thinking about what you could use them for.

Start by defining the role your bot will play and the scope of tasks you want it to perform. This includes things like forming the main customer experience, the amount of information you’ll feed it, onboarding, purchase assistance, customer service, or customer support.

The more you define its role, the more effective your little bot will be.

Decide on a “voice” that suits your brand

The most common way of interacting with chatbots is through chatting. People engage with conversational bots, using text to find out the information they need. They don’t know that they are speaking with a bot, not a human. Therefore, empathy is essential in bot design. Your bot needs a personality that suits your brand and customer.

To decide on this personality that will form the tone of voice for your chatbot, get to know your target audience. Find out what their preferences are and use this to provide your chatbot with a familiar tone that will result in increased engagement.

Modern chatbots are intelligent thanks to AI, natural language processing, and machine learning. They learn with each interaction so they will adapt.

More importantly, bots can analyze conversations to recognize patterns and become more human-like by understanding the right context of the conversation.

Craft a prototype first

Just like with any other program, crafting a prototype to ascertain if there are any bugs or flaws is paramount for the successful application of your chatbot.

There are modern AI bot-building platforms like SnatchBot that allow you to not only build an industry-specific bot but also test it on different platforms and across multiple channels to see if everything is in order.

Then, you can make a list of tasks a potential customer can make with your chatbot to see how your prototype performs in a simulated conversation. This will give you a good overview of possible queries and different situations. Test your bot to see if it’s ready for deployment.

Keep track of its performance and adjust

Chatbots are a technology that keeps evolving. You will be required to keep track of your bot’s performance to evaluate and optimize it to adjust to the latest changes.

With AI getting more advanced with each passing day, you must regularly optimize your chatbot to turn it into an intuitive and powerful digital marketing tool.

All the technology around chatbots is still evolving, introducing new features, so make sure you optimize for these new features to make sure your business copes with the ongoing trends like customer-centricity and personalization.

Make use of templates if you can

AI bot platforms like SnatchBot offer already pre-made chatbot templates according to your industry. Banking, healthcare, IT, pretty much every industry is covered.

These templates allow you to take a chatbot and shape it any way you see fit. The best thing about it is that you don’t need any coding knowledge to do it.

Just find a bot that suits your business niche and personalize it according to your business needs and requirements.

Choose the features you want it to have and unleash this marketing tool across all platforms and channels of communication you’re present on. Chatbots allow for the omnichannel approach so you can quickly deploy them anywhere online.

Make sure it fits the platform it’s designed for

Since the primary purpose of a chatbot is integration with your e-commerce platform, it’s paramount that you make sure that your chatbot is designed for it. Your chatbot features depend on your business and industry model.

If a chatbot is designed for Facebook Messenger, it probably won’t function properly on any other platform. This is what your chat conversations depend on.

Whether it’s your website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, your program has to be compatible with it. Every platform includes different demographics, so you have to think about that as well.

To find out what the best platform for your chatbot is, research your audience to gather as much information as you can.


Chatbots have come a long way since their first day, and their history is quite a lively one. Most recent applications include customer service, experience, and journey. It turned out that this technology can do amazing things in terms of keeping your customers satisfied.

A well-designed bot will not only meet your consumers’ preferences, but it will exceed their expectations by addressing their needs on demand while offering relevant recommendations to improve their experience.

A chatbot is the most worthy addition to your staff and a longterm investment that will prove more than valuable. Still, the best thing about these programs is that they excel at providing your customers with the assistance and support they deserve.

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lady 197x300 6 Tips from SnatchBots CTO Avi Ben Ezra on the Application of Chatbots

Jelena Dinic is a creative writer and blogger at Podroom Creative with a Master’s degree in Serbian Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. She is passionate about topics like lifestyle, business, art,  travel and gastronomy. Her latest writing attempts include works of fiction. Apart from being a movie aficionado, Jelena enjoys magic realism, black tea, red currant berries, cats, and declares herself as a Whovian.

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