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Red Hat Announces OpenShift Marketplace

April 14, 2014 No Comments


SAN FRANCISCO – RED HAT SUMMIT 2014 – April 14, 2014 – Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced OpenShift Marketplace, a one-stop shop that will enable customers of all sizes to find and try solutions for their cloud applications. The OpenShift Marketplace will bring the power of Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) partner ecosystem directly to OpenShift Online customers, enabling them to experience the benefits of enterprise PaaS with tightly integrated, complementary solutions developed for the public cloud – all without losing time on technology integration.

With its OpenShift Marketplace, Red Hat aims to reduce the search time and cost of finding the perfect solution for customers seeking value-added OpenShift partner add-ons. Customers will be able to easily find the information, tools, and community they need to discover and procure the right solution. They will be able to securely access and manage leading OpenShift application technologies from a single location. Customers and developers will be able to easily search for third-party OpenShift solutions and add-on productivity offerings, including database, email delivery services, messaging queues, application performance monitoring and more, all managed from a central location. Several OpenShift partners have already signed on to add their solutions to the OpenShift Marketplace, including BlazeMeter, ClearDB,, MongoLab, New Relic, Redis Labs, SendGrid, and Shippable.

Enabling SaaS ISVs to Reach a Growing Network of OpenShift Customers and Developers As more developers use enterprise PaaS for an increasing array of applications, a key to their success is a vibrant and robust partner ecosystem. OpenShift’s current partner ecosystem uses the OpenShift Cartridge specification method to link key technologies and services into applications built on OpenShift, giving customers access to a variety of offerings from cloud industry leaders. The OpenShift Marketplace provides an ideal platform to reach customers and developers in one easy, interactive location, enabling ISVs to showcase their solutions and marketing material, and complete transactions in a few easy steps.


The OpenShift Marketplace will be launching in all availability regions of the OpenShift Online public PaaS service in the coming weeks. ISVs interested in joining the OpenShift Marketplace can try out a preview, or simply email for more information.

Supporting Quotes

Julio Tapia, director, OpenShift ecosystem, Red Hat “The OpenShift Marketplace is our next step towards our goal of providing customers the widest variety of choice when it comes to technologies that complement their OpenShift experience. As the OpenShift partner ecosystem continues to expand, we expect the Marketplace to provide developers and customers a more streamlined, secure experience to choose the best third-party solutions for their productivity and business enablement needs.”

Alon Girmonsky, CEO, BlazeMeter

“BlazeMeter is glad to be part of the OpenShift Marketplace. Through integration with OpenShift by Red Hat ecosystem, Red Hat users will be able to use BlazeMeter’s back-end testing platform to easily load test their OS payloads throughout the whole development lifecycle. Within minutes they can conduct scalable load tests from 1000 to more than 500,000 concurrent users.”

Cashton Coleman, founder and CEO, ClearDB “We are pleased that Red Hat users will be able to leverage ClearDB and gain the benefits of ClearDB’s highly redundant, scalable MySQL architecture on Red Hat’s OpenShift platform. Red Hat customers will be able to use ClearDB on OpenShift with confidence, using our solution to help keep their database online, available, and secure.”

Chad Arimura, CEO,

“The OpenShift platform is an important development for Red Hat’s public cloud and on-premise options are directly in line with our deployment options, so we don’t see how the combination could be more powerful. provides an enterprise grade message queuing platform to connect systems, handle event processing, and perform highly concurrent task processing. Deploying our platform as a cartridge leverages the flexibility and security of OpenShift to give developers powerful ways to build applications, ranging from the most basic up to mission critical systems and beyond.”

Will Shulman, CEO and co-founder, MongoLab “We’re extremely excited to offer fully-managed MongoDB through the OpenShift Marketplace. Red Hat users will be able to quickly integrate MongoDB into their application and focus on product development instead of operations.”

Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development, New Relic “Both OpenShift and New Relic share a commitment to building and providing products that allow developers to focus on writing code and building modern software. Having New Relic available in the OpenShift Marketplace allows us to bring our enterprise-ready SaaS solution to even more developers who are looking to reap the benefits of code-level visibility to build faster software. Users will be able to easily and quickly deploy the New Relic line of software analytics products with confidence, relying on the stability and automation of the OpenShift platform.”

Ofer Bengal, co-founder and CEO, Redis Labs

“The Redis Cloud add-on for OpenShift offers developers a compelling opportunity to build high performance apps using highly scalable and reliable noSQL Redis. The combination of our enterprise-class Redis with Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux is an optimized database solution for developers.”

Jim Franklin, CEO, SendGrid

“The OpenShift Marketplace provides a high quality level of customer experience, excellence and agility that is needed to provide a successful cloud strategy. The marketplace is an incredible distribution channel for SendGrid and a positive move for customers to integrate services with the click of a button. There are few companies that are as well positioned as Red Hat to offer true cloud agility for hybrid, public or private cloud customers. We are thrilled to work with our joint customers to solve their email deliverability challenges.”

Avi Cavale, CEO, Shippable

“Joining the OpenShift ecosystem is a great opportunity for Shippable as we are both focused on improving developer productivity and efficiency. With Shippable’s SaaS service, OpenShift customers can easily add CI/CD to their codebase in a few clicks without needing to use any of their Gears.




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