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New Startup, JobProx, to Round Up Final Days of Crowdfunding Campaign

June 3, 2013 No Comments


Campaign ends on Friday, June 7 at 2:59am EST

Charlotte, NC – JobProx is a location-based smartphone app that connects recruiters and employers with qualified job seekers when they are near each other to set up an interview either on the spot or at a later date. An employer is alerted by the app when a qualified candidate is within their set proximity, and is then given the option to request an interview. The candidate receives the alert on their mobile device, and is provided with three options; meet now, set up a future meeting or respectfully decline.

Everyone’s first thought is, “what if I don’t want to be bothered by alerts on my phone or employers requesting a meet up?” Well, the app’s alert feature can be turned on and off at one’s leisure. So, if someone is worried that a bar may not be the best place to meet a future employer, they can simply take him- or herself off the map.

Developing an app can be a costly endeavor, so the team at JobProx has decided to crowdfund the app’s development costs on one of the most popular crowdfunding sites, Indiegogo. The project’s funding goal has been set to $10,000 and the team has just four days remaining in its campaign to raise the necessary funds. If all goes as planned, the app will be available for download sometime within the next couple of months.

“What if we told you that searching and applying for positions on every website you come across is a way of the past?” says the JobProx team. “What if we told you that your next job would find you, and all of this would happen from a simple notification on your smartphone while you’re going about your daily life?”

In exchange for making a donation to JobProx’s Indiegogo campaign, users are offered different perks. So, contributors are not just giving away money, but actually getting something in return like the app itself. Some of the project’s perks include quirky t-shirts, interview ties, early adopter downloads of the app, bags of SWAG, different app packages with exclusive features and more. The perks range from just $15 to $5,000 so there is sure to be the perfect perk for everyone out there.

To learn more about JobProx or to make a donation in exchange for a perk, visit the app’s crowdfunding campaign page at, Like the app on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter @JobProx.

About JobProx

JobProx is a revolutionary smartphone application that is always running in the background of your device, and will find your next job for you! You could be ordering coffee at your local coffee shop, picking up your weekly groceries or going about your daily life. When an employer sees that you are within their set proximity, and have the qualifications they’re looking for, you could be on the path to receiving your next job. For more information on JobProx, visit



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