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Technology and the Advertising Revolution

Blog post recommended on May 20, 2016

Can IT solve the ineffective meeting problem?

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Top 5 android apps for running small business

Blog post recommended on May 9, 2016

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2016 APM Reference Guide: Application Performance Monitoring

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IT Briefcase Analyst Report
This product guide allows you to quickly assess -- current products in the market, deployment options, basic differences by monitoring features, the stability of suppliers and more.
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8 Ways to Think Like a ‘Quant’

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By Joe McKendrick, Author and Independent Researcher
Data analytics is a skill that has applications at every level of the enterprise. For marketers, there are opportunities to slice and dice customer segments to better understand their purchasing patterns.
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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Understanding the Evolution of Enterprise Mobility

mobile cloud
with Wes Gyure, IBM Software
In this interview, Wes Gyure, MaaS360 Portfolio Offering Manager, IBM, helps us understand the evolution of enterprise mobility and the challenges organizations are facing as they look to enable their mobile workforce. Read More >>>

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Steps for Successful VDI Implementation

desktop virtualization_2
with Jeremy Moskowitz, Founder and CEO, PolicyPak Software
In this interview, Jeremy Moskowitz, founder and CEO of PolicyPak, speaks with IT Briefcase on the challenges and opportunities of using a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI.)
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What is Big Data and Hadoop?

The availability of large data sets presents new opportunities and challenges to organizations of all sizes. So what is Big Data? How can Hadoop help me solve problems in processing large, complex data sets? Please go to http://www.LearningTree.com/WhatIsBig... to learn more about Big Data & our Big Data training offerings. In this video expert instructor Bill Appelbe will explain what Hadoop is, actual examples of how it works and how it compares to traditional databases such as Oracle & SQL Server. And finally, what is included in the Hadoop ecosystem.


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4 Steps to a Successful Cloud Contact Center

This white paper outlines how today’s most modern enterprises are evolving their contact centers to achieve strategic organizational goals, from revenue retention to sales growth, and more.

Webcast: The Phantom Identity Menace

Attackers are moving away from direct assault, and instead are hijacking and exploiting user credentials to thwart security tools, and gain easy access to business data. How can you strike back and stop breaches that attack your users far, far away?

Webcast: They have all our passwords. It’s time for MFA everywhere.

Let’s face it. With so many credentials having been compromised and made available to attackers, password-based security is no longer effective. We know that eliminating passwords is the right thing to do, but that takes time, and the bad guys are already inside our networks.

2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report

The Cyberthreat Defense Report examines the current and planned deployment of counter measures against the backdrop of numerous perceptions.

Are You Equipped to Win the Latest Battle Facing IT?

Delivering what people expect from their technology while maintaining the secure environment for which IT is responsible. It’s called People-Centric IT as a Service (ITaaS) and this infographic will show you just how effective it can be in resolving your everyday, every way battles.


Featured White Papers

Forrester Report: Best Practices For Public Cloud Security

Security is, justifiably, a top concern about public cloud environments. Application developers are migrating to the cloud for the agility and speed that the cloud can provide.

Optimize IT for Innovation by Shifting to Hybrid IT Outsourcing

If you’re a CEO or CIO looking to refocus IT assets to empower business growth, this report is for you.

5 Key Considerations for Choosing a Managed Hosting Provider

Selecting the right Managed Hosting provider is a business-critical decision. Before you short list providers or sign a contract, understand the 5 universal principles for choosing the best partner for your business and best servicesyou’re your application portfolio.

The Low Down on High Availability in the Cloud

Whether it’s Public Cloud, bare metal or hybrid, there is no magic recipe for achieving high availability.

5 Best Practices for Cloud Security

Use these 5 best practices to ensure your provider has you covered.


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