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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

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White Label Ad Platform vs Building Your Own

March 20, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Stanislav Shyshkin, Head of Content at Admixer

buildingblocks 300x168 White Label Ad Platform vs Building Your Own

It’s never the norm for us, so we’re coming clear right away: we won’t be offering a decision-making model on white label vs DIY ad platform and instead we’ll try to do our best to nudge you in the right direction of the highly effective world of ready-made white label solutions. 

We really don’t want you to build anything. And sure, one can argue that the “do-it-yourself” approach doesn’t have to mean you are building something from the ground up. Of course, with common sense, custom code, open-source libraries, and team expertise one can produce a working solution…but, quite frankly, why would anyone want to? A lot of terrible mistakes can be made in every step with designing, maintaining, scaling, etc. So, dear builder, please stop reinventing the wheel and just take a seat. It’s not a dilemma, there are way too many benefits with the ready-made white label ad platforms and way too many problems with building your own. Let’s start with the problems, we have 5 of them.

5 reasons NOT to build  

1. Not enough resources. 

First of all, it’s extremely rare that businesses, especially small or mid-sized ones have enough staff on-hand with heaps of time to spare for producing a functioning ad platform. 

So, what we suggest you do here is pick your favorite white label solution, look closely at what they are offering, then look at their team of developers and maybe even give their customer service a quick call to confirm that there is no way you can even come close to their staff’s expertise, training, and experience to develop a worthy solution. 

For example, take a look at the Admixer for white label ad exchange which can be successfully deployed within minutes. Feel free to compare the features, functions, safety and even compliance to international policies, standards or laws .

2. Way too many mistakes. 

You’ll make a lot of mistakes; you’ll have to stop, go back, figure them out, fix and repeat it all over again. You’ll make all of the mistakes someone else has already made, then fixed, and then packaged the final tested version in a white label solution for you to use.

3. Your business will suffer. 

It’s almost like a guide for ruining your business.ust stop and think of all the things you’ll be ignoring or putting off to a later date while you are preoccupied with and financing this DIY project of yours. We cannot stress this enough: you can either take a step in the right direction and set everything up and start using within minutes, or…well, you get the drill.

4. Too much unnecessary spending. 

It’s a very costly process. Even if you decide to go 50/50 and not make everything in-house, there are still maintenance costs, scaling. Let’s never forget all of the current security issues all of which would have to be addressed by your own skilled and trained team. Furthermore, professional companies hire certain team members just for their expertise in narrow, specific fields; it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to afford top market salaries for such employees. Let’s just hope that common sense and fiscal prudence will prevail.

5. Quality will suffer. 

And we’ve arrived at the quality. Sure, you can easily write your own version, but do you really think that you can match the quality of professional white label software? There’s really too much riding on your ad platform being able to properly function, so why not just leave the software development to those with an everyday focus on creating it. And added perk: professional WL solutions already come with professional customer support teams and someone else pays them to make your life easier.

Now, having covered all of that, let’s move on to the line of endless white-label platform benefits!

6 reasons to opt for a white-label solution

1. No wasted time. 

The first huge benefit of licensing white-label SaaS, a.k.asoftware as a service, is starting here and now. Professional white label solutions will have your business functioning in no time, they are user-friendly and extremely easy to deploy and run. All of the professional white-label software solutions come ready-made, meaning they are developed to be intuitively used.

2. You instantly get your own brand. 

Branding with professional WL solutions is quick and easy: in reality, you are a reseller and you are getting a great ready-to-go product. By adding branding and identity, it’ll be impossible to link you to developers, so it’ll be your completely unique product. 

Businesses choose white label soft because they can avoid the most common problems associated with new businesses.  Plus, they can benefit from fast launches, low costs, and less to none risks.

3. You get a team of highly paid professionals as your employees. 

If you’ve somehow missed it – a professional team of highly skilled and talented professionals come with the WL territory. So, while experienced software developers are providing you and your clients with the cutting-edge solutions, your valuable time will be better spent on running your business.

4. Top white label solution offers advanced features and functions.  

Choosing the right WL solution means you’ll be able to build a premium ad network that offers you unlimited access to a fully functioning system of direct publishers and advertisers. You can offer both buy- and sell sides awesome ad management solutions. Professional white labeling will guarantee you’ll work only with proven and reliable monetization sources and ultimately reach maximum profitability for your clients.

5. White labeling is a huge time and money saver. 

All of the time needed for creating, developing, testing, adjusting, looking for the right talent, training staff and so on has already been spent by someone else. Furthermore, the amounts of cash it takes to design, build, and test an advanced working software solution shouldn’t be said aloud.

6. Always put customer service first. 

Your customers are advertisers and publishers.To run a successful ad network, you need to recruit a lot of them. Your customers have a goal of their own, and that goal is never to wait to let you work on your software some more. Their goal is to find an advanced cutting-edge ad network that meets all of their needs and helps them to earn money.  


Ad networks aren’t easy DIY projects and shouldn’t be treated as such. Developing software from scratch to meet your exact specifications without proper budgeting, enough time and a team of talented developers  will inevitably drain your time and resources. 

In short, a good WL solution will help you to quickly and successfully launch your business, guide you through some hard decisions and simplify things for your customers.


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