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How to Generate Revenues for Businesses Using Mobile Apps?

April 24, 2014 No Comments

The world is connected to the internet at all times! If you see, people are dependent on the way smart phones work, and are mostly addicted to using smart phones. Some of the main reasons for using smart phones apart from communication are knowledge. People seek knowledge on roads, on good restaurants, on top news trending for the hour and other such things.

Mobile apps have been considered as revolutionary in the way they help us build on our education as well as communication. If you are a brand, considering developing mobile apps is indeed a good idea. You could possibly run a better deal when you have a working mobile app running on your consumers’ device. ROI on mobile apps is comparatively better in several ways.

If you are planning to indulge in mobile app development for your brand, you need to know how you can possibly run the revenues using your mobile app. Here are some specific methods that will help you generate the perfect revenue using mobile apps.

Mobile Image

Push Notifications Geo Relevance

Intuitive is how your mobile app should be! Yes, when you talk of an interesting way of earning via mobile app development, you should consider this one word that is intuitive to help you design the perfect app. A geo targeted app would definitely help you define your intuitiveness. A very similar geo targeted app was designed by a museum in London that gave out experiential moments and a glimpse of the history of the monument that the passerby passed by. Such apps are definitely worth a watch. You could have a push notification sent out to your audiences about a concert happening in the town. This is again a geo targeted app. You could even send in special offer notification using the mobile app you have designed. This would boost the loyalty within your restaurant, shop etc.

Boost your Sales

With the smart device in your pocket, you are saving yourself the pain of long hours spent on shopping, or waiting in the queue that is possible otherwise. You would see that the consumer brand engagement has increased responsibly thanks to the increased shopping apps made available. This is the best platform for generating more sales, and grabbing more consumers on board. You can have a push notification pull more consumers towards your shopping cart, or shopping app. With just a push notification, you will be able to pull in more consumers on board, and this is the right time to boost sales and loyalty for the brand.

Advertising, Geo Based

Advertising is always important even after completion of mobile app development. You need to bring out to the world the kind of mobile app you have designed, and this is possible only when you have advertised about it. Geo based advertising is the best way to tackle and get her to believe that your brand exists. Say something like a billboard does that in case of offline advertising. This is what you will need to do when you are advertising online. You will need to be more local, and more specific. Displaying coupons or probably some campaigns that would get audiences to notice you is not really a bad idea. This would definitely increase your visibility as a brand, and would boost your sales too eventually. Developing a mobile app is just one cause fulfilled, you will need to make it more apt for the person in concern.

Create Dynamic Offers

When you have the whole data geographically determined, and are able to match the audiences in that way, then you can create a whole world to serve them with. The idea is that once you are aware of what and how your local audiences react, you are able to serve them with a platter defined for them. Let’s take a theatre for example. Your audience visits a particular theatre, and you have seen statistics for the same. In that case, you will find that you can offer amazing vouchers related to that theatre to your audience. They will be happy, and the loyalty would increase in this way. Not just the loyalty but eventually your audience would be a happy lot.

Auto Fill Information

Ever seen customers walking out of your shop online/offline without actually making a purchase? It happens quite so often. The main reason being the customer queues in offline shopping and the check out form filling wherein a lot of details are being asked when shopping online! To avoid this you can auto fill the information like address etc. This is great thing in case you are an app for restaurant, shopping cart etc. This is one way of generating classic revenue using your mobile app

Mobile apps not just help increase the revenue but also the efficiency of you overall business. You can concentrate on local markets for mobile app rather than spending lots of money on advertising.

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Juned Ahmed is a consultant & blogger at, he has shared a lots of innovative ideas of mobile app development India at various blogs.


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