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Green Planet

October 31, 2012 No Comments

Featured Blog by Pablo Trilles, AuraPortal

Being successful in your business today is not enough; go green and achieve environmental success.

Today’s rapidly evolving society and markets are not only demanding your company to be productive and efficient, but also to respect and protect the environment. This combination that walks hand in hand is being consolidated over the years and strengthened by the social awareness that looks after future and current interests.

tree Green Planet

At AURA we consider these initiatives not only worthwhile, but critical for the correct modern business management. Hence AURA is proud to contribute to the enhancement of business and environmental efficiency through the implementation of AuraPortal BPMS and its integration with state-of-the-art environmental sensors. Below several examples on how to handle environmental performance can be seen:

1. ISO 50001. Management System Standard for Energy Efficiency

ISO Green Planet

Implementing ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification will help organizations to improve their energy performance. By using processes, mathematical calculations, sensors, valve control systems, lights, relays, servos, etc., AuraPortal helps any type of organization (industry, healthcare, public administration, banking, RETAIL…) to achieve the following results:

  • * Short, medium and longer term energy savings
  • * Awareness and control of the amount of energy used
  • * Brand recognition

2. Water. An essential component of life

water Green Planet

Water is without doubt one of the most essential and economic elements of our living environment. In addition to quenching our thirst, 20% of the fresh water is used to supply industries globally and approximately 70% goes to agriculture and farming. All of us are responsible for the correct management of this precious commodity at any level. By using AuraPortal processes, water consumption can be controlled, establishing the maximum and minimum quantities and alerting its use.

3. Pollution. Harmful gas emissions control

city Green Planet

Pollution and contamination damage directly human beings health. The release of chemical substances and particles into the atmosphere alters their composition and has a negative impact on all aspects of life. Industrial cities and factories are the most remarkable sources of pollution (but not the only polluters) and, therefore, it is necessary to control their emissions. AuraPortal can be used to control:

  • * Pollution in cities (CO, CO2, NO2, O3)
  • * Emissions from livestock in farms (CH4, H2S, NH3)
  • * Chemical and industrial processes (C4H10, H2, VOC)
  • * Fires (CO, CO2)

4. Agriculture. Agricultural efficiency

field Green Planet

By automating processes with AuraPortal you can now manage your crops care and find out about the exact conditions on plant growth from home. The measurement of light, humidity and temperature levels allows the detection of potential plant diseases, risk of frost or need for irrigation based on the level of soil moisture, at the same time allowing for the monitoring and control of high-yielding (wheat, corn, etc.) or delicate crops (vineyards, tropical fruits, etc.) either cultivated outdoors or in greenhouses. Hence, high-quality crops are guaranteed.

  • * Processes controlling pressure, temperature, liquids level, light, etc.

5. Farming. Animal growth care

bull Green Planet

A good quality of the air is required in order to maintain animal health and welfare and to provide your personnel with a good working environment. The quality of air is determined by its level of gas, dust and microorganisms (bacteria, endotoxins and viruses). It is vital to control the air animals breathe and therefore guarantee their healthy growth. By using AuraPortal processes it is possible to optimize the conditions under which animals grow.

  • * Control of animal temperature during rearing
  • * CIGR Rules. Measurement of gas levels (methane, ammonia, etc.)
  • * Control of animal stress levels

pablo Green Planet

Pablo Trilles

Mr. Pablo Trilles is graduated in International Business, Sales and Marketing Management from Berkeley University and ESIC University. After being in charge of Sales at Samadi Consulting for several years, he joined AuraPortal in 2004 as Large Account Sales Responsible. One year later he became responsible in charge of Marketing and Sales and in 2007 he was appointed Vice-President for all Commercial Activities and member of the CEO Committee.



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