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Tangoe Powers the Connected Enterprise

December 10, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Tangoe, Inc.

ORANGE, Conn. — December 10, 2013Tangoe, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNGO), a leading global provider of Connection Lifecycle Management (CLM) software and related services, today announced the launch of Matrix, an integrated solution suite comprised of software and services to address the entire lifecycle of an enterprise’s mobile, fixed, machine, cloud, IT and social communications. Through a single solution, Matrix enables organizations to turn on, manage, secure and support various connections, while more effectively managing the strategy, risks, expense, productivity, visibility and expanded potential of connections, and their associated assets across the enterprise and throughout the ecosystem, which includes carriers, suppliers, partners and customers.

“We are in the midst of a tremendous shift in the way enterprises utilize and manage their global connections,” said Ken Lienemann, senior vice president, Tangoe. “New technologies are displacing pre-existing communication methods such as fixed voice and personal computers in the hierarchy of importance.  As new connection types proliferate and become ubiquitous, users have come to demand an environment that is always on, always available and always operating. These shifts increase the complexity of managing assets, expenses, usage and analytics as well as securing communications. We created Matrix to address this complexity, while enhancing our existing products in the areas of provisioning and expense management for deeper automation of assurance, financial management and supplier involvement.”

As stated in Gartner’s The Nexus of Forces Works Its Way into the Enterprise*,“ Four independent forces — social, mobile, cloud and information — have converged as a result of human behavior, creating a technology-immersed environment. The forces interact and reinforce one another and are associated through complex dependencies. New business opportunities emerge from this Nexus of Forces, especially scenarios that extend reach and relationship to customers, citizens, patients, employees or any other participant in an ecosystem of humans and machines. The combination of pervasive mobility, near-ubiquitous connectivity, industrial compute services and information access decreases the gap between idea and action.”

Leveraging Tangoe’s existing market-leading mobile and fixed solutions, Matrix introduces new architectural and software advancements to solve emerging enterprise challenges such as identifying and managing over-the-top (OTT) transactions and unmetered usage, IT expense management, machine to machine lifecycle management, and cloud licensing and expense management. Matrix also provides innovative software solutions focused on improving organizational and individual interaction effectiveness, efficiency and productivity directly addressing the emerging communications trends of the social enterprise.

“We are very excited about the investments we have made in enhancing our existing technology, while building out new solution lines through Matrix to further complement our vision for the connected enterprise,” said Al Subbloie, president and CEO of Tangoe. “As we expand into these new markets in 2014, we are focused on providing our clients with additional value through an architectural platform that enables enterprises across the globe to harness the true potential for all of their connection types, including mobile, fixed, machine, cloud, IT, and social, through a single solution.”

Each plug-and-play Matrix solution – MatrixMobile, MatrixFixed, MatrixMachine, MatrixCloud, MatrixIT, and MatrixSocial – is comprised of software and service modules packaged to address an enterprise’s business challenges for managing assets, expenses, usage, and analytics. Matrix’s configuration flexibility allows enterprises to utilize the precise solution needed today while enabling the addition of incremental capabilities to address new and future challenges, bridging disparate connections globally, to gain critical insight, control, and management.

Matrix will include a new connection-focused architecture with more than 30 software modules, half dedicated to providing extensive enhancements to Tangoe’s existing technology driven by direct customer feedback, and half focused on innovative capabilities supporting new markets and additional connection types.  MatrixMobile and MatrixFixed are available immediately with subsequent availability of additional Matrix modules and solution lines being released quarterly throughout 2014, commencing in 1Q14. Matrix is available 24×7 in 198 countries and supports 18 languages.

For more information about the Matrix, please visit and register to receive updates.

*Gartner, The Nexus of Forces Works Its Way Into the Enterprise, Chris Howard, Daryl C. Plummer, September 6, 2013

About Tangoe

Tangoe (NASDAQ: TNGO) is a leading global provider of Connection Lifecycle Management software and services to a wide range of global enterprises and service providers. The company’s Connection Lifecycle Management technology, Matrix, is an on-demand suite of software and services designed to turn on, manage, secure, and support various connections in an enterprise’s communications lifecycle, including mobile, fixed, machine, cloud, social, and IT. Additional information about Tangoe can be found at

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