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QlikTech OEM Partner Program Gains Global Momentum

April 3, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: QlikTech

Radnor, PA – April 3, 2013 QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK) a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced strong growth in its worldwide OEM partner program.  By expanding the reach of its QlikView Business Discovery platform, QlikTech works with its OEM Partners to build solutions “Powered by QlikView,” tailored to meet the needs of customers in various vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, telecom, and functional areas such as call center and procurement performance management.  This news comes as hundreds of partner attendees are gathering at Qonnections 2013, the company’s annual Global Partner Summit.

This OEM momentum builds on QlikTech’s commitment to become the de facto global standard for how people gain insight from their data.  The company’s history of growth in the new category of self-service BI continues as companies seek alternatives to traditional software solutions that take too long to solve their Big Data problems.  With QlikView’s patented core technology, associative experience, and collaboration and mobile capabilities, users can ask and answer streams of questions on their own or in teams and groups, wherever they happen to be working.  Users can continue to explore information freely rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions and they gain rapid time to value in deployments that can be productive in just days or weeks.

Among the leading global organizations that are leveraging OEM agreements with QlikTech include:

– Alpine Data Labs: Alpine’s software uniquely combines intuitive interfaces, native analytic processing in Hadoop, high performance in-database analytic processing, and a lightweight deployment process to deliver solutions that harness the power of parallel computing platforms and realize the predictive value of Big Data analytics.  Alpine has bundled and integrated QlikView into its predictive analytics platform, enabling data experts and novices alike to work across organizational barriers and collaboratively harness insights gained from predictive analytics and Business Discovery.

– Causata, Inc.: A leading provider of Customer Experience Management software.  Built on an HBase big data architecture, Causata predictive analytics and real-time offer management applications enable B2C companies to understand their customers, predict intent, and deliver the next best action at the right time and the right channel.  Causata Dashboards powered by QlikView provide marketers and analysts with industry-specific insight around customer behavior, helping companies increase customer acquisition, cross-sell and retention.  Available on QlikMarket, the first set of Causata Dashboards powered by QlikView include customer behavior analytics and segmentation, omni-channel campaign analytics, and omni-channel marketing attribution.

– Opera Solutions: QlikTech’s in-memory associative search technology has been incorporated into select applications developed by Opera Solutions as part of its Signal Hub™ Suite and related Signal Apps.  The Signal Hub Suite delivers rapid value from Big Data throughout an enterprise, with ready-built modules for key functional areas such as Operations, Marketing, and Spend.  These modules work with Signal Apps that deliver recommended Best Actions to frontline operations.  QlikTech technology will be used to help procurement professionals visualize, confirm, and capture the savings opportunities identified by Opera Solutions’ advanced anomaly detection algorithms.

– Performation: Performation, formerly known as Tragpi, provides patient level costing and benchmarking products that improve processes and outcomes for successful hospital productivity.  Performation’s lead solution, Patient Group Benchmark, uses QlikView to provide insight into a hospital’s relative position in the market by comparing the composition and cost price of a Patient Group/ Diagnosis Related Group with hospitals worldwide.  With this benchmark, patient profiles and cost prices can be viewed and compared to the average costs and profiles of other hospitals.

– Saphran Solutions: Saphran’s Active Business Management Dashboard allows companies to develop forecasts based on overall market trends, seize market opportunities, and avoid operational disruptions.  Saphran has partnered with QlikTech to build the BI solution for customer-driven manufacturers in a variety of fields, including automotive, aerospace, defense, high-tech, electronics, construction, industrial, and general manufacturing.  Active Business Management Dashboard aligns multiple views of historical data, future sales, production outlooks, market analysis and internal metrics for quotes, orders and shipments. 

– Xn Hotel Systems: Xn Business Intelligence (Xn BI) is a business analytics platform that is designed to simplify the analysis of a hotel’s data environment.  Xn BI gives hotel management a graphical, online platform to make swift and sound business decisions by consolidating, into one view, business data from multiple sources such as POS, CRM, accounting systems, spa management, energy management, call accounting, and other operational systems.  Xn BI uses the powerful analytics functionality provided by QlikView and takes full advantage of QlikView’s comprehensive mobile capabilities.

“OEM partnerships continue to enable customers worldwide to explore the benefits of QlikView within solutions that are relevant for their industries,” said Peter McQuade, vice president of Alliances and Partner Sales at QlikTech.  “The combination of QlikView’s solution and our OEM partners’ understanding of the markets in which they play create synergies that will allow our customers to overcome the challenges that business users face and that IT teams are working to overcome.  By continuing to drive the OEM business and nurture our relationships, we are committed to a strategy that will change the way that users interact with their data. This commitment will drive unparalleled success for our customers, our partners, and QlikTech.”

QlikView allows business users to easily consolidate, explore, and distribute data in a self-service model. OEM partners bundle QlikView technology with their products or services while others offer their rebranded “Powered by QlikView” applications as add-ons to their solution.  Delivery models include on-premise installations, Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile deployments, but all OEM partners can gain immediate value with payback and results measured in weeks rather than months, years, or not at all.

As a QlikTech OEM Partner, organizations receive continued support, sales, marketing awareness, and technical education and certification to build complementary QlikView solutions.  Detailed information on the Qonnect Partner Program for OEM Partners can be found at  To explore how your company can realize a return on investment by partnering with QlikTech, please visit

Qonnections 2013, QlikTech’s annual Global Partner Summit, is being held April 7-10 at the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  Follow Qonnections 2013 as it unfolds on Twitter via @QlikView and #qonnections.


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