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Gadgets That Make Business Life Easier

March 24, 2014 No Comments

If you’re a businessman on the go, an employee traveling for work or just setting up a compact, mobile office, there are some gadgets you should never be without. Depending on your career, some of these will be more invaluable than others. Many are perfect for a compact small business office, while others are ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle of the modern entrepreneur.

What gadgets should you arm yourself with for meeting the future head on? Obviously, by this point you have a tablet and a smart phone. If not, those are the first two purchases you should make. The availability of apps and useful features on either one of those devices is invaluable. No entrepreneur should be without at least one connected device. Cases, cleaners, memory cards, spare batteries; all of these are the accessories of necessity. What do you need to buy to make your gadget collection truly outstanding? How about one of these devices?

The Viewsonic PLED-W200

A compact, lightweight LED projector for all your presentation needs. Never again will you be forced to adapt to setting up an unfamiliar projector, possibly from the last century. You can slip this in a laptop case and take it with you anywhere you may be meeting potential clients or customers. You can find larger projectors with higher resolution, or smaller projectors with worse bulb life, but the Viewsonic is just the right balance of reliability and compact size.

The TP-Link TL-WR702N Nano Router

This particular device is compact, powered by USB or wall power, and a life saver for time on the road. If you’ve ever attended a convention or spent time in a hotel room with only a single meager broadband port, you can use this device. It’s essentially a tiny wireless router that allows you to plug it into a hotel wall socket — or any other broadband connection — and broadcast a signal to your business group. Never go without wireless Internet again.

The IOGEAR GearPower 10K

This brilliant little device is essentially a robust battery with a selection of USB ports. The battery holds enough power to charge the average smartphone half a dozen times before it’s drained, and you can charge it up just like you charge up any battery device. Charge it and stash it as a backup; it will save its charge for months, unlike smaller, less durable batteries.

Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Bluetooth Headset

Headsets are a godsend for the busy entrepreneur. Hands-free voice communications with no cord cluttering up your workstation? What more could you ask? A comfortable headset is an individual experience, so pick the headset that works best for you. Over the head, behind the ears, noise cancelling or not; the choice is yours. Plantronics has a reputation for excellent audio quality, so your VOIP calls will never sound clearer.

A Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam

Sometimes, VOIP chats and Google Hangouts aren’t enough to fit the needs of your telecommunications. A standard webcam might be sufficient for a casual chat with a friend, but you need something a little better for those important business conferences. Go for one of these towering Logitech cameras. The heavy base makes it sturdy, the towering neck makes it professionally raised and the high-resolution camera ensures your image comes through loud and clear. It’s everything you need from a conferencing camera.

The Crux360 Tablet Case

At this point in your business career, it’s assumed that you have a tablet of some form. This case is the ultimate in business utility. Your tablet fits securely in the case, which allows you to position it in a number of different ways, including one that simulates a laptop with your wireless keyboard of choice. Close it up to protect your expensive business device and you’re good to go.

A LiveScribe Echo SmartPen

A smartpen? What is the world coming to? Yes, pens are still used in business, despite the proliferation of notetaking applications. The art of writing isn’t dead. The art of tediously transcribing your handwriting into digital form, however, should rest in peace. The SmartPen records what you write as you write it, along with a dozen other smart features. Record audio conversations, snap pictures on the fly and even run apps on the bulky but useful device.

What else do you consider essential for your business life? There are hundreds of fun little gadgets available for anyone with the money to spend, from smartphone speakers to USB-powered dart guns. Obviously, some are more useful than others are.

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