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A Quick Guide to Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Blog post recommended on July 22, 2014

Introducing Policy-Based Sync with Storage Sync 10.0

Blog post recommended on July 16, 2014

“Gameover” malware returns from the dead…

Blog post recommended on July 14, 2014

Security Trust Networks – Developers Welcome

Blog post recommended on July 7, 2014

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Exclusive Webcast: 8 Great Mysteries of Cloud Computing

8 Great Mysteries Cloud
Listen to this exclusive webcast as we reveal eight unsolved mysteries that are accompanying the great cloud computing migration.
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Podcast: Humanizing BPM with Clay Richardson, Forrester Research

Clay Richardson
In this brief podcast, Clay Richardson, Principle Analyst at Forrester Research, discusses the future of BPM and emphasizes the value of the user experience, referring to business processes today as existing within the “Age of the Customer”.

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Globalizing the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

by Rob Vandenberg, Lingotek
Thanks to trends like BYOD and cloud computing, devops now works together as a unified organization, rather than throwing code over an invisible wall. It’s a necessary and timely evolution—especially for today’s sophisticated global IT environments. Read More >>>

Stream vs. Batch Processing – Which One is the Better Business Operations GPS?

layered data
by Dale Skeen, Vitria
Many organizations across industries leverage “real-time” analytics to monitor and improve operational performance. Essentially this means that they are capturing and collecting data in lots from various systems and analyzing it in batches through periodic on-demand queries.
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An Introduction Into The Legal Implications Of Big Data

Alexander Duisberg, a highly respected lawyer within the IT industry from international law firm Bird & Bird talks about the most important legal aspects of big data and lists his top tips for businesses wishing to exploit the huge potential of data assets.


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Charting Your Analytical Future- BI Reporting and Dashboard Webinar

Everyone needs BI reports and dashboards, but not everyone wants the same information. Learn how incorporating other analytical capabilities can increase the value of your reports and dashboards.

State of the Art Availability: IBM X6

Join us to hear Dan Olds, Founder of Gabriel Consulting discuss how new technology from IBM System x, featuring Intel Xeon processors push availability to new heights providing business with the system reliability they need for their mission critical workloads.

Top Five Considerations: Ensure Business Continuity for Your Website

How do you ensure your website stays secure? What are the best methods for preventing DDoS, DNS, and application layer attacks? And more importantly, what security method will work best for your organization?

Charting Your Analytical Future – Creating effective visualizations to harness insight from increasingly complex data Webinar

See how to take advantage of new visualization capabilities in the Business Analytics portfolio to address business requirements and learn about the next-generation data discovery solution that can help your business users independently uncover insights and answers from their data.

Information Governance in a World of Big Data

Join us on Wednesday, May 14, at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT for our insightful Webinar, “Information Governance in a World of Big Data"


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Taking the Leap to Virtualization

Tweet Many mid-market companies have invested significant time and resources to secure and back up their servers, client computers, data, and overall network infrastructure in what was the traditional client-server setup. Now, what were considered emerging technologies just a few years ago, cloud computing and virtualization have arrived on...

Mobile Content, Collaboration & IDC’s 3rd IT Platform: The Next Frontier for the Mobile Enterprise

This IDC White Paper outlines the next frontier for the mobile enterprise: mobile content and collaboration in the context of IDC's 3rd IT Platform.

Empowering Your Mobile Workers – A Modern Mobile IT Strategy

Here's how some of the nation's most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers - without overwhelming their IT departments.

Driving Enterprise Transformation with Box and Office 365

Download this white paper and read how IT needs a transformation to a more user-centric, mobile-aware and agile model, and the best-of-breed architecture the cloud affords is key to unlocking this next evolution of enterprise technology.

Five Ways Box Makes SharePoint Better

Businesses around the world have made significant investments in Microsoft SharePoint for content management. However, these same companies are struggling with making the transition to a more mobile, more collaborative workplace. Download this white paper to learn five ways Box can make SharePoint better.