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Tips & Tricks – Be an Oracle Database 12c OCP Pro By Passing Oracle 1Z0-067 Exam

September 12, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Tim van Divort, Independent Technology Author

The Oracle 1Z0-067 certification examis focused on the candidates’ knowledge and skills regarding Oracle Database 12c technologies and products. This test includes different tasks like performance-based and training-based assignments.

The credential that you get after passing the Oracle 1Z0-067 certification test represents your expertise in the field of IT. You are encouraged to combine this certification with other more advanced credentials to be capable of testing your knowledge and abilitiesto applyfor challenging job positions requiring more professional experience. Basically, this exam is associated with theOracle 9i/10g/11g OCA to Oracle Database 12c OCP certification.

Some basic details about the exam:

– The candidates have to answer a total number of 102 questions for clearing this Oracle test.
– The paper format comes with multiple-choice questions and answers.
– The total time duration given to the candidates to complete the paper is 150 minutes.
– The passing score of the exam is around 60%.

The major topics covered in the exam include the following:

– Oracle backup and solutions for recovery
Noarchivelog Database– Configuration of recoverability
– RMAN recovery catalog
– Implementation of backup strategies
– Performing of backups
– Configuring RMAN backup options and creating backup non-database files
– Encrypted RMAN backups
– Diagnosis of failures
– Performing operations for recovering used files in RMAN
– Usage of Flashback technologies
– Transporting of Data
– Monitoring and tuning RMAN operations
– Using Automated Storage Management

The certification test and its topics can be divided in three major sections, namely Backup and Recovery, Multitenant Environment, and Database Administration. Each of these sections is aimed at helping you develop the skills required to work with Oracle databases.With proper training, the candidates can easily pass the exam and get the Oracle certificate. The most notable training programs for this test are:

* Oracle Database 12c: Backup and Recovery Workshop
* Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators

But these are not the only training courses available for you to master the test topics. You can find a lot more online, but remember to choose only those materials that can equip you with hands-on experience like labs and practice tests.

Tips for passing the Oracle 1Z0-067 certification exam

Here are some quick tips that would help you in getting a passing mark. Following them will guarantee achieving success during the test.

Start with the exam details

The best way to begin your preparation is to get the complete details of the exam. Note down the duration of the test, the number of questions, the passing score, and every other detail that you find important. When you know both the number of questions and the test duration, you can simply calculate the maximum time you are allowed to spend on answering one question. This will help you answer all questions and get at least the 60% passing score.

Take a closer look at the topics

The topic list of Oracle 1Z0-067 includes a wide range of questions that you need to learn. Any candidate is advised togo through this list and check which challenging questions require more attention and which ones are related to the job position you would like to get after obtaining this IT credential. Carefully note them down for later revision. Try to collect as much information on the most important topics as possible, as you need every bit of it to pass the exam.

Look for the Oracle documentation

After completing the above steps, you should move on and look for the Oracle documentation about this certification exam. You can find and download a lot of PDF files, study manuals, bookmarks, HTML pages, and other preparation materials. Some of them may be viewed only online while the others can be easily downloaded for later use. Of course, it is better to opt for the downloadable materials, which can be used anywhere and anytime.

Go for the preparation materials

PrepAway Oracle 1z0-067 exam questions provide its candidates with numerous options to choose from. Its training materialsalways help in making the preparation process as fast as possible, as the test takers are not required to cover complete coursesbut instead learn the topicsin limited portions.

Make proper use of Google

Many students make a common mistake by using Google only to find the best preparation materials in one place. At the same time, lookingfor the individual exam topics would be much more efficient.

Don’t avoid taking notes

Writing down important notes while studying is another helpful technique. You can significantly benefit from important points, notes, key facts, commands, and parameters during the last-minute preparation. This method also helps in memorizing the content with ease.

Try to arrive at the exam center early

When the test day comes, don’t waste time trying to revise the topics at home. Instead, make sure that you arrive at the exam center early enough, at least one hour before the test starts. After familiarizing yourself with the environment, you can finally look through your notes and revise the most difficult topics.

Avoid skipping questions

You should also remember to complete the questions that you are sure of. When you face a challenging question, leave a blank space and move on to the next one in order to save time.But make sure that you return to these questions later, as leaving them unanswered is definitely worse than at least trying to guess the correct answer.

If you closely follow the tips we have presented above, you will be able to prepare for the certification exam in an adequate manner and reach the passing mark. This will ensure that you will finally receive the Oracle certificate and become a real expert in the IT sphere.


The Oracle certification will help you get a beneficial IT job position, for example, an Oracle DBA professional, an associate consultant, an Oracle ADF developer, an Oracle database administrator, or an Oracle Data Manager. Getting any of these positions guarantees that your annual income will rise. According to some Internet sources, the Oracle certificate holders usually earn between $94,000 and $109,000 per year.

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