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Do You Want to Become an Influencer on Instagram? Here’s What To Follow!

January 28, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Habib Khan, Independent Technology Author

Social media has in the recent times grown to be a very powerful tool in human society. Research shows that the number of mobile phone users will hit the five billion mark worldwide by 2019, with about 2.1 billion of these phones being smartphones. As of mid-2018, more than half the world’s population had access to the internet. This number is set to increase as technology continues penetrating to the remotest regions in the world.

With such a high number of people being online, there is a very high likelihood that a majority of them will have a presence of some kind on social media. It is this presence that makes social media such a powerful tool for companies to use for advertising and for individuals to monetize their influence online. In most cases, it is celebrities who enjoy the benefits from having a large following. However, it is also possible for individuals, celebrity or not to create attractive profiles, garner a following, become influencers and earn from the same, especially from Instagram.

Here are tips you can use to become an Instagram influencer.

Identify Your Niche

In order to get a solid following, it is important to identify your social niche. Find an activity that will be the theme of your page. If you are into cooking and stuff, make sure your page has posts that are related to food and cooking. Do not mix them up with sports since you will confuse your followers. Visitors coming to your page are doing so expecting to find recipes and other things related to culinary. This should be the same case with sports, music or any other niche for that matter. Identifying your niche also helps you to identify your target audience. To learn these things easily, you should be an avid reader of IncomeArtist.

Let Your Profile Tell Stories

Your followers will be divided into various segments. There those who are there to admire your work and get entertained from the same. There are those who want to learn and maybe emulate your way of live, and there are those who simply pass time going through various pages. Whichever the case, ensure that you frequently post relevant and interesting content. Consider the various categories of your followers to ensure that each desire is fulfilled. When you do that, you will keep your existing audience and even draw more to your page hence getting even more lucrative advertising gigs.

Create a Catchy and Interesting Bio

In addition to sharing stories and pictures, you should have a bio that introducers your followers to your page. According to the experts’ thought from Free Your Spine, this bio should have relevant content in relation to your profile, should be interesting enough to catch your audience’s attention, and should not be too wordy.

If it is too long, visitors to your profile might not read it in its entirety. Never forget about the brands you are targeting to market as an influencer. This bio, therefore, should be a balance between the products to market and the audience you are to influence.

You Need to Invest Both Money and Time

Becoming an influencer does not happen in an instant. It takes time and effort to create a profile that will draw the attention of many. You may think that it comes easy for celebrities, but remember they have had to work really hard to achieve their success.

Once you identify what can make you stand from the rest, you should then invest enough time to create appealing content. You also need quality cameras to take quality pictures since Instagram is an image driven platform. Learn some basic editing techniques and have some basic editing software to start with, then you can build slowly as your profile grows.

Schedule Your Posts

It is not just enough to post content on your profile, you should have a schedule and a plan. Don’t just post pictures randomly. Organize them based on your followers’ feedback. When you gain a solid and loyal following, they will begin requesting for specific content based on the theme on your profile.

For instance, if you are a sports enthusiast, some followers may want to get the tricks you use to lose weight or gain mass. It is upon you to keep an eye on your followers’ responses and act accordingly.

About the Author

Habib Khan is the business associates in D.Venture that helps people to get the solid info about money, investment, the stock market and so forth. Instead, He specializes in ghost blogging over certain issues. You can connect with Habib on his website and follow him on Twitter.


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