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How To Keep Your Company Data Safe And Secure

November 9, 2022 No Comments

by Loren Miranda

Securing data is crucial to company operations to avoid business disruptions. It’s a valuable asset that employees and management must strive to protect. Doing so can help avoid compromising your customers’ personal and financial information and the company’s sales and marketing strategies. 

Meanwhile, a company consists of different data types. For example, internal data is generated by various teams and departments within the company. On the other hand, information from sources outside of an organization is referred to as external data.

Businesses also have structured data, like the information in tables and charts. On the contrary, unstructured data refers to webpage content, text messages, and videos. With the massive amount of data your company handles daily, how do you keep it safe and secure?

Learn some helpful tips to attain this goal below. 

Ask Help From IT Experts

Prioritize protecting your company data to ensure business continuity. A data breach can result in identity theft, phishing, ransomware, and cybercriminal activities. So, it’s crucial to ask for expert advice from experienced IT security professionals or IT consulting firms right from the start. 

Here are the essential aspects that IT security experts can help you with:

IT Infrastructure Auditing: You can learn more about IT security audits. 

Cybersecurity Planning: Hiring an IT consulting company can help protect your company data, prepare to create a comprehensive business continuity plan, and implement tailor-fit disaster recovery solutions.

Employee Security Training: A trusted IT consulting company could help support your in-house IT services to improve productivity and minimize your IT-related expenses.

Partnering with a reputable IT consulting company can also help implement scalable and secure network solutions cost-effectively. You can click here for IT consulting in Raleigh to help keep your company data safe and secure.

Perform Regular Cybersecurity Audits

Regular cybersecurity audits identify data management procedures’ strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. If you want to protect your company data from unauthorized people, ensure you conduct a regular cybersecurity assessment at least once a year. More frequent cybersecurity audits are necessary for bigger companies and those with enormous digital assets. 

– Here are some specific security areas to focus on during audits:

– IT hardware, software, and networking infrastructure

– Sensitive data storage, protection, and transmission

– Cybersecurity procedures and policies

– Compliance standards

– Physical security practices

A comprehensive cybersecurity audit identifies any internal and external security threats. It also shows the company’s data security practices, legal and regulatory compliance status, hardware and software performance, and the effectiveness of security policies.

Train Your Employees To Detect Security Issues 

Cybercriminals target employees by sending virus-infected, fake emails or phishing tricks. They may also infiltrate your network’s endpoints, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Hackers may also target these devices used by employees to steal company data. And before employees knew it, cybercriminals had already done widespread harm. 

IT consulting companies can help small and medium-sized companies train their in-house IT staff and employees to identify and mitigate cybersecurity problems.  You can empower your employees by providing basic training on these topics:

– Creating strong passwords 

– Backing up important data securely 

– Being wary of phishing schemes 

– Keeping their wireless network secure

– Storing physical and digital files securely 

Cybersecurity training is crucial to empower in-office, remote, hybrid, or fieldwork employees. Hence, your employees must know how to detect potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities before they become major attacks.

Invest In Applicable Cybersecurity Solutions 

Keep your company ahead of cybersecurity threats by investing in applicable cybersecurity solutions. For instance, remote companies must invest in a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure their data is encrypted. A VPN authenticates information with the network’s firewall when employees send messages and log into programs to improve data security.

Here are the other cybersecurity solutions for businesses:

Antivirus Software: Malware security protection is critical in securing your company data. It adds a second layer of protection for the network and computers. A robust antivirus software package can help defend your system against worms, keyloggers, and viruses.

Encrypted File-Sharing: If your company frequently shares large files, consider using a secure third-party file-sharing platform. This platform can help streamline employee communication while encrypting your company’s data. 

Cloud Network Security: Enterprises must invest in cloud network security to protect their data, applications, IT resources, intranet, and data centers. It minimizes the likelihood of unauthorized people accessing, changing, or destroying information on a private or public cloud network.

These cybersecurity solutions can help companies keep their data secure.


Data safety is everyone’s responsibility in an organization. Keep your company data safe and secure by investing in robust cybersecurity solutions, implementing the best security practices, and consulting the experts. Ensure proper communication of observed anomalies and potential threats, following a standard workflow to mitigate security risks.

Loren Miranda

Loren Miranda is an Cybersecurity Consultant and Specialist. Also a writer and content creator, she loves to write and speak about the latest innovations in cybersecurity. She is also a mom of two and a loving wife.

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