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Alteryx Humanizes Big Data to Drive Big Value with Strategic Analytics

August 17, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: Alteryx

Irvine, Calif., July 16, 2012 – Alteryx, Inc., the leading provider of Strategic Analytics, today announced Alteryx Strategic Analytics 7.1, allowing Data Artisans, analysts and business leaders to Humanize Big Data by giving greater access to Big Data through new connectors to open source data storage products, providing new predictive analytics tools, and delivering on deeper customer insight with the packaging of business critical data.

Alteryx is the only company providing this comprehensive set of data and tools in a single strategic analytics platform to deliver greater strategic value and faster decision making for businesses across a range of industries such as retail, telecom, restaurants, real estate, professional services, financial services and healthcare.

“Alteryx Strategic Analytics brings business value to the Big Data discussion,” said George Mathew, president and chief operating officer, Alteryx. “Alteryx is Humanizing Big Data by allowing customers to integrate any type of data, including unique packaged data, and then putting the power of predictive analytics in the hands of the people who drive decisions in organizations.  Humanizing Big Data is the next evolution of Strategic Analytics, and Alteryx will ensure customers excel here.”

Alteryx Strategic Analytics 7.1 breaks the current Business Intelligence boundaries by:

  • Humanizing Big Data – Alteryx enables Big Data analytics and Predictive Analytics in a single platform for creating analytic applications, providing customers with faster time to insight and foresight.  A new native connector for MongoDB, along with more robust Hadoop integration, which supports Cloudera and MapR Technologies deployments of Hadoop, provide Data Artisans with the ability to analyze combinations of Big Data with data from other sources as varied as spreadsheets, data warehouses, cloud data sources and packaged or syndicated market data.

“We are excited to have a deeper level of integration between MongoDB and the Alteryx platform to drive better Big Data analytics and more value for our joint customers,” said Max Schireson, president, 10gen/Mongo DB.  ”From a business standpoint, this connector with Alteryx will allow easier access for the data analyst to bring even more advanced capabilities to the cloud, and enable a unified view of what data is readily available to make the best analytic decision possible.”

  • Making Predictive Analytics Accessible – Alteryx empowers Data Artisans with greater access to predictive capabilities with 17 new pre-packaged R tools for functions like Decision Trees, Lift Charts, and Plot of Means.  This increases the value of the data analyst, and provides a low-risk way for them to quickly and easily engage in predictive analytics.

The importance of making predictive analytics more accessible was shown in a recent Ventana Research benchmark. Mark Smith, chief executive and chief research officer of Ventana Research revealed that while predictive analytics innovation is on the rise, the people skills available are lagging significantly.  Smith reported, “Eighty-three percent said that users don’t have enough skill training.  This is where predictive tools built for analysts with capabilities to help bridge this gap will improve the potential outcomes of business more efficiently.”

  • Packaging Critical Data – Alteryx is the only Business Intelligence company to offer packaged data from Tom Tom, Experian Marketing Services, Dun & Bradstreet and the 2010 US Census, and firmographics from the world’s leading business data supplier in every license.  This data, which spans spatial, demographics, household and firmographic market information, provides businesses a deeper understanding of where, why and with who events occur.  By analyzing this market data in combination with their own data, businesses are able to perform analysis that drives highly targeted and localized decision making, and improve the overall ROI of every piece of data.

More information about Alteryx Strategic Analytics 7.1 can be found online at

About Alteryx, Inc.

Alteryx provides indispensable analytic solutions for enterprise companies making critical decisions about how to expand and grow. Our product, Alteryx Strategic Analytics, is a desktop-to-cloud Agile BI and analytics solution designed for Data Artisans and business leaders that brings together the market knowledge, location insight, and business intelligence today’s organizations require. For more than a decade, Alteryx has enabled strategic planning executives to identify and seize market opportunities, outsmart their competitors, and drive more revenue. Customers like Experian Marketing Services and McDonald’s rely on Alteryx daily for their most important decisions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, and with offices in Boulder and Silicon Valley, Alteryx empowers 250+ customers and 200,000+ users worldwide. Get inspired today at or call 1-888-836-4274.

Alteryx is a registered trademark of Alteryx, Inc.

Ventana Research is a registered trademark.  The research included: Predictive Analytics Improving Performance by Making the Future More Visible, 2012

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