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Product Review: Top 5 Smartphones 2018

September 18, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Anna J. Weissman, Independent Technology Author

When it comes to choosing the best smartphone existing on today’s market, the choice would be hard to make, simply because there are so many options to choose from. First and foremost, you need to consider your individual needs in order to arrive at the right decision. In any case, there is one good way to find out what suits you best. Read our review and you’ll get to know which smartphone would be most suitable for your tastes and preferences, no matter whether you are looking for a world-class device with sleek design and decent characteristics that you would be proud of or maybe some technologically advanced one that you would be able to use for launching the latest free video slot machine games or any other means of entertainment that will make you busy for hours. You might also be searching for a small-sized appliance of top-notch quality. No matter what your preferences are, the following review is likely to help you out. We have evaluated top 5 smartphones to pick if you are looking for the best and most trusted device existing on the modern-day market. Read on to find out the details.

iphone xs 300x209 Product Review: Top 5 Smartphones 2018

1. Apple iPhone Xs

The Apple iPhone Xs version seems like having not too many upgrades compared with the previously launched ones. Still, Apple has made a few changes such as a pretty impressive all-new gold coloring and a bit louder speaker volume. At the same time, display remains virtually the same, although it is ranked by many as one of the best displays existing on today’s market. Overall, this model still feels quite identical to what we saw the previous year – almost the same design and price as high as it has ever been before. The key upgrades made to this version include a bigger storage capacity and improved speed and camera characteristics as well as a slightly upgraded display. In terms of its value, however, the cost for the all-new Apple iPhone Xs version remains quite the same, which is altogether good news. At least, it appears to be not more expensive than the previously launched models. The glass covering at the backside of the device seems to be more durable and a lot sturdier than in the X version, so you might just as well see the difference in how it feels in your hand. In any case, the difference is not as pronounced as it would be expected, but true experts in the smartphone business might still identify a few perceptible ones.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 model was released to the mass market in August 2018. It has rather attractive characteristics being in high demand with users of different tastes and preferences. If to consider its major peculiarities, it becomes evident that there are a few striking benefits that are going to appeal to most smartphone users of the present days. Some people even claim that this version is one of the most outstanding phones they have ever tested. Here is what we have to say about it:

- It has a lot better battery, so those who complained about the low-quality accumulators in the previous models are going to be pleased with this renovated version all along. It is packed with one of the biggest-sized batteries that is likely to last all through the day and might even satisfy your needs during the gambling sessions, so if you are looking for a trusted appliance to use for gaming purposes, this one would be your number-one choice. Above all, the battery of this version does not take too much time to be charged.

- It has a very appealing screen that to some users might seem a bit narrow especially if you have been using the previous Note versions or similar devices. Be that as it may, it has truly incredible color reproduction being also very bright so it is likely to become your favorite phone ever.
The camera is another reason to pick this model. Samsung has long been known for extremely good characteristics of camera, so you will most definitely enjoy taking photos using this device.

- To wrap up our review about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 model, it needs to be admitted that all the above benefits coupled with many other stunning characteristics make this smartphone an excellent option for even the most demanding users.

3. OnePlus 6

Even though this model is not equipped with wireless charging capacity as well as waterproof characteristics, you will hardly find a better option in this price range right now. Its value ranges from $529 to $629, so you will most definitely be pleased with what you get for such an amiable price. It looks great and it has a great camera that is able to outperform some of its major rivals inside this segment. Spectacular display and the presence of dual cameras are some of its most distinct peculiarities. Although the phones of this company have always been highly regarded by customers, the OnePlus 6 version has outshined them all, which makes us think it is an altogether excellent choice for users of any demands. It has a bit larger screen, while the glass backside cover comes in a variety of finishes, so we have no doubts that you’ll fall in love with this smartphone right away.

LG G7 ThinQ 300x220 Product Review: Top 5 Smartphones 2018

4. LG G7 ThinQ

LG’s most recent smartphone can definitely be called a truly impressive version with excellent characteristics. It was released in May 2018 and received mostly positive reviews due to its superb design and many other exemplary features in stock. It has a truly appealing design having a powerful package. Its display delivers quite decent brightness, but some users might complain that it feels a bit large in one’s hand, even though the characteristics of this version’s screen are definitely capable of competing against some of its rivals. Overall, this is a truly impressive version of a small-sized phone from the LG brand that is going to appeal to many users who need a trusted appliance for various purposes. The presence of smart dual cameras is going to please most customers and the quality of photos will not leave you indifferent. Such characteristics are great for those users who wish to capture the broader field in front of them while taking photos. At the same time, this phone has a pretty decent battery as well, although it would last for only around one day at a maximum, while the rival companies have already been offering a much better battery life. Be that as it may, this version might have some insignificant drawbacks that for some users would make the difference, but it is still an excellent Android-powered option that will certainly meet the demands of the major part of smartphone users. Above all, it is quite reasonably priced.

5. Google Pixel 2

The last option in our list would be the all-new Google Pixel 2 smartphone that is available for an affordable value and at the same time demonstrates stunning performance. If you are looking for a smartphone with amazing camera characteristics as well as trusted software updates lasting for three years at a maximum, you’ll be fully satisfied with this version all along. This might be a bit smaller-sized phone across the Pixel 2 segment, but in reality it boasts of having a much more attractive display. Simultaneously, the camera in this smartphone is simply awesome, which makes it the best offering from Google brand, so that you will not even need the dual camera here. This smartphone will allow you taking more pictures and with much better outcomes in terms of quality and color brightness. There is even a portrait-oriented regime for especially demanding users.


This is virtually all you need to know about the top 5 smartphones currently available on the market. No matter what you choose, we are pretty sure that your decision will be well-grounded and based on your individual preferences and needs.


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