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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

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How laptops have changed our lives

September 26, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Abhi K, Independent Technology Author

how laop 300x150 How laptops have changed our lives

It’s a blessing that Adam Osborne invented the laptop in 1981 for the benefits of the future generation. It’s a remarkable innovation that is portable, convenient and solves more than half of our problems. Laptops come in different prices, specifications, functions, etc. You can download tons of applications, carry it anywhere with you, play games, watch movies, etc. A laptop is just like a desktop, but it is comfortable, portable, and a better choice. Laptops have provided a profound impact on our society. We are yet to discover several other possibilities in laptops.

Laptops have shaped and advanced our lives, and they will carry on doing so. The competition from tablets and smartphones is indeed higher, but let’s check out the 13 ways laptops have changed our lives and are still going better. We will learn how the laptops for everyday work have made our lives better and easier.

1. Communication

Laptops have made it easier to connect with people across the globe with just one click. Laptops have increased the usage of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc. Sure you can operate these websites on your smartphones, but using them on a laptop is out of this world. You can check your homepage even while sitting in a café or make video calls anytime.

2. Vlogging

Another form of blogging, vlogging, or a vlog is video blogs where you create a video and express your content verbally, instead of writing them. The best tool of a vlogger is a laptop, mainly because of its extensive features and portability.

3. Gaming

For high-end games, you require a laptop. The best thing about playing a game on a laptop is that you can play it even while laying on a couch or a bed. You don’t have to sit in front of a desktop and play. Game manufacturers make a lot of money by launching exciting games for laptops. With enhanced quality and entertainment, it’s a heaven for gamers.

4. Entertainment

If you want to watch a certain movie, you don’t have to wait for the cable tv to air it for you. If you have a stable internet connection, you can watch nth movies on your laptop in your comfort zone. No more lying in front of a television or a desktop, stream a video online and watch while munching some popcorn.

5. Web and Application Developers

The job of a developer requires flexibility, creativity, and innovative ideas; and a laptop can provide the flexibility to the developer to generate creative ideas for the same. If you are a developer and you tend to move a lot due to your work, a laptop is indeed the best choice for you. While desktops don’t provide such freedom, developers use laptops for their work as even tablets and smartphones cannot perform such a multifaceted job.

6. Online Marketing 

If you are a blogger, you already know about affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most significant ways for a blogger to make huge money and laptops are the most convenient option available for a marketer. It gives you the flexibility to perform your job. You can work online wherever you want. This is not possible with tablets or desktop computers.

7. Graphic Designing

For a website to work, one needs an input of logo designing, web theme designing, cover designing, and videography. For every part of graphic designing, laptops are the best choice available. Not just because you can carry them anywhere, but because of their high-end features and specifications that are not easily found in a small tablet.

8. Content Writing

There is no denying that the content is king in the online market, and writers tend to be moody sometimes. They need their own space, flexibility for creative ideas, and much more. If you are a copywriter, translator, transcriber, or a proofreader; a laptop is your best choice. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime.

9. Presentation
You have to give an important presentation in your office, and the first thing you do is to create a draft on your laptop. PowerPoint presentations work best on laptops as you can easily display your slides on a projector by connecting it to your laptop. You can take your notes and decide on how your presentation is going to be. You can also check your notes on your notes while giving your presentation as the audience views only your slides.

10. Online Learning

Laptops have made it easy to learn anything online. It enhances their academic performance as they use it in the classrooms, cafes, or anywhere they want. Laptops have improved learning in numerous ways. With thousands of resources online with access to it all the time, laptops are the best way for any online learning course available on the web.

11. Online Teachers

 Laptops have provided numerous benefits to online education by giving it an innovative appearance. This education is not just limited to students, but some online teachers can benefit from it. They can prepare their notes, research on topics, and teach students online and anywhere across the globe.

12. Enhanced Computer Knowledge

Laptops are easily accessible to students, parents, teenagers, and teachers. One of the best things that laptops have done is to enhance computer skills in students. They can easily learn online, gain a different experience, and decisively apply their understanding in their fields.

13. Teamwork and Efficiency

A business can’t run better if there is a lack of teamwork, leadership, and efficiency, and that can be done with the assistance of laptops. A laptop is necessary to execute serious and rigorous tasks. A laptop can help a team to collaborate on presentations, reports, and getting the work done. It can even help those employees who are traveling or working from home in remote locations.


All in all, laptops have enhanced our lives not in just one way, but many. From social media to bigger business deals; we require a laptop at every step of the way. Since 1981, laptops have become advanced and more significant. The main progress of this advanced electronic gadget is yet to come.

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