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Link Building Tips You Should Use in 2017

November 1, 2016 No Comments

Featured article by Christopher Cemper,  Experienced Online Marketer

When it comes to SEO, link building is a very important part of the process. This is more so when considering the simple fact that search engines will gauge the value of your website based on the websites it links to or gets links from. This is what has led to the birth of private blog networks (PBN).

The Private Blog Network is the set of domains that are owned by you or another individual. Although it is possible to have PBN that is made up of free blogs, these don’t have as much power as the self-hosted blogs. More often than not, the PBN is made of expired domains. The best thing about PBN is that you can customize the content to match your website so that the links you get to your website are of high quality and boost your SEO. All in all, even when it comes to the use of PBN, there are a couple of points you need to know about link building.

Research the source of the links

The first thing you have to do before accepting people to link to you or before linking to another website is to make sure that they are related to your niche. You also want to make sure that the website you want to link with has a good reputation. More often than not, people never take the time to research the target website. This leads to poor results especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

The reason behind this is because if a website has a bad reputation, chances are its bad reputation will rub off on your website. For example, linking with a website that contains adult content will cause the search engine to assume that your business is related to that niche. Chances of being linked in such a case will be fewer unless someone searches for adult content.

To manage your online reputation, you need to take some time to evaluate the quality of the websites you are linking to. The case is the same when using third-party PBN for your SEO needs. Make sure the private blog network has a good reputation and that it is related to your business.

Request for backlinks

The easiest way to get backlinks is to request for them. It is easy to do this. You just need to start small. Start by talking to partners, colleagues, friends, relatives, or clients who have a website or a blog. Ask them for backlinks. You can ask for the in-content links instead of the links in the footer or sidebar.

Again, when doing this, it is imperative that you ensure the backlinks you get all come from sites that are relevant to your niche. In addition to that, you need to check the reputation of the blog or website that the backlinks are coming from. Failure to do this may lead to negative SEO impacts from the backlinks.

Build relationships

Are you interested in getting good quality links? If you are, you should focus more on building great relationships. There are so many methods you can use to build new contacts. Start with the niche-related communities. This includes the social groups, blogs and forums.

Building a relationship starts with you contributing to posts or discussions. You need to do so with interesting content and relevant comments. Being active in a community helps you create backlinks. This is because after you make your contribution, you need to add a link that points to your website.

Another method you can use is that of third-party PBN. The best thing today is that you don’t necessarily need to create your own private blog network. There are so many companies out there that offer these services at a small fee. All you need to do is to contact them. Third-party PBN SEO is the best since most of the work is done for you. You never have to worry about acquiring blogs and creating great content for your blogs.

Give testimonials

Another great method you can use to get backlinks is that of giving testimonials. Testimonial link building is considered a win-win scenario. This is because the website you leave a testimonial on will benefit from your feedback since it helps build trust in its visitors. On the other hand, you will get quality links that point to your website. You just need to say a word or two about your experience with their products or services.

When compared to standard link request emails, giving testimonials has a higher approval rate. This is because the contact will have another testimonial to place on his website in exchange for link approval. All in all, before using this strategy in your link building strategy, you have to ensure that the websites you are linking to have a good reputation and are related to your niche.

Start your own blog

The fastest way to get quality links to your website is to start your own blog. The best thing about this option is that you have full control over what you post on your blog. What is more is that you can create as many blogs as you can and create links that point to your website.

All in all, for this strategy to work, it is imperative that you keep your blog fresh with new content. The mistake you can make is that of only adding one post and leaving it at that. Yes, you may have a backlink from this option but the results will not be as great. For backlinks to boost SEO, they must come from sites of value. Writing posts on regular basis and focusing on your industry is the key to adding value to your website.

There are many more methods you can use to get quality backlinks. One option you should not ignore is that of listing your website in trustworthy directories. These will help boost your page rank. Nevertheless, if you feel incompetent in link building, you can always outsource the service. There are so many companies that are engaged in rendering link building services to webmasters.

Author Bio

Christopher Cemper is an experienced online marketer who has been offering link building services for clients since 2003. He also recommends the use of PBN SEO, as it is a faster and more reliable way to build links. You can connect with him on Google+ and LinkedIn.



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