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Huddle Note Allows For Fast and Simple Content Creation in the Cloud

December 19, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Huddle

Huddle today unveiled Huddle Note and its powerful new iOS application, enabling workers to quickly and simply create content in the cloud via any device, share it with teams and work on it with colleagues. Responding to the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce, Huddle Note ensures that people no longer have to use feature-heavy legacy applications to share ideas with colleagues. All creating, editing, storing, sharing and collaboration on content can now take place seamlessly in Huddle’s secure cloud.

“We’re now seeing a major shift in the way people work. Today’s workplace is no longer a fixed desk in an office, but wherever you decide to work from – public transport, home, or a remote office,” explains Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle. “People don’t want to waste time skipping between apps, battling with legacy word processors, and then uploading documents to the cloud to share them with co-workers – especially when they’re quick notes such as brainstorm ideas and meeting minutes. With Huddle Note, we’re adding an easy-to-use and intuitive way to capture content in Huddle, giving people a simpler, faster, mobile alternative to Microsoft Office and other bloated legacy offerings. Everything can now take place in one secure environment via any device. From document creation and editing through to the feedback and approval stage, Huddle Note helps people to get their jobs done faster. It’s a leap forward from Jurassic systems such as SharePoint, which still doesn’t provide sufficient support for a mobile workforce.”

Available today, Huddle Note is already being used by hundreds of customers such as Pearson Chicago, Almond Board of California, Barnardo’s, GreenPages, and NHS Advancing Quality.

Huddle Note iOS Screenshot 2

Huddle Note’s key features include:

Create and edit in the cloud – seamlessly create a Huddle Note in the cloud from any device, go back to edit it at any time and notify colleagues

Share– instantly share your Huddle Note with your community in just one click via Huddle’s “Share” button

Review and approve– review, give feedback and approve a Huddle Note via your mobile device

Comment – provide colleagues with feedback and notify people of changes on a Huddle Note. All comments are date and time stamped

Set approvals – request and view approvals of your Huddle Note. Huddle automatically reminds users on your behalf to sign a Huddle Note off by the required date

Move and / or copy – move or copy a Huddle Note across multiple workspaces or move and archive conversations into different folders

Version control – Huddle automatically tracks all previous versions of a Huddle Note allowing you to easily review changes and revert to an earlier version if required

Audit Trail and activity history – unlike email, you can see which colleagues have read your Huddle Note, helping you to determine the popularity of content and keep track of views for compliance purposes

Security – Huddle Note is built on Huddle and is protected by all of Huddle’s enterprise and government-level security measures

Powerful new iOS app to empower workers on the move

The new and improved Huddle iOS application, available to download for free today, increases workforce productivity when on the move.

Features include:

Full redesign – optimized for iOS 7, the app focuses on simple and fast collaboration around rich media content, documents, files and tasks

Dynamic activity stream – you have total visibility of all work being performed by your network of colleagues, contractors, partners, and clients

Notifications – keep up to date regardless of your location with all your important communications viewed in context.  Clear and concise notifications on the iPhone and iPad focus on the documents shared with you, all related comments, and latest updates

Update files at any time – “Open in” for iOS enables you to instantly access third party applications for editing, annotating and amending files, including Readdle PDF Expert, Fileboard, Office² and Quickoffice

Suggested files – Using Huddle’s intelligent recommendation engine, all files relevant to you from across your network are automatically delivered to your iPad or iPhone

Manage approvals – Huddle delivers time-sensitive approval requests directly to your iPad or iPhone for immediate attention

“Mobile software solutions greatly enhance the value of team collaboration by ensuring that the right people can always be included in business decisions when they need to be made — from anywhere and at any time.” according to Vanessa Thompson, Research Manager, Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies at IDC. “Employees need the real time connectivity that mobile devices offer, but they also need intelligent filtering and they need to have apps that are contextually aware to enable efficiency in business decision making.”

What our customers are saying about Huddle Note

“Being able to create notes and memos directly in our Huddle workspaces using Huddle Note should be a huge time saver. No longer having to go back and forth between applications to create and save documents and then upload them to the cloud should increase efficiency and make life a little easier for our teams.” – Melissa Mautz, Consultant for Almond Board of California

“We’ve found Huddle Note to be of most use when it comes to replacing email chains. If we have an email that contains information we want everyone to have access to, the best place to save the content is in Huddle for secure central review and reference. Instead of having to copy the content into a Microsoft Word file and then upload the document into Huddle, we can now just copy and paste the information into a Huddle Note and instantly share it with others, making the process much more efficient and saving our users’ time.” – Lindsay Kirby, Communications Lead, NHS Advancing Quality

“Barnardo’s needed a  cloud based service that would enable  volunteers to store sensitive information.  The service needed to be absolutely secure, which was of paramount importance to Barnardo’s, and it needed to be simple and straightforward for volunteers to use.  Huddle Note provides exactly that – a secure and intuitive way of recording notes from meetings.” – Tom Rees, Assistant Director of Information Services at Barnardo’s


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