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October 2, 2013 No Comments


Austin, Texas, October 1, 2013RF Code, the leader in real time asset management and wire-free environmental monitoring, has today introduced the next generation of asset tracking technology for the growing data center industry. The M174 active RFID asset tag is a fully-automated, intelligent, and ultra-compact device designed with greater IR (infrared) power output, improved data transmission for higher accuracy and a selection of application tabs for flexibility in mounting and reuse throughout its lifespan.

“The M174 is about 40% smaller than our current IT asset tag, but still contains all the functionality of the larger tags including a five-year battery life and the same read range, but now in a much smaller package,” said Chris Gaskins, vice president of product development at RF Code.

Designed for rack-mounted assets, the M174 integrates new advanced features including: an IR sensor with four receivers for clear signal transmission from any direction; superior anti-collision technology for high tag density environments; replaceable tabs allowing easy installation using flag, loop, or thumb-screw tabs; and a replaceable tab design enabling reuse over the life of the tag.

“After the recent launch of our Mobile Management platform and now, with a new intelligent asset tag in a significantly smaller size, our global sales team is able to provide increased ROI by effectively tracking all IT assets in large data centers,” says Chad Riseling, vice president of global sales.

As the enormity of data growth continues to take center stage in the IT industry, reliance on management systems utilized before this growth are contributing to large risks in security and asset loss at the cost of millions. Manual systems are no longer reliable in providing the type of accuracy needed in a modern data center where innovation is a key part of its architecture.

“Designing a smaller tag while boosting features is exactly what our customers are looking for,” continued Riseling. “Space and performance is of the utmost importance in a data center; therefore, a smart device that can offer advanced technologies without compromising in performance or being obtrusive in size is precisely the solution needed.”

Many global enterprises had invested in passive RFID systems for asset management. With the introduction of RF Code’s “Passive-to-Active” upgrade program that offers incentives to companies looking to trade-in their passive tags for an active solution, a growing number of companies are beginning to realize the significant benefits that an intelligent asset management solution can provide.

As the average amount of activity taking place in data centers can surpass more than 45% of asset movement annually, it is critical in audit and asset control for data center managers to access accurate data that only a real time tracking solution can provide,” said Richard Jenkins, vice president of global marketing and strategic partnerships. Large enterprise customers such as CME Group, Vodafone, IBM, Dell, and FedEx are experiencing a positive financial impact through deployment of RF Code’s intelligent infrastructure solutions and are eager to expand these results with the new M174 asset tag.

Additional information about the new device, including a video and specification sheet, can be found at

About RF Code

RF Code is the world’s fastest growing, leading provider of distributed IT environmental monitoring and asset management solutions. Its patented tracking and sensor technologies are deployed by many of the Fortune 250 and help manage the global data centers of some of the largest IT service providers. RF Code is an essential component of the asset management, risk and compliance assurance and automated control systems in healthcare, IT Services, industrial supply chains and natural resources/oil & gas industries. RF Code is a privately held company whose investors include QuestMark Partners and Intel Capital. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices and partners in the UK, EMEA, Australia, Asia and South America.

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