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10 Mobile Apps Developing Social Entrepreneurship Skills

June 4, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Nicole Lewis, Independent Technology Author

Every one of us has dreamed of becoming a successful businessman or businesswoman. Well, it is high time when you can return to your dreams while your task is to write an essay about the topic or to develop some skills for your current job. This is where the need for some instruments appears. The tools you use can be mobile apps as well. But why do we need them: why is it not enough to use textbooks and some data found on the Internet? The answer is simple, and we will give it to you as soon as possible.

If your task is to compose a paper about business, first of all, you need to be competent on the topic and aware of every small detail. Of course, there is always a possibility to order your paper online writing to one of the trustable sources something like “Check please my essay now” and receiving an answer immediately. But it will also be useful if you try learning on your own and then including your studies in a paper. Nonetheless, you lose nothing when you develop yourself. That is also a good choice.

If you are looking for an answer to the question “What is entrepreneurship?” or if you want to gain some knowledge about how to use mobile apps developed by web-designers to satisfy your entrepreneurship self-development needs, read the information below.

Hand phone 300x150 10 Mobile Apps Developing Social Entrepreneurship Skills

Top 10 Mobile Apps to Take Your Skills of an Entrepreneur to the Next Level

If you are a businessman / businesswoman right now, you might be aware that there are always hundreds of tasks you should do within small amounts of time every day. You need to do researches about the circumstances on the global market, maintain communication with your partners, gather new clients, and so on. Here are the apps that are always with you and that you are capable of using to ease your life:

- Pocket is a tool similar to social networks that helps you save some data for startup founders to read (if it is a business essay, an article or one of the education resources for teachers, for example) or watch (if this is a video) later. It is useful if you are always in a hurry and tend to lose some useful info. The best part is that you can reach the content easily from any device (it should not always be a smartphone even) and you do not need the Internet access

- Wunderlist. This app gathers both details concerning your current project and makes a list of all the things you want to complete in the future. This app is a kind of to-do list application which is reachable from the smartphone, PC or any other device which means you can view your list of tasks from anywhere and anytime. If you usually forget something related to your business, it is crucial that you set reminders about the tasks’ deadlines and add images or videos to your list that work better

- Mint is another application that is to help entrepreneurs manage their budgets and make a good financial decision. It is an amazing financial tracker that brings together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments so you know where you stand without worrying somebody can steal your bank info. You can even keep track of your credit score while saving and managing your money easily

- Evernote is a virtual notebook that keeps all your innovative ideas in one place. Keeping a notebook to write down your unexpected thoughts is one of the most common habits of businessmen and businesswomen. It has a plenty of features such as collecting ideas in different formats (in images, videos or sketches) and sharing your brainstorming creative ideas with other partners whom you trust

- Trello is another great mobile app for a to-do list while managing a business team. You can categorize your tasks by priority and deadlines. You can assign tasks to your team members in an online mode and set a deadline for each person for even more effective work

- LinkedIn. This one is probably the most famous worldwide. In here, you can search people by their job, field of study, industry, location and interests. You can connect and stay in touch with the people who may be important to your job. The app is also the right platform to share your thoughts immediately

- Skype. While messaging or calling somebody, you save a lot of time rather than when you assign a meeting with him or her. This networking app allows you to share pictures, text somebody and even add some emotions. Your audio calls, video calls and group calls are a great way to save your precious time

- DropBox is a file-saver that offers you access to your important files everywhere at every time. It includes also a doc scanner, offline access, and sharing files features

- Google Analytics. This is a popular productivity app to monitor data, evaluate it and compare with other data, build some helpful reports, and so on

- Flipboard is an inexpensive tool for reading important news within little time and efforts required. It curates all the latest and greatest stories related to your market to keep you informed and spend your time productively and as reasonably as possible.

boy coffee 300x182 10 Mobile Apps Developing Social Entrepreneurship Skills

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

You may have asked a lot about what is entrepreneurship, how to be successful in the sphere, how to develop perfect business ideas to benefit from, and how not to lose anything when it comes to risky deals. First of all, successful entrepreneurs are those who are not afraid to lose everything they have. It may sound strange, but it is indeed the first rule. The most important skills for entrepreneurship include time-management and task-management, emotional intelligence and many others as well.

While developing your skills with Internet apps, you need to remember that a lot of entrepreneur ideas can be plagiarized. Therefore, don’t share them in any of those applications or forums. You need to trust your friends and colleagues but not the websites that promise you confidentiality with your ideas. Be attentive to whom you trust and good luck with your business.

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