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Cloudwords Takes the Global Glossary to the Cloud

August 15, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: Cloudworks

First High Quality Cloud-based Glossary Globalizes Today’s Marketing Terminology for Tomorrow’s Translation Success

San Francisco, CA, August 15, 2012—Cloudwords, the first cloud-based translation management platform, today announced its newest innovation, Cloudwords Glossary Management & Translation (GMT). The new functionality enables organizations to centrally manage their corporate brand identity within the Cloudwords Translation Management Platform, providing a complete, end-to-end translation project management solution. GMT’s integration with Cloudwords advanced translation memory database automatically keeps an organization’s glossary of terms current, centralized and accessible across all departments, allowing marketers to streamline their global go-to-market process, enabling companies to reach global markets faster and grow brand recognition worldwide.

Every marketer charged with taking their marketing strategy global faces the daunting task of managing their corporate brand identity across international markets, regardless of language, local culture and customs. To maintain a global corporate brand, marketing terminology and messaging must be consistent across an organization’s website, collateral, product descriptions and customer education and support capabilities, regardless of the language materials are written in.

Cloudwords is the only cloud-based translation management platform able to provide all the tools necessary for organizations to easily maintain brand consistency at the enterprise level, offering a solution that incorporates cloud-based editing capabilities and document sharing, a user-friendly style guide, and now, a state-of-the-art glossary management tool. Linking these vital components to OneTM, Cloudwords’ unified translation memory management solution, ensures maximum consistency and quality for all translations.

Glossary management is key to ensuring brand consistency across translated materials, however maintaining a living, up-to-date glossary of approved marketing terms that must be translated in more than one language is time-consuming and fraught with errors. With Cloudwords GMT, terms are easily viewed and searchable. When an out-of-date, or “unusable” term, is identified by the user, Cloudwords GMT automatically extracts the term from the glossary and delivers it to the appropriate vendor for revised translation. Once the localization process is complete, the glossary is automatically updated without the customer needing to upload or download anything. Keeping new marketing terminology in-sync within the translation memory database ensures future translations are always up-to-date and continue to capture the right context and tone of voice.  Moreover, with Cloudwords GMT, a company’s pre-approved translated marketing terminology is available throughout any department in the organization so that all vendors and translators are utilizing the most current translated terms.

Alongside Cloudwords GMT, the Company is also making available additional capabilities to ease translation management, including:

  • New reports, which allow users to:
    • View the growth of their Translation Memory database over time, and the value (in dollars) of that growing asset;
    • View the cost reducing effect of their Translation Memory database over time by viewing how its usage reduces the number of new words to translate; and
    • View the number of translation projects completed over time, and understand how Cloudwords is lowering the time to complete those projects.
  • Project managers and reviewers will now be able to belong to more than one department at the same time, just like Administrators; and
  • Notifications preferences: Customers will be able to choose exactly what email notifications they receive from Cloudwords, ensuring they only see the most relevant communications.

“The Cloudwords team is excited to add to our offering something that is so critical to ensuring brand consistency and high quality translations,” said Michael Meinhardt, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudwords. “We understand two of the biggest concerns for any marketing strategy is: How do I grow my brand? and How can I protect my brand? With this release, Cloudwords addresses both of these concerns.”

About Cloudwords

Cloudwords offers the world’s most comprehensive translation management solution for organizations conducting business globally. Created by veterans of the translation industry and high-tech leaders from, the company is backed by Cloud visionaries such as Marc Benioff. The Company’s unique platform includes unmatched scalability, security and ease-of-use features, resulting in significant advantages over any other solution currently available within the marketplace. For more information on Cloudwords, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @cloudwordsinc.

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