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How To Choose The Best Email Checker For Your Next Email Campaign

December 16, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Anastasya Prach, Independent Tehchnology Author

email marketing 300x212 How To Choose The Best Email Checker For Your Next Email Campaign

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing channels to increase engagement, drive traffic, and generate revenue. This makes building email lists a top priority for most marketers and sales reps. 

Today, about 270 billion emails are sent to more than 3.8 billion email users all over the world which according to Statista would reach about 4.3 billion users by 2022. According to Campaign Monitor, 41% of emails are opened on mobile devices. 60% of shoppers intentionally provide incorrect details. Furthermore, about 10% of email addresses provided in signup forms, checkouts, or systems are invalid and this figure will increase if these details are provided on mobile devices. 

This makes it vital for marketers to use email checkers to guarantee the validity of their mailing list and opt-ins in order to avoid hard bounces that occur as a result of non-existing emails, saves cost and improves campaign RoI, increases customer engagement and enhances email deliverability. Automated email services can also help to generate and verify email on the go to guarantee that your email lists are clean.

How Email Verification Works

Email verification is a service that recognizes the spam traps and discrepancies in email addresses before they are being identified and flagged by Email Service Providers (ESPs) or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which can have an adverse effect on your sender’s reputation. Truth is, generating organic or following the appropriate method of creating an email list does not entirely mean you can avoid spam traps.

Email verification systems utilize sophisticated email verification frameworks to check for irregularities in the syntax, domain, and active status of the email. It goes above and beyond, using artificial intelligence, intricate algorithms, and multi-layer testing to recognize invalid email addresses which usually occurs seamlessly in real-time. 

The data generated is used by the email verification services to predict the possibility of a hard bounce. A scoring system is used to categorize these email addresses. Once an email is identified to be possibly invalid, the system reviews and separates it before it is then approved or removed by the marketer.

Typically, there are seven processes involved in email verification which are:

* Syntax check
* Domain check
* Mx record check
* Gibberish check
* SMTP authentication check
* Throwaway email checker
* Accept all checker

Why Email Verification Is Important

Eliminate Spam traps

Spam traps are tools used by email service providers to blacklist email providers. They usually appear like genuine email addresses but do not belong to a verifiable email user. These spam traps can be eliminated through an email verification tool.

Lower Bounce Rate

Email verification helps to discover email addresses that are undeliverable, role-based, can accept all and the likes. With a clean list, the delivery rate of your email campaigns will increase and limit email bounces.

Saves email cost

Email checkers helps you to identify email addresses that are invalid and should be removed from your email list. This will reduce your email list but also reduce the cost of sending messages, particularly to invalid email addresses.

Improve the result of your email campaign

Email verification excludes invalid emails from your lists which will increase deliverability. This will improve your open rates, response rates, and eventually improve the performance of your campaign.

How To Choose Email Verifier?

Several email verification services are available online today to cater to your requirements whether you require an ideal verification service that can handle either bulk or single email checking, cloud, or software checking service.

Most software email verifiers are generally software enterprise solutions having specific personnel that handles the lead process and ideal for bulk email addresses.

Providing large agencies with an unlimited number of email verification coupled with a local database and a one-time payment option can be a very tempting offer. But a major drawback could be the dependency on software compatibility, reduced hardware access, backup server needs, and compulsory updates.

However, this issue has been handled through the SaaS market by providing unlimited access at an affordable price suited for small, medium, and large organizations.

How To Verify Email Addresses?

Email verification can be performed using different techniques that might require sophisticated email technology or framework. however, some of the methods of evaluating the validity of email addresses have been outlined below:

Check the email validity by sending a test email

This is a straightforward method but not ideal for bulk emails. If the email address is invalid or fake, your message will bounce and you will get a notice that your message wasn’t delivered. However, always keep in mind that this method might affect your sender’s reputation, increase your bounce rate, and affect your campaign performance over time, so this method is only ideal for small email lists.

Search the email address on google

Although you might not be able to identify if the email is invalid using this technique, but you might be able to discover if it’s genuine. Many individuals fill their email addresses on different platforms online, from websites, social network platforms, and so on. This method is also ideal for a few email addresses without affecting your sender’s reputation.

Ping the email server

You can use tools such as Telnet or PuTTY to ping the email server and confirm the validity of the email address but this technique is associated with a lot of risks.

Use an email verifier tool

An email verifier tool remains the most effective approach in evaluating the validity of email addresses in a few steps or clicks. Even though the features of these email verifiers vary, you can easily verify both small and bulk email addresses within a few months.


An email verifier will guarantee that your email list is clean, valid, and can accept the emails you send. This would increase your deliverability, limit email campaign costs, lower your bounce rate, increase the sender’s reputation, and ensure that you get the best results from your email campaigns.


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