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High-Tech Security Tools Keeping Businesses Safe

April 14, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Sophie, Independent Technology Author

cybersecurity 456 300x180 High Tech Security Tools Keeping Businesses Safe

Among the many technology trends impacting businesses in recent years have been the emergence of various high tech security tools. These tools have emerged to address the growing number of cybersecurity threats facing businesses these days. There are a range of risks and threats in the physical world, too, but luckily there are high-tech solutions to these too.

Here are the high-tech security tools keeping homes and businesses safe in 2020.

Security Camera Systems

Security cameras have been keeping businesses and residences safe from break-ins, robberies and other crimes for decades. Technology has advanced greatly since the early days of grainy black and white CCTV, and high-tech security systems these days are highly effective in protecting homes and businesses.

Modern systems can record in HD, for much better video quality, meaning that it is much easier to identify criminals and spot other important details on footage. They are also designed to have wider fields of view, meaning they can capture greater areas with one camera. Some even have a 360-degree view that means that nothing is missed.

Many cameras also come with night-vision functions, so they can still capture footage even in low light. Others are triggered by motion sensors, and so only record when motion is detected to save on storage space: these are particularly useful for discrete home security cameras. Additionally, video camera systems these days are designed to be suitable for all conditions, so can withstand all kinds of weather.

Smart Access Control

Access control is another critical aspect of security for homes, but particularly businesses. Access control tools are vital to control who can access your premises, and therefore keep them secure. High-tech solutions such as smart access control locks use technology to let people in who need access, and keep out those who shouldn’t be there.

Smart access locks typically use a keypad and passcode to grant access to the business site. This eliminates the need for a key, which means that keys cannot fall into the wrong hands and leave the property exposed. Other smart lock technology can include touch-to-open technology. Remote locking, remote locking, door-ajar notifications, voice control and visitor logs.

These systems can also track and log access times, including who accesses the property and at what time. This means that in the case of any problems, you can easily go back and check who gained entry to the building.

Commercial Visitor Management

As part of access control, it is important to control the visitors that come to your business. There are many circumstances when you may want to admit external people to your site, whether clients, suppliers, or other stakeholders. In these cases, it is important to have organized controls to monitor their entry and location while on site.

Commercial visitor management systems have been developed to do just that. This allows you to check-in all visitors, and keep track of who is on site and what areas of the site they are visiting. This system saves time and energy in checking visitors in as well as protecting the security of your business.

Smart Lighting

High-tech businesses need high-tech solutions. One of these is smart lighting, a type of system that not only enhances security, but helps your business to be more energy efficient at the same time. Properly lit areas deter criminals, as well as improving the possibility of witnesses in the case that a crime does occur.

Smart lighting allows you to set your lights to a specific schedule, ensuring that you light your premises sufficiently to keep it secure, without wasting electricity by lighting areas when it is not needed. You can also set the lighting to a random schedule in case potential thieves are watching the property. Even better, these systems allow you to control all of this quickly and easily from your smartphone.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are another high-tech tool that can help with home security. Modern smart speakers often have features that help to improve home security. Amazon Echo, for example, has a feature called Alexa Guard. This feature passively monitors for troubling sounds, such as alarms or the sound of breaking glass, which could be a window breaking.

If Alexa Guard identifies one of these noises, it sends a notification to your smart phone, so you can deal with the problem if necessary, for example by calling the police if there is no innocent explanation for the noise. The speaker can also make a noise to startle intruders, or turn on lights remotely so that potential burglars think you are at home.

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