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Gravitant Introduces Just in Time I.T.™ Strategy for Agile and Dynamic Cloud

May 15, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Gravitant

AUSTIN, Texas—May 14, 2013—Gravitant, a cloud brokerage and management solutions provider, today announced that it can help enterprises easily scale cloud resources based on demand with Gravitant’s Just in Time I.T.™ strategy.

Just in Time I.T. is the practice of engineering the end-to-end I.T. supply chain so that it is agile and immediately responsive to dynamic business needs. The concept of “Just in Time” was pioneered in the supply chain industry as a method used by manufacturers to reduce costs by minimizing inventory. Manufacturers attempt to make informed, educated estimates about the quantity of products they’ll need to satisfy demand.

Gravitant applies this concept to its Just in Time I.T. strategy for enterprises who want to scale I.T. resources based on demand, and minimize inventories of unused resources across cloud services platforms and providers. “Enterprise Strategy Group research shows that more than 80 percent of the I.T. departments surveyed are spending an average of six percent of their I.T. budgets on cloud computing,” said Wayne Pauley, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. “Cloud provides on-demand functionality but doesn’t include the controls needed to assure usage of the right resources at the right time and cost. Gravitant’s Just In Time I.T. strategy solves this problem with real-time governance controls and automated adjustment to resource utilization.”

Just in Time I.T. in Action

The second most populous U.S. state caters to the growing trend of e-voting during election season, and knows that people rely heavily on the Secretary of State’s website as an information resource on candidates. The state knew demand for I.T. resources would go up significantly on its 2012 Election Day, but was unsure of the extent of the increase in demand. The state didn’t want to prepare extra infrastructure for a temporary surge in demand, and knew that deploying additional resources in a timely manner would be challenging and costly.

Gravitant helped provide the state with Just in Time I.T. capabilities based on its cloud brokerage and management platform, which seamlessly provisioned I.T. resources in real time from multiple public cloud sources to meet the temporary increase in demand. The state’s demand increased over 1,000 percent to over five million hits on the voting website by noon on Election Day.

The Solution: Just in Time I.T. with Real-Time Governance

“Enterprise users want fast, scalable I.T. resources right when they need them, however, most I.T. departments struggle with rigid processes, complicated approvals and manual provisioning,” said Mohammed Farooq, CEO, Gravitant. “Many times, this results in I.T. departments going around these procedures and directly accessing cloud services, which needlessly adds to the company’s I.T. inventory.”

To achieve true Just in Time I.T. capabilities, companies must not only identify, source and procure best-fit cloud platforms and providers, companies must also maintain real-time governance in order to manage the elasticity of cloud resources and ensure that I.T. resource inventory is minimized. Simplifying the I.T. provisioning process will reduce unauthorized I.T. and cloud spend and increase companies’ I.T. responsiveness.

About Gravitant

Based in Austin Texas, Gravitant ( provides technology solutions that help enterprise IT organizations effectively meet business needs by optimizing their IT supply chain. We enable the pragmatic consumption of private and public cloud services to help enterprises achieve agility, responsiveness, service levels and cost optimization across multiple cloud service providers. Gravitant’s cloudMatrix presents users with a single unified interface which can be used to design, order, provision and control private, public and hybrid cloud services in an end-to-end process that can be dynamically recalibrated at any time. cloudMatrix  can be white-labeled by systems integrators, service providers, and enterprises.


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