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Proven Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

July 23, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Fawad Malik, Independent Technology Author

mobile security FINAL 300x168 Proven Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

If your marketing strategy does not involve mobile marketing, there is no excuse, you should either adopt one or quit your marketing strategy because mobile marketing should always be at the core of marketing for any business. In this world of digital marketing and digital media usage, almost all users use mobile phones and not targeting them is a foolish step towards any business marketing procedures. Adapting to mobile marketing, can be hard at times where you will need to recognise all the elements involved in devising a mobile marketing strategy. But with the help of some tips and ways discussed in this article, you can surely improve your mobile marketing strategy. Before discussing the actual ways, let’s first talk about some brief introduction of Mobile Marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a type of marketing which is based on series of techniques used to promote services and products and involve use of mobile devices as the basic communication tool.

Main advantage of mobile marketing is the provision of personalization. It provides personalize experience to the users by directly communicating with the business through their mobile devices.

Few years back, mobile marketing was considered as one part of the main marketing strategy but these days, mobile is considered as King and so is the mobile marketing playing major role in bringing more users to the business and promoting the products and services effectively.

Way to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy:

Responsive Webpage:

Responsiveness is key to have a great marketing strategy. Your website should have responsive web pages in order to get more mobile users. Responsive design is very important for a successful mobile marketing strategy. Not only the design of your website should be responsive, but you should adopt this strategy for the rest of marketing materials as well.

Mobile App:

Create a mobile application for your business and while you’re creating an app do think about why your users will be downloading and using your mobile application. Mobile phone users prefer using the apps supported by their mobile phones.

Mobile Friendly Email Marketing:

Email marketing is becoming one of the best marketing strategies these days due to its effectiveness. You can even shape your email marketing in line with mobile marketing to achieve more results. Create Mobile-Friendly Emails and choose email landing pages wisely to get more from your efforts. One important thing to keep in mind before implementing email marketing is the user consent. You should always get your users consent before sending them any kind of marketing stuff to comply with the laws. Use of mobile friendly email marketing can generate results for your business if implemented properly.

Coupons and Voucher Codes:

Coupons have always been a great tool for marketing purposes, but mobile phone have completely revolutionized them. Now users take such discount coupons and voucher codes with them in their mobile phones and can redeem them anytime when needed. So, the conversion possibilities are increased with the help of mobile based marketing strategies such as mobile friendly discount codes and coupons.

Personalized offers and discounts can also be sent directly to the users based on their preferences and location which also comes handy in getting new customers for the business and allowing previous customers to stay with the business by getting such incentives.

Stay active with Desktop users:

You may find it contradictive to what’s been told previously in this article about connecting with mobile users through responsive webpages, mobile apps, and mobile email marketing etc but there are still a lot of people which use desktop computers as well rather than just using mobile phone so taking care of all types of users is the responsibility of any successful business. Always try to customize your marketing strategies according to the needs of your users either mobile users or desktop users.

Be focused on running marketing strategies that tailor the needs of desktop as well as mobile users. Businesses got success when run both marketing strategies simultaneously rather than focussing on just one. Mixed methods are always beneficial because they become each other’s strengths and fulfils the gaps.

Add Personalized Content:

In this world where every business is focussing on content, your users require something personal from you so that they get to know that you’re thinking of them so adding a personal touch to your content is very important. Don’t just create plain content, always keep your users and customers in mind while writing the content and marketing material so that you generate copy according to them not according to your own business benefits. Once you will get the attentions of your users, you’re ready to roll on the way to getting customers for your business.

Knowing your audience inside out is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Identify the specific needs and requirements of your clients, generate marketing stuff and actual products and services accordingly. Use audio visual data, tell stories and showcase characters to tell more about your business.

Social Media Presence:

Nowadays mostly people who use mobile phones have got social media apps installed in their mobile phone as well like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, etc. So, staying active on social media is another key point of writing an effective mobile marketing strategy. Having company profiles on social media platforms is not just enough, be consistent with social media posts and engaging content is also necessary. Try to provide real time communicating experience to your users by responding to their comments and queries on your social media posts. It will leave a positive impact on the audience and will help you in building your clients base.


Mobile phone users are integral part of any business and go side by side with desktop users, so creating marketing material which fulfil the needs of all clients should be at the core of any business. Above mentioned tips and techniques comes handy while devising a marketing strategy for mobile users. And if you don’t have any marketing strategy in place already then it’s the time to generate one and follow the above tips to improve your mobile marketing game and get success in your business

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