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UpCounsel Hooks Up With Box In Their Mission To Change The Legal Industry

November 21, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: UpCounsel


At UpCounsel, we see the future of legal services very different than most. We seek to make the attorney/client relationship efficient, cost-effective and delightful for clients and lawyers. This mission merely begins when we connect our customers to great lawyers. Streamlining the relationship and absorbing the painful administration out of the relationship allows us to holistically make legal services a better experience.

In the legal industry “time” is everything – it is the currency and ruler. When time is not being billed to a client, there is a tremendous opportunity cost for a lawyer. And, clients, more now than ever, don’t want to pay for time that isn’t actually spent practicing law, i.e. time spent on administration. There is increased pressure on attorneys to eliminate this admin time – making it ever more difficult for boutique and independent lawyers to meet the demands of the client.

But, at UpCounsel, we believe in empowering the boutique and independent lawyers, giving them the resources to compete with firms staffed to the brim with support personal. Everyday technology is enabling fragmented populations to do things that have traditionally required big wallets – it’s why marketplaces/data factories/distribution platforms are so powerful – it’s what gets us excited each and every day at UpCounsel about the tidal wave of change happening in the legal industry right now.

That’s why, today, we are excited to be joining Box in their own mission to make the legal world better.

Box is a critical partner as a great deal of the attorney/client interaction centers around the manipulation and exchange of documents – especially for businesses. We see Box as playing three critical roles for our customers and lawyers:

  1. Transparency: Increased collaboration between lawyers and clients.

  2. Efficiency: Reducing the reliance on paper documents and the associated overhead.

  3. Speed: Decreasing the back and forth between parties.

We could not be more excited to be joining Box on a joint mission to making the legal industry a better place. Because, in the end, the result is greater access to legal services for everyone.

About Author Matt Faustman

Matt is the co-founder and CEO at UpCounsel. Matt believes in the power of online platforms to change antiquated ways of life and founded UpCounsel to make legal services efficiently accessible. He is responsible for our overall vision and growth of the UpCounsel platform. Before founding UpCounsel, Matt practiced as a startup and business attorney.

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