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Impact 2012 Comes To You - Change the Game

IBM ImpactLearn how new technologies can help you change the game and grow your business. There's no escaping complexity and change in today's global marketplace. But by aligning business strategy with IT technology, you have a tremendous opportunity to turn these challenges into advantage. At Impact Comes to You (ICTY), you will hear from forward-thinking companies who are leveraging the latest technologies to identify new opportunities, transform customer engagements and get to market faster than ever before.

At ICTY 2012, learn how technologies can help you change the game and grow your business. Attend the next Impact Comes to You event

Costa Mesa, CA - Sept 12, 2012
Edmonton, Canada - Sept 13, 2012
Minneapolis, MN - Sept 18, 2012
Ottawa, Canada - Sept 19, 2012
Nashville, TN - Sept 20, 2012

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: The Big Data and Predictive Analytics Revolution with TIBCO's Ben McGraw

By Ben McGraw, TIBCO Spotfire
DatamIn the interview below, Ben McGraw, Director of Life Science Industry Solutions for TIBCO Spotfire, outlines the ways in which a unified data solution can pull together massive Big Data sources to deliver real-time, intuitive results. Read More >>

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SQL versus NoSQL - Why Not Have the Best of Both Worlds?

By: Will Johnson & Sid Probstein, Attivio
A recent Developer Zone article, Why Startups Should Not Choose NoSql, advises startups to "stick to a SQL solution" instead of choosing technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, Redis, etc. The author writes that this is not only because building good NoSQL data and query models is very difficult; but also that agility is key. As a startup learns what it has to change one or two years later, the challenge of extending these models is simply daunting. Read More >>

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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: How Big Data Analytics differs from Traditional BI with Joe Nicholson, Datameer

DatameerThe interest and importance of big data analytics has grown faster than anyone would have imagined even a few years ago. In this interview, Joe Nicholson, Vice President of Marketing at Datameer shares some real use cases, how businesses can separate the market hype from reality and the differences between traditional business intelligence and big data analytics applications. Read More >>

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The People Behind the Cloud

By Sharon Florentine
As more and more businesses move operations into the cloud, it's becoming clear that not just the tech of cloud computing is changing, but the people involved in the setting up a cloud, from start to finish. Read More >>

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Finding Data Quality in the Cloud

Data QualityBy: Henrik Liliendahl Sˆ½rensen, Owner, Liliendahl Limited
Practically every single organization on this planet is struggling with data quality issues. The single most frequent data quality issue is about the quality of contact data. Read More >>

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Recent Cloud Outages Not for the Faint of Heart

By David A. Kelly, Upside Research
A spate of recent cloud outages have raised new concerns about infrastructure vulnerability when it comes to running business-critical services on the cloud. Given the recent push to move Big Data to the cloud, we are at an important inflection point regarding the viability of the public cloud and what enterprises should be doing. Read More >>

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Looking at Big Data through the Information Security Lens

Info Security LensBy David A. Kelly, Upside Research
There has been a lot of talk recently about how Big Data can be used by Security experts within an organization for a number of positive outcomes. Just as Big Data promises to provide marketers and sales leaders with troves of valuable information about potential and existing customers, their buying behaviors and preferences, so too, the theory goes, can Big Data provide IT Security Mangers troves of useful information about security events that end users experience. Read More >>

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"Fully Engaged"

By Todd Johnson, Vice President of Operations, Kroll Ontrack
With Labor Day approaching, my thoughts wander to the Great American Workforce. Arranged into offices and crammed into cubicles across the nation, these estimable employees toil 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, firing the engine of what is even today the greatest economy in the world. Read the 3 Steps >>

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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Managing Complex Networks "Behind the Scenes" with Sanjay Castelino, SolarWinds

complex_networksBy Sanjay Castelino, SolarWinds
It's amazing to think about the many things we take for granted today, one of which is network connectivity; we now expect an always on connection everywhere we go. In order to deliver this persistent connection, IT pros have had to manage an increasingly complex network behind the scenes, and with fewer resources at their disposal. Read More >>

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Maximizing Technology Cost Efficiency: Savvy Mobile Strategies

By Ralph Shaw, iSimplyConnect
The top 5 best practices for saving in today's rapidly changing mobile environment. Read More >>

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How Mobile Apps are Changing the Way IT Pros Work

mobileBy Bertrand Hazard & Christine Bentsen, SolarWinds
Progress Software recently announced a divestiture of "non-core" product lines. This webinar is designed specifically for Progress users to guide you to the leading middleware solution in the marketplace today. Capitalize on IBM's migration experience with minimal business disruption.

Read More >>>

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Embedded Real-time Analytics - On-demand Analytics for the Masses thanks to HTML5

Defining Big Data: The Missing "V"

Cheap and Deep

The Cost of a Major Batch Window Failure

Will PL/SQL Skills Become Obsolete in the Big Data Era?

VIDEO: Humanizing Big Data with Alteryx

Alistair RennieBig Data shouldn't be about volume, variety, and velocity; it should be about real business value. Check out a new video by some of Alteryx's thought leaders discussing how critical it is to make it easy to integrate Big Data sources with any other data, and add the analytics that will drive strategic decisions.


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Agile BI TDWIPredictive Analytics World Boston
Event Date: Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2012

Predictive Analytics World, Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2012 in Boston is the business event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners, covering today's commercial deployment of predictive analytics, across industries and across software vendors. The conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources to achieve three objectives:

  • Bigger Wins: Strengthen the business impact delivered by predictive analytics
  • Broader Capabilities: Establish new opportunities with predictive analytics
  • Big Data: Leverage bigger data for prediction and drive bigger value
Register today!


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