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SupplyFrame Speeds Time to Market with Talend Professional Services

August 9, 2012 1 Comment

SOURCE: Talend

Los Altos, CA – July 17, 2012 – Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced that SupplyFrame, a leading advertising solution for the electronics industry, tapped Talend’s Professional Services to deploy Talend Enterprise Data Integration in record time, enabling them to avoid disruption to their customers’ continuous data access requirements.

Supporting product manufacturers, electronics engineers, distributors and industry advertisers, SupplyFrame provides powerful, trusted search engines that enable designers and procurement professionals to find technical and pricing information for millions of electronic components from thousands of manufacturers and dozens of distributors across the industry. A longtime Talend customer, SupplyFrame chose to upgrade its use of Talend Enterprise Data Integration, not only because of its proven technical capabilities, but for its openness and lower total cost of ownership.

“Many customers rely on our sites eight hours each day, five days a week to find the data they need to do their jobs. The complexity of maintaining and managing accurate product data can be a challenge, so for us, understanding the full strength and capabilities of Talend Enterprise Data Integration is critical to our customers’ performance and success,” said Andy Brown, Vice President of Content Services, SupplyFrame. “We have an excellent support team at Talend that knows our system and our infrastructure, and advises us on how to get the most value out of their solutions. Some companies need five days to upgrade their software; we did it in a few hours, with little troubleshooting. When you have good people who know what they’re doing, it goes a lot faster.”

To make its solutions available to organizations of all sizes and for all levels of expertise, Talend has a number of service programs designed to facilitate the ramp-up of project teams and ensure the highest level of productivity. These programs are delivered either by Talend’s own experts or by certified Talend partners. Programs include:

  • Training: Talend’s world-class training offering is designed to help users fully leverage the power and versatility of Talend’s solutions and ensure that project risks are reduced through proper product usage. Provided either by Talend’s own educational team, or by certified Talend training centers, different levels of classes are available.
  • Support: Not only are Talend’s technical experts directly connected with Talend’s Research & Development organization, they are also experts in all things integration.
  • Consulting: Specific expertise programs have been tailored, based on the experience of Talend’s consultants, to help customers and integrators answer a variety of situations in the project life cycle. This approach has proven to minimize project risks while maximizing customers’ ROI.

“Our mission is to make sure our customers realize the full value of their investment in Talend’s enterprise open source solutions and achieve their desired business objectives on time, within budget while understanding and mitigating all risks associated to their project,” said Vincent Pineau, Vice President of Global Services and Support at Talend. “Our holistic service and support model delivers proven best practices and industry expertise to ensure customer success and maximize ROI. We’re committed to working with our customers to ensure successful implementation and satisfaction with each one of our integration solutions.”

About SupplyFrame Media
SupplyFrame, Inc. ( is the one-stop provider for the electronics industry to reach and influence online decision makers from top to bottom of the electronics sales funnel. Reaching globally, SupplyFrame provides measurable advertising and marketing products delivering leading inbound and outbound results, plus inventory location products to expedite purchasing decisions and help electronics suppliers grow online sales. SupplyFrame, Inc. provides advertising solutions through the SupplyFrame Media Network. SupplyFrame also operates and

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  1. Faiza says:

    FYI, I’m not apposed at all to put the srucoe files and transformations in an open srucoe benchmarking project.Remember that the enemy here is not Talend nor Pentaho. We are still fighting the proprietary ETL tools out there. If benchmarking can improve the situation for all open srucoe tools involved, then that’s good for all, customers included. If we can expose the used transformations, jobs, mappings, srucoe files, etc, then that strengthens us all.Any other approach is IMHO counter productive and that includes making blanket statements concerning things you know very little about if you know what I mean.By the way, Nick is kinda biased. He has seen Kettle process massive amounts of data on clustered SAN systems. As such I think his requirements for time and resources are a bit different from the average user. Matt

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