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Latest Release of Kalido® Data Governance Director™ Speeds Business Process Effectiveness

May 5, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE:  Kalido

Kalido, the leading independent provider of data governance solutions, announced significant advancements to its acclaimed Kalido® Data Governance Director™ product, which enable organizations to more quickly improve and streamline the relationship between business processes and the data they consume. As a result, organizations can improve the predictability of business process outcomes through a sustainable platform for data improvement.

Delivered a mere four months after initial general availability of the Kalido Data Governance Director, the latest release delivers trusted information to business processes more quickly, automating the monitoring, measurement and management of enterprise data. With the new release, process owners are able to improve the quality of the data that impacts their process performance, even if they do not directly control the data. Through templates, automation and robust modeling capabilities, the new release streamlines policy development and management, contributing to more predictable business process outcomes sooner.

Accountability and Sustainability

Critical business processes often span the enterprise, and policy authors can struggle to sustain governance as reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, attrition or growth introduce new data sources and personnel. Kalido’s new “Roles and Responsibilities” engine provides process owners a framework to align policies with specific organizational roles and their responsibilities at each stage of the data lifecycle. As organizations create and define their data policies, Kalido provides “smart suggestions” based on the content of the policy – type of data, systems and organizational scope – that recommend which roles should be involved. The result is a simplified user experience, greater control and increased security controls.

By aligning responsibilities with roles rather than individuals, organizations ensure sustainability of data policies, streamline the policy creation process and deliver a consistent platform for continuous improvement in the face of organizational change.

Maximizing Corporate Assets

Many organizations have already developed a number of resources – data models, business process models and business glossaries – to improve efficiencies in their organization. Now, organizations can import these models into the Kalido Data Governance Director to speed the creation and deployment of data policies, minimizing rework and reducing the time to get a data governance program off the ground. As a result, business processes have access to trusted information sooner, accelerating time to value in improving predictability of business process outcomes.

By importing, for example, a business glossary held in a spreadsheet, organizations now not only have access to the product definitions typically chronicled in a business glossary, but they can also enhance it further by capturing the relationships between items and the person who is responsible for them.
The new exporting capabilities encourage best practice sharing and greater collaboration, both within an organization and with an organization’s partners. By being able to export particular policies, policy elements or even the unified business model itself, data governance councils can become even more efficient as they deploy increasing numbers of data policies throughout their organization.

Delivering Trusted Information to Business Processes

With the Kalido Data Governance Director, business process owners finally have a means to unify process excellence and trusted information to optimize the outcome of their business processes. By managing, implementing and monitoring data policies and correlating those policies with the business processes they support, organizations can identify areas where better process management as a result of improved data significantly impacts efforts to generate revenue, adhere to compliance requirements, or contain costs. With trusted data, delivered consistently, organizations can shorten process steps, more easily identify the root cause of process breakdowns, and identify potential areas of process improvement.


Bill Hewitt, president and CEO of Kalido, said:

  • “Business processes run on data and people, and managing all three is becoming more and more difficult. By delivering the ability to understand multiple model types as well as a way to effectively map the ever changing corporate organization, Data Governance Director has the ability to directly impact business process performance and top line revenue growth.”

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About Kalido

Kalido is the leading provider of business-driven data governance software. Kalido enables companies to manage data as a shared enterprise asset by supporting the business process of data management. Kalido software has been deployed at more than 300 locations in over 100 countries, including 20 percent of the world’s most profitable companies as determined by Fortune Magazine. More information about Kalido can be found at:

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