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Horizontal Software Announces Acquisition of Equitime

January 30, 2014 No Comments

SOURCE: Horizontal Software

Paris, January 30, 2014Horizontal Software, a software vendor and leader in human capital management domain in SaaS/cloud mode, announces a new acquisition – Equitime, a workforce management software vendor, leader in healthcare services and local administrations in France.

This acquisition will strengthen the position of Horizontal Software in healthcare service and local administration markets while providing Equitime with native SaaS/Cloud, as well as innovative optimization solutions. It will also allow the new entity to reach the sufficient size in order to become a key partner for companies looking for dynamic and optimized resource scheduling and management software solutions.

Founded in 1999, Equitime is located in Isère, France with 38 employees. The company has got 15 years of experience in developing software solutions to schedule and manage human resources, with a strong expertise in related vertical business rules modelling. The two business vertical markets that Equitime is specialized in are Healthcare services (with 300 customers) and local administrations. Its AgileTime™ Software Suite is a powerful tool helping in daily management, decision-making, organization, improving internal communication, employees’ involvement as well as development of social organization for companies and organizations. To learn more about Equitime and its achievements:

The AgileTime™ brand and AgileTime Software Suite business will both continue to be deployed and developed under their own name.

“The acquisition of LPDR Engineering (the Software company that developed the RELATION RH E-recruitment software in SaaS, and Equitime perfectly complements our existing solutions aiming at optimizing resources for the benefit of our customers. Today we have reached a critical size in terms of installed bases, sales force as well as complementary offer porfolio. These acquisitions are in line with our objective to strengthen our SaaS/Cloud leadership in human capital management, just the way we had envisioned it in the early stages of its creation” says Hervé Yahi, CEO of Horizontal Software. “With the acquisition of Equitime, our goal is to exceed 6 million euro annual turnover by the end of 2014. Within the following 24 months, our aim is to exceed 15 million euros, an achievable goal through external growth.”

“We believe that, by joining our forces with Horizontal Software, we will strengthen our technological innovation capacities, improve our market share, which will greatly contribute to the future development of the new group, for the benefit of our customers” says Jean-Marie Brosse, CEO of Equitime.

Horizontal Software provides a SaaS/Cloud suite that enables companies to simplify the increasing complexity of planning and managing their multiple resources with the associated constraints. Actually, it covers the needs of managing and scheduling company human resources, in a dynamic and optimized way, while taking into account requirements in terms of resource skills, business constraints, working rules, as well as employees’ wishes and associated means in order to accomplish the planned tasks. Technological advances of Horizontal Software help simplify various vertical data settings, along with a new generation of solvers and an on-demand scalable computing capacity. Thus, the use of HUDL language allows to drastically reduce the time of implementation and configuration. Furthermore, HUDL helps the integration of HR Information Systems in an easy and seamless way. This suite is the result of studies conducted by Horizontal Software based on users’ experience, as well as on significant company investments in Research and Development, in collaboration with French leading research laboratories and industrial partners specializing in these specific areas.

Horizontal Software, leader of OSEO ISI PAJERO consortium in which Equitime is an industrial partner specialized in healthcare services

Horizontal Software is the leader of the OSEO ISI PAJERO project whose objective is to develop a software platform, for the first time in a SaaS/Cloud mode, to deploy a new natural setting language as well as new solvers integrating parallelism management in the cloud. The PAJERO Project was certified by the “SYSTEMATIC” competitiveness cluster. The Pajero Project, amounting to €16.5 million in total, benefited from a €7.6 million support from OSEO in October 2011, including €4 million for Horizontal Software.

About Horizontal Software:

Founded in February 2010 in Montceau-les-Mines, France, Horizontal Software provides businesses and organizations with a software suite allowing optimized and dynamic resources scheduling in SaaS mode and in cloud architecture. The company has now 30 employees. Commercial deployment began in 2012 and the company has obtained prestigious references since.


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