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Axis Teknologies Ends Time Leakage and Reduces Overtime Spending

August 2, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Replicon

Company Profile

Axis Teknologies is an engineering firm specializing in building wireless infrastructure for the exploding wireless service demands from businesses and consumers. This women-owned firm has been in existence for almost a decade and has established an enviable reputation for providing end to end engineering solutions that enhance the services offerings of wireless carriers, wireless service providers and OEMs.

The Challenge

Axis Teknologies has a wide base of customers who are billed on the number of hours worked. The efficiency of its billing system is essential to the company’s growth and it was critical that every loose end be seamlessly integrated. The company was using NetSuite for time tracking and it was proving to be both cumbersome and inefficient. At stake was client relations and Axis did not want to compromise that in any way.

Moreover, if employees submitted their timesheets incorrectly the system did not allow for any corrections. This created delays and forced consultants to call in and request changes instead of letting them focus on the project at hand.

Another disadvantage was that employees’ entry time could not be monitored; therefore key data was lost which amounted to money lost. The company had no effective way to monitor employees’ time off and related issues. It was clear that Axis had to look for another option.

The Solution

With Replicon’s cloud-based (SaaS) TimeBill, TimeAttend and WebExpense all these issues were resolved efficiently. Areas where there could be potential time leakage such as billable hours, time off, vacations, half day, time off for bereavement and/or jury duty, etc., were all sealed right down to the last detail by Replicon’s solution. Consultants working on an hourly basis found that there was complete transparency in chargeable time and no undue expenses were billed to the client. Timesheet details could also be sent for processing to Axis’ payroll company, thereby cutting down on additional administrative hassles, and individual payments were processed with ease.

About the efficient way the implementation was done, Debra Korol, Senior Manager of Culture Development remarked, “Our company structure is very different and complex. We have varying levels of benefit structures and the customer success team did a great job in setting it up. They went way above and beyond with the initial roll out, which was completed within 3-4 days. They helped us out immensely.”

The time saved in the whole process translated to savings in costs and by opting for a cloudbased (SaaS) solution over one that was paper intensive made the manager’s job easy and increased administrative efficiencies overall.

As Debra Korol said, “After the Replicon demo we could easily see the benefits over our existing system. We were truly able to tie the person to the project we were billing. When we invoiced, it helped to support any work the employee was doing.”

The Results

Convenience in expense management

With Replicon’s solutions in place Axis Teknologies could free managers from the burden of trying to make sense of complex overtime reporting policies because the system took care of all calculations. Now employees can easily upload invoices and/or receipts, and remotely download apps for iPhone and iPad. This is a tremendous advantage for consultants working off-site.

Streamlined management

Replicon’s solutions have helped Axis Teknologies’ processes become almost error-free and, as a result, the company’s major billable resources, such as the consultants, can now use their time for more important consulting work. Before, almost 30-40% of employees would routinely forget to fill out their timesheets, but with Replicon’s email reminder facility there is no longer any need to constantly remind employees. Added visibility has made it easy for managers to work more competently on approvals.

Easy payroll management

Enhanced payroll processing, which was a direct result of Replicon’s solution, significantly improved productivity and reduced errors. Debra Korol said, “Payroll used to take us 3-4 days and now it just takes a day. Replicon has freed up the finance department’s time so now we can focus on what is more important.” Today, Axis Teknologies relies on Replicon to support its continued growth and success.


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