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Chatbots With Voice Recognition are Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

December 4, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Aleksandar Ilic, Independent Technology Author

chatbot 300x174 Chatbots With Voice Recognition are Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

The coming of a new wave of AI-assisted services has impacted the world, our lives, and industries altogether. Enterprise chatbots had their time being at the very center of every industry in the world, but there are new players in town.

As we speak, the best AI chatbots with voice recognition are changing the way we browse the internet, work, undertake tasks but, most importantly, communicate. In this digital world, modern consumers are both mobile and online.

They interact with mobile and electronic devices daily, and modern businesses are required to change their approach to targeting these modern consumers. Voice-activated AI chatbots allowed modern companies to completely change their approach and how they interact with their consumers.

Chatbots with voice recognition brought a revolutionary change in business-consumer interaction, which took the entire concept of customer service to a whole new level. Chatbot trends are continuing to evolve towards making chatbots more human, intuitive, comprehensive, and approachable.

In the wake of customer-centricity and the ever-increasing consumer expectations and demands, businesses need modern solutions to cope with these changes and provide their consumers with the ultimate customer service.

With that in mind, let’s see how voice-activated chatbots are changing the way businesses interact and communicate with their consumers.

Consumers demand more human-like interactions

Text-based bots did an excellent job of taking customer service to the next level, but it’s time for a fundamental change. While traditional text-based interface will continue to remain the basic form of interaction between consumers and businesses, we can’t deny the fact that 90% of human interactions and conversations include voice.

Then, there’s also the fact that text-based conversations between bots and consumers are prone to misunderstandings simply because text-based bots don’t have the necessary capability to understand emotion, intent, and context.

These text-based bots do a fine job of serving customers, but they lack sentiment, purpose, and clarity to improve customer service.

In fact, the things they lack make them problematic and unnatural. Well, the next generation of chatbots with voice recognition is bound to change these things and take every interaction to a higher level, making it more human-like.

Voice-activated chatbots help build better customer experience

Various tech and AI companies are teaming up to develop to most intuitive voice-based solutions like chatbots with voice recognition. The fact that the Internet of Things technology gave birth to new smart-home, interconnected devices, made voice activation become the latest trend in both the workplace and everyday life.

Companies use the latest customer service innovations like voice activation to expand brand awareness and recognition, share information, and do everything they can to provide their consumers with more integrated customer experience.

Being able to speak to a chatbot to get all the necessary information, product and service recommendation, solve problems, make inquiries, and more is the safest way to build a whole new level of customer experience.

New levels of personalization and intimacy

bot hand 300x168 Chatbots With Voice Recognition are Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

Consumers love brands that allow their voice to be heard, that provide them with outstanding customer service and experience.

Communication by voice is our natural preference, so it’s safe to say that putting conversational commerce and voice recognition technology together is an excellent way to add a whole new level of personalization and intimacy to interactions between businesses and consumers.

Chatbots with voice recognition make two-way communication much more humane and real. The best thing about such communication is that consumers can instantly leave their verbal feedback.

This helps in providing the most excellent customer service that exceeds expectations. Thanks to that, businesses can make various tasks like shopping feel more customer-centric and experimental. That’s why the future of chatbots is bright – their full potential is yet to be unleashed.


Voice-based chatbots are the ultimate hand-free tool. Consumers can undertake a wide variety of tasks while communicating with a chatbot, regardless of the situation they’re in. This possibility gives a whole new level of multitasking options.

First of all, this eliminates the need to keep their focus on their devices to maintain communication. You can cook or drive a car while organizing meetings, do your online shopping, or use a variety of applications and services.

Such a level of customer service will appeal to many tech-savvy consumers.

Voice eliminates the need for physical interactions with devices

There’s a lot more to chatbots with voice recognition than just a new level of intimacy and personalization. Most businesses decided to start using voice-based solutions to eliminate various consumer engagement barriers. Voice-activated bots excel at doing this.

They don’t require physical interaction with digital devices. All you have to do to engage with a bot is being within its range. Just give a voice command and observe the results. Because of this, voice-activated chatbots with the best AI could be the perfect solution for assisting the visually impaired.

Instead of clicking on numerous buttons or going into applications, the visually impaired can use their voice to give commands to various voice-activated devices.

Machine-to-machine interaction

The latest advancements in AI and IoT are enhancing the way machines interact with each other. Smart devices can connect to one another to achieve a seamless user experience. Look at Amazon Echo, for example.

You can use it to check the weather or order pizza, but you can also use it for more complex tasks. Smart devices can connect directly to programs and applications to make most tasks much more straightforward. Using nothing but your voice, you can use only one voiced, conversational interface to control the entire workplace or home.

This will significantly change the way brands interact with consumers and vice versa. Therefore, we can safely conclude that voice-activated bots will shape the future of home devices and commerce.


It’s now clear that voice-activated conversational commerce will become an essential element of every digital business strategy. Especially now, when we have the most advanced AI chatbot building platforms like SnatchBot, allowing you to give voice to your chatbot without any coding knowledge.

Chatbots with voice recognition are here to stay. They improve customer engagement, provide 24/7 customer service of the highest quality making revolutionary changes in the way brands interact with their consumers, and provide the most exceptional customer experience on demand.

There’s no better way to boost lead qualification, sales, and customer service than using a voice-activated bot.




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