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Jive Drives the New Way to Customer Service and Support

March 13, 2012 No Comments


Launches Complete, Out-of-the-Box Social Customer Service Solution

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:JIVE) announced today the launch of the Jive Social Customer Service Solution, built on the industry-leading Jive Social Business platform. The new turnkey solution provides all the components and services that companies need to implement a successful social customer service strategy. With this new offering, companies can drive material improvements in customer support, service and brand loyalty.

Customer service and support are mission-critical business processes for every organization. However, companies have faced a set of stark alternatives: they could offer outstanding service at high cost, or adopt a more cost-efficient approach that typically compromised quality and reduced customer satisfaction.

The Jive Social Customer Service Solution offers a radically new approach that eliminates the traditional trade-offs. For the first time, companies can simultaneously address all core customer service requirements: they can reduce costs by deflecting calls while speeding case resolution times and improving customer satisfaction.

“The world’s largest and most valued brands have used Jive to transform their customer service practices and drive real business value,” said John F. Rizzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Jive. “We wanted to make the same level of transformation easily attainable by more companies. Our solution is the first to deliver the game-changing advantages that social customer service has to offer in a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy package.”

Jive’s solution is the only industry offering to support not only external customer communities but also internal team communities where customer service agents can share expertise and quickly collaborate to resolve customer cases. The two communities are connected via bridging, enabling easy interaction between the customer service team and the customer community. This is a key attribute of the Jive platform as it enables companies to easily extend its functionality to meet growing business demands.

The Jive Social Customer Service Solution builds on the extensive capabilities of the Jive Social Business platform. It includes the ability to create vibrant social networks, integrate with other business systems, analyze key metrics, as well as intelligently adapt to user needs based on a rich social graph analysis. The solution also includes guidance, user training, and hands-on techniques that companies need for a smooth rollout, swift adoption and rapid, measurable benefits.

Key innovative features of the Jive Social Customer Service Solution include:

  • Case escalation and management: features out-of-the-box integration with popular CRM and case management systems.
  • Facebook integration: automatically pulls customer questions on the company’s fan page into the customer community and pushes answers back to the Facebook page.
  • Outlook Integration: enables customer service personnel to participate in their community and connect in real-time with colleagues directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Social Media Monitoring and Engagement: customer service agents can proactively monitor conversations on the social web to spot emerging concerns and directly engage with customers that have issues, questions or suggestions.
  • Gamification: Jive helps drive engagement through the use of sophisticated game mechanics that encourage and reward active participation. This solution takes advantage of innovative capabilities from gamification pioneer Bunchball.
  • Mobile Customer Service: customers and service agents alike can participate in their communities, post questions, access resources and participate in discussions direct from their mobile devices. Jive supports a broad range of mobile platforms (including iOS, Android, and Blackberry), without the need to install mobile client software.

“The products and services we support have grown increasingly complex as smartphone adoption has accelerated and mobile applications and services have exploded. We now support phones in an era where no two phones are alike,” said Krissy Espindola, Director Knowledge Management at T-Mobile. “Jive provides us with a much-needed solution for sharing knowledge to more effectively resolve customer issues when they arise.”

Customers can easily extend the Jive Social Customer Service Solution and leverage the Jive Apps Partners solutions through the Jive Apps Market. Relevant apps include:

  • Lingotek: enables customers to translate the documents and content they need into their chosen language, thus expanding the addressable audience. Benefits include reduced cost to serve, faster time to resolution and increased customer satisfaction.
  • SurveyGizmo: allows service agents to quickly design and execute surveys using pre-built templates to collect actionable customer feedback to drive product and services improvements as well as increase customer satisfaction.

The Jive Social Customer Service solution is currently in private beta and will be broadly available at the end of the first quarter. More information is available in Jive’s Customer Service Resource Kit.

To learn more about how current Jive customers are using Social Business to transform customer service and support, see Jive case studies for AllScripts, Cerner, Citrix, T-Mobile and Strongmail.

To learn best practices for social customer service, hear about the latest industry trends, and see how the Jive Social Customer Service Solution works, join a Jive live webcast with guest speakers from Accenture and ThinkJar on March 28th:

About Jive Software

Jive Software (Nasdaq:JIVE) is a leading global Social Business company. We bring social technology innovations from the consumer world into enterprises securely and at scale, changing the way work gets done. Our platform combines the power of big data, enterprise integrations and social collaboration technologies. Millions of people at the world’s largest companies are using Jive-powered communities internally and externally to transform their businesses.

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