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News Posted on September 25, 2019

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News Posted on September 24, 2019

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How IT technologies Have Had an Impact on the Clinical Trials of New Medicines

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News Posted on September 9, 2019

Clearsense chooses Io-Tahoe’s Smart Data Discovery to navigate healthcare data challenges

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IT Briefcase Analyst Blog

The Top Technology Trends To Watch: 2018-2020

Maximizing the value of your business technology investments requires an understanding of trends — not just as interesting reading but as vital clues to your firm's future success and, possibly, even survival. Read More >>>

The Path to 2020: Marketers Seize the Customer Experience

Analyst Report
Download this report to learn about this transformation and hear perspectives from CMOs at Georgetown University , JPMorgan Chase, Philips, Pure Storage and Unilever. Read More >>>

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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: A Need for Data Agility in an Increasingly Complex World

data agility
with David Flynn, Hammerspace
In this interview, David Flynn, CEO of Hammerspace, shares insights about why the industry needs to rethink how we deal with data, the factors driving this change, the ways traditional data management holds businesses back, and the steps organizations can take to set their data free.Read More >>>

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: How VMware Cloud on AWS Can Improve Data Protection and Recovery

Circuit and Lock
with Matthew Wallace, Faction
In this interview, Matthew Wallace, CTO of Faction, sees VMware Cloud on AWS growing in 2019. Here, he shares insights about trends in VMware, best use cases, advantages, and how to avoid delays and complications in disaster recovery.Read More >>>


Featured Video

OCTOBER: National Cyber Security Awareness Month

72% of Americans believe their accounts are secure with only usernames and passwords, yet every two seconds there is another victim of identity fraud. Your usernames and passwords are not enough to keep your accounts secure. Video created by:


Featured Webinars & Videos

Webinar: How to prepare your data pipeline for machine learning and AI

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) and global intelligence provider, IDC, for a training-based session on transforming your data to power machine learning and AI projects. Learn how to prepare data pipelines that automate your machine learning and AI workflows, use AWS Data Pipeline to automate data movement and transformation,...

Addressing GDPR Compliance: Implementing a Security Framework

This webcast summarizes several key requirements of the GDPR and maps them to Oracle Data Security features.

Webcast: Hybrid Networks, Securing Digital Transformation, by Computing

This webinar examines hybrid networks and investigates the best way to balance performance and security to create a viable path to digital transformation.

Finding your way in today’s rapidly changing tech environment

The cloud, big data, open source and machine learning have all been around for years, but are only now reaching the mass adoption at the enterprise level that is changing how software is created and IT is managed.

RANSOMWARE: Industrial Control Systems

70% of surveyed organizations surveyed an OT security compromise over the past 12 months resulting in operational disruption or loss of confidential information in their industrial networks.


Featured White Papers

Understanding Containers on AWS

Every so often there is a game changer in technology that completely disrupts how people operate. Over the last six years that game changer has been cloud computing — in the past two years it has been containers (often interchangeably known as Docker).

Reduce Complexity in the Data Center with the Right Architecture

As modernized data centers scale up and out, there is a strong potential for growing complexity as well. IT teams need to be vigilant in simplifying architectures and operations as the technological landscape changes.

2019 Cyber Security Report: Learn How to Survive Today’s Targeted Cyber Attacks

The 2019 Security Report includes a thorough analysis of what today’s security threat trends are. Also learn where your weakest links are, security threat predictions, and recommendations on how to protect your organization from being tomorrow’s next victim.

Moving to the cloud: Why API-led architectures matter

Today, integration is a strategic component of every digital transformation and initiative that involves moving to the cloud.

Financial Advisors Guide to Social Media

This guide contains practical steps that will help you develop a social media strategy and policy that meets your recordkeeping and supervision regulatory requirements.



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