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Game Changing Healthcare Technologies of 2019

July 9, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Robert Paulsen, Independent Technology Author

It’s a new dawn in the healthcare sector with the latest innovations and advancements in technology that can promise human beings a long and salubrious life. From Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality, it is a whole new era of health technologies, and there is perhaps a no better time to be alive. Health and technology have been working hand in hand for a long time now, but 2019 looks propitious now that a hoard of fresh approaches to technology is on the block.

Health technology is an umbrella term that brings under its shade the distinct areas of medicines, treatment procedures, vaccines, and systems designed to result in a more focussed and streamlined output of healthcare. Its motto is to offer quality treatment at a lower cost. However, this begs the question that when the technology involved in revolutionising healthcare is so advanced, how cost-effective and practical will the treatment be. This is a debate that must be kept aside for the time being, lest we shall digress from the topic at hand.

Given below is a comprehensive list of some of the most promising healthcare technologies that have thrown people into a frenzy of excitement.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has been raising quite a few eyebrows in recent times, not just in apprehension, but in awe too. Given the right conditions to thrive, Artificial Intelligence can broaden its horizon and grow to a stature like never before, particularly in the medical industry where intelligent and quick decision making is mandatory.

robot 300x207 Game Changing Healthcare Technologies of 2019

Before you start wondering about how Artificial Intelligence can help further medical endeavours, here are few pointers to ponder upon…

Automated Reminder:

What patients going through the recovery phase often tend to forget is the schedule of their medication. Artificial Intelligence can ease up on the process by reminding patients or their caregivers to take medicines as per the prescribed timings.

Prioritising People at A High Risk Of Health Disorders:

Every individual has an equal right to quality, cost-effective, and immediate treatment. However, it is also probably a wise decision to reach out to people who need a quicker intervention. Artificial Intelligence can be custom tailored in a way to suit this exact need and detect people who require immediate medical attention. It could alert the medical staff in hospitals and other medical institutions and thus, save millions of lives this way.

Personalised Recommendations for Patients:

Every human being has a different genetic makeup and unique biology. Therefore, it needs no mention that the treatment and medications for every individual must be customised in a way that suits individual bodily requirements. Artificial Intelligence can perfect the process and generate a course by scrutinising the biological makeup of people. This could help the job of doctors and save up on precious time.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality (VR) has great potential in changing the face of health services in 2019 and many more years to follow. Virtual Reality is something that gets people really excited, and it would be interesting to see how it takes over the medical arena. Virtual Reality can calm patients down by giving them a tour of a particular hospital where their treatment would be carried out and could also substantially alleviate their pain, psychosomatic or not. Virtual Reality is engaging and can give patients first-hand experience of what procedures they are about to go through.

VR 300x175 Game Changing Healthcare Technologies of 2019

It always bodes well to be aware than be faced with unplanned and unexpected adverse circumstances. Also, it could be used to raise awareness about a particular disease and educate patients about their affliction. 2019 has a diverse scope for Virtual Reality, and it is here to stay.

Mobile Applications:

Mobile Apps is not a new kid on the block, and people have been reaping its benefits since its inception. You have an app for everything today- groceries, books, clothing, and even medicines. It has made lives smarter and easier. Therefore, it does not seem too much of a stretch if mobile apps furnish you with your test results, schedule an appointment with a doctor or suggest you the right kind of health insurance plan for you and your family. More information on health insurance can be found here at Mobile apps in the medical sector can also help in diagnosing your ailment by reading your symptoms and then suggest a suitable course of action. Of course, the treatment would have to be taken up by a human medical professional, but such apps could at least provide the first report.

Healthcare Chats:

Healthcare chat boxes can serve multiple purposes- from tending to individual customers via chat to helping them find the right service in an emergency, chat boxes can be a game changer in the medical sector and lend a lot of edge to healthcare marketing.

In Conclusion:

Healthcare services have undergone rapid changes over the past few decades, and with such a technological boom, it does not look like it will slow down. Besides Artificial Intelligence, healthcare chat boxes, mobile apps, and Virtual Reality, there are several other ways in which technology can be infused into healthcare. The scope is broad, and 2019 is probably just the beginning of healthcare technological expansion.


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