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Interesting Things That Smartphones Changed Forever

October 7, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Metodi Rizov


There is almost not a single person in the world today that does not own a smartphone, or at least hasn’t owned one at some point in their lives.

According to Statista, which is the database company specializing in consumer and market data, in 2021, there will be around 6.37 billion smartphone users worldwide. Yes, you read that right, it is an amazing number, and also, this means that 80.76% of all people in the world have smartphones today. Even more fascinating is that this study shows that until 2026 more than 7.5 billion people will use a smartphone. Also, in the United States alone, it is expected that until the end of 2021, more than 130 million people will use Android smartphones.

In essence, it is fair to say that smartphones have changed our lives forever and will continue to do so in the future. But which are the things that changed the most in the mobile technology industry? What are the activities that smartphones have changed forever? Here we will address the answers to these questions and see some interesting things that smartphones changed forever. Let’s start:


Today it is almost unimaginable to communicate with many people throughout the day without using a smartphone. Of course, the advantage of smartphones is that not only can people communicate by phone calls or text messages, they also use social media texting, video calls, audio calls, etc. We can not even imagine a day without smartphones, and it is a fact that they provide numerous benefits that people did not have before their invention.

Another valuable part is its advantages for the business industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when meetings are often made through social media apps.

Last but not least, they changed forever the communication of worldwide spread companies that now can easily communicate, a privilege that no one had before.


Since the beginning of the internet world, the gaming industry has been popular, and mobile gaming has made it even more accessible to everyone. And this is a good thing since it helps a lot to people in numerous ways when they are waiting for someone when they are bored and have nothing to do, or even to have a lot of fun. The options are endless, and you can easily find an arcade game, or new online casino game or even some strategy games since the technology is advanced a lot.

It is valuable to mention that when playing these games, it is essential not to get carried away and do nothing else, and also you have to enjoy them as a fun activity. Knowing your budget limit for an interesting slot game or being aware of how much time you spend to make strategies for your next level is important. But in essence, smartphones managed to change even the gaming world forever.

Payment Methods

Yet another crucial part of the way smartphones have changed the world is also the payment methods since mobiles are an advantage even in this segment of our lives. The mobile payment methods became even more popular because of the COVID-19 pandemic hit since they allowed customers to use contactless payment ways that, unfortunately, are important nowadays. Of course, this was a huge benefit for companies that provide this type of payment option; for example, in the United States, 63% of retailers used Apple Pay as their preferred payment choice back in 2019.

So it is fair to say that smartphones have changed the way people like to pay for things forever, and in some countries like Sweden, cash almost does not exist anymore since people like this more accessible way of payment. It most certainly makes things a lot easier for both customers and sellers.

Finding Information

This benefit is maybe the most valuable one since smartphones allow us to find information in a matter of seconds. It is truly unique, and the world has literally changed forever because now you can quickly gain access to almost anything you want. Before the invention of smartphones, people had to go to libraries or ask many people in order to find the needed information about something. Today you have it in your hands a few seconds or minutes after you ask the question.

Of course, this created several other problems like fake news and misleading information, but all in all, it is a unique tool for everyone, and thanks to smartphones and the internet, you can now search for anything you want all the time. It is truly amazing what advanced smartphone technology has done to our everyday lives.


Author bio:

Metodi Rizov is a content writer who is enthusiastic about machine learning, AI, and all tech-related things in the fast-spinning world we live in.

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