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November 3, 2011 No Comments

Process Director/Compliance Edition Provides Tool to Ensure Operational Transparency

San Diego, CA – November 02, 2011 – BP Logix, a developer of BPM software that accelerates time-to-value, today announced the availability of Process Director/Compliance Edition. Designed to address the needs of organizations to demonstrate compliance with both regulatory and industry standards, Process Director/Compliance Edition provides detailed monitoring, analysis, auditing and reporting. Process Director/Compliance Edition helps organizations easily build and operate fluid, reliable, and dynamic processes, reduces the organization’s liability risk and ensures that a consistent approach is available to all managers, auditors and regulators. Pricing for the product begins at $65,000.

Process Director/Compliance Edition has been developed to enable organizations that are subject to strict regulatory oversight to demonstrate they are operating within established guidelines, specifications and/or legislation. Process Director/Compliance Edition offers:

• Multi-factor authentication which provides extra assurance of user identity

• Field-level data encryption which protects organizations from unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

• Digital signatures and automatic electronic form “snapshots” that supply clear and undeniable

evidence of what action was taken, and by whom.

• Automated document and object disposition rules which ensure that no data is kept longer than

required by corporate policy.

These elements, combined with Process Director’s robust mechanisms for review and approval, delegation and process intelligence, supply the building blocks for creating fully-compliant processes in even the harshest of regulatory environments.

Process Director/Compliance Edition has been designed to include:

Enhanced Audit Support:

  • Form field auditing tracks any change to form data
  • The ability to identify all groups, business rules, process steps, permissions, etc., in which any user explicitly appears
  • An external audit log that records all events and actions
  • An automatic PDF snapshot of a form,  stored each time a user takes any action, preserves the contents and appearance at the time the action was taken


Enhanced Signature Support:

  • Digital signatures
  • Re-authentication (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance)
  • Multi-factor authentication


Other Features:

  • Strong password enforcement
  • Default permissions that restricts ‘all’ access (access must be specifically granted)
  • Encryption of form data
  • Restricts the set of users to whom a given individual may delegate his/her authority


Founded in 1994, Pacific Dental Services (PDS) is one of the country’s leading dental service organizations, providing state-of-the-art support services that enable dentists to concentrate on the highest levels of cost-effective patient care. According to Software Project Manager Shaunt Kojabashian, “Our IT department exists to facilitate the best possible communication between doctors and their patients, as well as reduce overall operating overhead for the company. We do this predominantly through streamlining processes and improving efficiencies where ever possible. Being in the health care industry we also have a tremendous amount of sensitive data that we need to keep secure. Digital signatures plus strong password enforcement will help PDS do that in addition to keeping us aligned with today’s technology. Being able to track workflows, verify when people signed documents and knowing the executed documents are sealed and cannot be invalidated is extremely valuable in terms of data protection and efficiency for PDS. Security is a large part of why we selected Process Director/Compliance Edition,” he remarked.

“In implementing Process Director/Compliance Edition, companies like PDS are investing in a tool that enables them to address their compliance obligations,” observed Jay O’Brien CEO of BP Logix. “Processing documents and contracts, streamlining the electronic signature process for their doctors and re-authenticating users are concerns that PDS, and many other organizations, face. We are pleased that such a customer-focused organization has chosen and deployed Process Director/Compliance Edition,” O’Brien concluded.

About BP Logix

BP Logix ( is the first software company to introduce the dimension of Time into business process management. BP Logix Process Director provides the infrastructure and business intelligence that enables business users to anticipate and predict potential problems in recurring business processes. The system ‘learns’ how running processes behave, anticipates the impact of changing conditions and adjusts processes accordingly. BP Logix offers an on-premise and hosted model, providing users with the advanced capabilities they need to define, model, automate and track their business processes resulting in and greater efficiency across the organization. Customers include DuPont, Electronic Arts, Capgemini, IDEX, Johnson & Johnson, NEC Labs, NORESCO, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the National Eye Institute and the National Institute of Mental Health. For more information, please visit or call 877-627-5871.

The BP Logix name and logo are the registered service and trademarks of BP Logix, Inc.


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