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Loyalty Lane Deploys Infobright for Faster Point of Sale Data Analysis

August 21, 2012 No Comments

SaaS Offering Helps Retailers Enhance Marketing Efforts and Increase Profits

Toronto, Ontario – July 30, 2012 – Infobright today announced that Loyalty Lane, a customer rewards program management company, has deployed the Infobright® Enterprise Edition (IEE) analytic database to speed the analysis of shopping data collected by retail point of sale (POS) systems. IEE has reduced query times about 10x on average, allowing Loyalty Lane to deliver near-real time analytics rather than standard reports. In addition, IEE’s deep data compression of 35:1 enables Loyalty Lane to store all the SKU-level data, delivering the rich insights that retailers need to optimize their marketing efforts and make more focused decisions to increase their profits.

Loyalty Lane’s technology captures all the transaction rich data collected by POS systems in over 1,100 small- to mid-market grocery stores, discount stores and dollar stores. Customers’ points and rewards are calculated in real-time during the transaction so they can be redeemed immediately. All of the transaction data—including each item’s SKU, size of basket, time of day, payment method and more – is combined with user history and then analyzed to help retailers make more focused business decisions and enhance their marketing campaigns. By embedding IEE into their SaaS-based solution, Loyalty Lane provides retailers faster and more comprehensive analysis of customer shopping transaction data than was possible before.

“Today’s small and mid-size retailers need up-to-the-minute rich analytic data so they don’t get crushed by their larger competition,” said Bill Gray, Chairman of Loyalty Lane. “With a growing number of customers and six years of customer data to analyze, our previous database was struggling to keep up. Infobright’s ability to deliver rapid response to complex queries as well as its scalability provided us with just the solution we needed without requiring any additional IT support.”

With IEE’s innovative Knowledge Grid architecture queries that were not even able to run before are now running in less than a minute. On average, the company is realizing a 10-fold reduction in query time. Furthermore, with IEE the data compression rate of 34.4:1 means that a year’s worth of data can be loaded for analysis, broadening the scope of available historical reporting.

“In order to survive, retailers need to extract all the knowledge they can from their customers’ shopping data and then act on it without delay,” said Don DeLoach, CEO of Infobright. “The integration of IEE into Loyalty Lane’s solution provides retailers with the information they need to compete effectively, while reducing the administrative effort and cost for Loyalty Lane.”

About Loyalty Lane

Loyalty Lane is an on-line transaction processing and CRM marketing services firm for the retail industry. The company’s SaaS-based solution helps retailers enhance customer loyalty by instantly capturing all POS data and giving shoppers instantaneous “rewards” for points or other promotions while they are still in the checkout lane. Loyalty Lane also provides marketing services that analyzes retailers’ data and recommends targeted promotions to retain and grow existing customer sales and to acquire new customers. This combination of technology and services provides independent and regional retailers with powerful marketing programs that enable them to compete with their larger competition. To learn more please visit

About Infobright

Infobright’s high-performance database is the preferred choice for applications and data marts that analyze large volumes of “machine-generated data” such as Web data, network logs, telecom records, stock tick data and sensor data. Easy to implement and with unmatched data compression, operational simplicity and low cost, Infobright is being used by enterprises, SaaS and software companies in online businesses, telecommunications, financial services and other industries to provide rapid access to critical business data. For more information, please visit or join our open source community at


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