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Congressional Proposals: Data Breach Notification Law

Blog post recommended on February 10, 2015

Infographic: How Big is Big Data?

Blog post recommended on February 5, 2015

6 Myths Surrounding Mobile App Development

Blog post recommended on January 5, 2015

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Exclusive Webcast: 8 Great Mysteries of Cloud Computing

8 Great Mysteries Cloud
Listen to this exclusive webcast as we reveal eight unsolved mysteries that are accompanying the great cloud computing migration.
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Podcast: Humanizing BPM with Clay Richardson, Forrester Research

Clay Richardson
In this brief podcast, Clay Richardson, Principle Analyst at Forrester Research, discusses the future of BPM and emphasizes the value of the user experience, referring to business processes today as existing within the “Age of the Customer”.

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March Madness Should Not Rest Solely on IT’s Shoulders

March Madness
by Steve Riley, Riverbed Technology
There are several steps companies can take to keep network performance from faltering without ruining employee morale. Some fall under IT’s area of responsibility, but others require other typically non-tech savvy departments and personnel. Read More >>>

How the Experience Web Will Finally Eradicate the Language Barrier

experience web_2
by Rob Vandenberg, Lingotek
Now that our global culture is becoming increasingly digitized, not least with the addition of the Apple Watch and drone delivery, language is going to take on new meaning. The barriers to comprehension will be lower than ever, but the obstacles to effectively marketing your global business will rise. Read More >>>


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Gartner Research Circle: A collective voice of IT and Business decision makers.

The Gartner Research Circle is a program that is run throughout the year where participants share their input in a variety of ways on an array of topics throughout the year. Contact: ResearchCircle@gartner.com for additional information.


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Top 5 Considerations for Deploying a High Performance Cloud

For companies with new resource demands, a stand-alone, cloud-based cluster provides compute and storage resources which can be provisioned as needed and drastically reduce user wait times. Please join us and learn how to take your infrastructure to the next level.

The Future is Here: Smart Electronics Designed to be Worn

In this program, Gartner analyst Angela McIntyre and Dr. Andrea Claussen and Thomas Claussen of ambiotex look at how measuring and combining heart rate variability, respiration, pulse and movement can make a huge difference for athletes and stress workers and why wearable technologies are impacting the health, fitness and...

The Cost of a Bad App – and how to deliver a good one, fast

A new Forrester report commissioned by IBM finds that companies can save 10% building an app and 20% running an app by following best practices – or have development costs double unless ten key cost drivers are kept under control

Architecting a New Approach for Continuous Advanced Threat Protection

Watch this webcast and listne to Neail MacDonald and Jim Brennan discuss specific techniques that can help you prevent sophisticated attacks, detect stealthy and persistent threats already inside your organization, and how to best respond in the event of a security breach.

From Information to Insights: IBM Sterling B2B Services Reporting & Analytics

Discover how IBM's B2B Services Reporting and Analytics can deliver unprecedented levels of insight into all of your trading partner relationships in order to drive better, more profitable business decisions.


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Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce

Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce® runs seamlessly inside your Salesforce application, and enables anyone on your team to send and track contracts in a few clicks—without leaving the Salesforce application.

Pilot Light DR for Amazon Web Services™

CloudVelox offers Pilot Light DR for AWS--automated cloud-based disaster recovery for multi-tier, physical and virtual production apps.

Solution Brief:  From Cost Center to Innovator with Microsoft® and Dell™ Solutions 

In the face of these challenges, how can you transform your IT organization from cost center to innovator? The answer is simple: Microsoft on Dell. End-to-end solutions from Dell combine Microsoft Windows Server® 2012 “Cloud Operating System” and a new generation of Microsoft business applications on flexible, scalable, power-efficient,...

Three Tough Business Challenges a Private Cloud can Handle

Discover how private clouds are enabling businesses to quickly respond to changing requirements, optimize efficiency, and keep costs in check, while enabling productive and satisfied users.

3 Essential Components for a Strong End User Security Strategy

A single security breach is expensive, costing $3.5 million per incident. Breaches also generate bad publicity and tarnish a brand, leading some customers to take their business elsewhere.