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Creating Trust in the Shifting Digital Landscape: Best Practices in Application Development

October 6, 2015 No Comments

The gains in efficiency resulting from use of mobile computing and cloud-based services have come at a price of increased risk which is sometimes hard to see. More and more business logic resides and executes on insecure devices. Given this landscape, anyone developing code that will run in distributed locations needs to help ensure the integrity of their software as it runs in environments over which they have minimal control.

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: The Value of a Two-tier Application Strategy

August 31, 2015 No Comments

with Rahul Asthana, KenandyIn this interview, Rahul Asthana, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kenandy, speaks with IT Briefcase about why some enterprises pursue a two-tier application strategy and how they transition fully to new systems. Read More >>>

5 Steps to Enterprise-Wide Automation

August 25, 2015 No Comments

For many years, IT has been a gatekeeper. When anyone wanted new server capacity, additional storage, a password reset, or a new application deployed, they had to come to IT to get the job done. The processes and friction IT put in place to manage the demand led to IT being seen as a barrier, rather than as a business enabler. IT was not focusing on the experience, the perception but only on the technology. In recent years, things have started to change. For instance, the public cloud has made it relatively easy for end users to provision their own computing capacity on demand, and outsourcing has created profound competition for internal IT departments.

How To Use Social Media To Leverage Your Content Marketing Output

August 24, 2015 No Comments

Content marketing has been the buzz phrase many marketers have been using for the past few years. Many brands and businesses are now fully on board with producing content – to mixed results. However, those that have succeeded with content marketing all have one thing in common. Each of them has leveraged their content with social media. The question for today is – how, exactly, do they do this?

The Future of Mobile Microsoft

August 18, 2015 No Comments

In recent years, Microsoft’s hustle to compete with newer, more flexible technology innovators like Google, Apple, and Samsung has resulted in a handful of enthusiastic projects. However, despite Microsoft’s unchallenged supremacy in computing, Microsoft phones are few and far between. Windows 8, the operating system for the mobile era, was beautiful and seamless on touch devices, but wasn’t perfect. Though a few of their tablets, including the most recent Surface Pro 3, have earned top reviews, most Microsoft users prefer true laptops — and continue to reminisce about the powers of XP.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM): The Next Frontier in ITSM

August 6, 2015 No Comments

IT continues to commoditize. How is this trend forging transformation in the world of IT service management? Consumer behavior is driving IT to the cloud, and outsourcing is moving from the enterprise to the mid-market. We believe that this will result in IT organizations integrating their service management applications with those of their customers, but this is easier said than done.

Bring the Nook Home with Reading Apps for iPad

August 4, 2015 No Comments

It is no secret that the nook is now the preferred eReader, even surpassing the Kindle Fire in sales. The problem, however, is that the iPad is still the most popular tablet out there. Once users purchase an iPad they find very little use for their Android-powered Nook, regardless of how great it might be. After all, who wants to carry TWO tablets around? Not many people would answer yes, and for a time, it looked as if Apple might begin to dominate the e-book market.

4 Steps to Protect Your Computer from Data Loss

August 4, 2015 No Comments

Perhaps the most valuable thing about your computer is the data and files that you have saved on it. After all, the main reason for having your PC or laptop is in order to store the data that is on it, and it’s the main priority for putting a protective strategy in place, such as anti-virus software. Whilst operating systems and downloadable software can always be re-downloaded or re-installed, unique, user created data has the potential to be lost forever. Let’s look at some simple steps that can be taken in order to protect your computer or laptop from data loss.

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: BYOD Planning with an Eye for the Future

July 30, 2015 No Comments

with Israel Lifshitz, NuboIf you’ve been tracking the evolution of our BYOD work culture, you’ll know that most enterprises are at some stage of getting a grip on a myriad of issues, including employee adoption, compliance, Shadow IT and user privacy just to name a few. Read More >>>

Will Windows 10 bring revival to its mobile platform?

July 29, 2015 No Comments

With the release of Windows 10 comes another opportunity for Microsoft to align its direction for mobile to better serve developers and IT departments. Together with a subtle name change to Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is looking to draw a line in the sand on its failed attempt to chase Apple in the consumer market with Windows Phone.

A Few Simple Steps Can Make Post-M&A IT Integration Smoother

July 29, 2015 No Comments

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the current mergers and acquisitions boom, but very little about the role of information technology in making such deals successful. Yet the IT leadership of a company is central to the success of an M&A. If the post-deal integration is done right, the transaction will unfold much more smoothly, and that’s good for investors, employees and the overall health of the company.

The Internet of Things: Challenges and Opportunities Across Industries

July 28, 2015 No Comments

with Sam Ganga, DMIZK Research reports that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have 50 billion endpoints by 2010 and will create 2.5 trillion new revenue streams in the next 10 years. That represents a huge opportunity for organizations large and small across all industries. Read More >>>

Capturing Packets Faster in the 100Gbps World

July 27, 2015 No Comments

by Daniel Joseph Barry, NapatechThe number of network end points is growing into the billions as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands its presence, spurred on inexpensive sensors, the rapid adoption of mobile devices and innovative minds. This presents engineers and administrators with the challenge of managing and protecting the network in real time. Read More >>>

Requirements Customers Have For Mobile Payments

July 22, 2015 No Comments

by Kristen Gramigna, BluePayMobile payments can equip small businesses to accept payment by credit or debit card, using the mobile device that small-business owners likely have within reach most of the time. While mobile payment technology can benefit both customer and business owner, some customers remain hesitant about them. Read More >>>

Six Steps for Approaching the Next JavaScript

July 20, 2015 No Comments

The next recommendation/version of the JavaScript standard, also known as “harmony”, “”, “ECMAScript 6″, “ES6″, and “JavaScript/ECMAScript 2015″, is cemented at last. The major language updates included in ES6 are expected to end a rather stagnant history of change. For those who aren’t familiar, I encourage you to explore the real-world usages of ES6 in the wild since ES6 is most likely being integrated into a tool that you already depend on or will be integrated in the near future.

Analyst Report: Corporate Datacenter Trends – July 2015

July 15, 2015 No Comments

About This 451 Research Report: A May survey of 1,240 members of the 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance looked at key enterprise datacenter trends – including overall spending on datacenter facilities, current capacity utilization and what organizations plan to do as they run out.

Empowering the Empowered Customer

July 14, 2015 No Comments

We are living in the age of the empowered customer. Most likely you’ve heard this before but an inordinate number of these discussions have focused on how these “new age” consumers are impacting retailers. While true, this narrow view fails to recognize the larger impact these consumers are having in other industries such as, you guessed it, insurance.

Digital Transformation and the Changing Enterprise

July 9, 2015 No Comments

with Anatoly Belaychuk, ComindwareVolatility of today’s business landscape is unprecedented: it is harder than ever to stay on top and win a lasting competitive advantage. Due to the Digital Disruption, it is now virtually impossible to develop a business model, cast it into the concrete of an ERP system and leverage highly optimized processes for years. Read More >>>

How to Drive Organizational Change with Learning Programs

July 2, 2015 No Comments

Here’s the problem—your organization needs to change. Even the most successful companies realize that “what got you here won’t get you where you want to be.” The challenge for most organizations today is one of transformation. They need new tools, new language, and new frameworks. And it all needs to happen fast.

Your Mobile Wallet Isn’t Safe

June 29, 2015 No Comments

with Dror Nadler, CellroxAs mobile payments barrel forward like a freight train, the potential consequences of cyber breaches grow in severity. 30 percent of U.S. shoppers already use mobile wallets, and 62 percent of shoppers who don’t use a mobile wallet expect to adopt one in the next year, according to a 2015 report from Interactions marketing group. Read More >>>

4 Tips for Creating Brand Advocates Out of Father’s Day Shoppers This Year

June 18, 2015 No Comments

Johann Wrede, SAPA recent Customer Experience Index report from Forrester shows companies that outperform competitors in customer experience are more likely to turn customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into loyal and engaged brand ambassadors. Simply stated? “Customer service is king” is no longer just a marketing tagline, but a mantra that governs how organizations will continue to survive. Read More >>>

Welcome to Tomorrowland: Where Developers Can Finally Roam Free

June 10, 2015 No Comments

Miguel Valdes Faura, BonitasoftThe truth is that most old-line BPM technologies prevented developers from having the freedom and flexibility they needed to build highly personalized applications. They took a “no code” approach and touted it as a feature while expecting developers to “make do” with stale, generic user interfaces and rigid forms. Read More >>>

Blockchains as Currency – The Next Generation of Applications

June 5, 2015 No Comments

Perhaps Bitcoin’s greatest gift to the web is not the disruptive nature of a digital currency, but the platform used to build that distributed, worldwide, decentralized crypto-currency. Bitcoin’s platform, often referred to as a blockchain, uses an innovative approach to keep transactions secure, validate ownership and guarantee provenance. A blockchain consists of a distributed cryptographic ledger shared amongst all nodes participating in the network, where every successfully performed transaction is recorded and shared. In other words, blockchains are proving to be a fully auditable, incorruptible database that can deny any known hack or attack.

Doing Versus Planning: The New Way to Build Enterprise Apps

June 4, 2015 No Comments

Aygun Suleymanova, Progress SoftwareWhether a developer is building mobile apps for a small- to medium-sized organization or a multinational enterprise, the apps themselves have to be enterprise-ready. Read More >>>

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview with Napatech: What the Third Platform Requires of the Network

June 3, 2015 No Comments

Daniel Joseph Barry, NapatechIn this interview, Dan Joe Barry, VP Positioning and Chief Evangelist for Napatech, speaks with IT Briefcase about the emerging technology of software acceleration platforms and tools.Read More >>>

Shining a Bright Light on Your Shadow IT

May 27, 2015 No Comments

Many companies today struggle to get to grips with their “shadow IT.” Shadow IT refers to applications, devices, and services used within a company but not approved by IT. Sometimes the term is a pejorative, presupposing added risk and cost. It may also be considered a source of future innovation. Most Americans just got an object lesson in shadow IT in the controversy regarding the email server used by the former Secretary of State.

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: New Era of Performance Optimization in SAN Storage

May 22, 2015 No Comments

with Brian Morin, Condusiv TechnologiesOne of the biggest silent killers of SAN performance has nothing to do with the SAN itself, but the number of small, fractured random I/O that overwhelms bandwidth from the SAN as a result a fragmented logical disk. Read More >>>

Killing Misconception: Five Steps to BPM Success

May 15, 2015 No Comments

by Miguel Valdes Faura, BonitasoftThe common thinking has been that developing and implementing a process-based application will be as complicated and disruptive as a custom development. It doesn’t have to be. Here are five steps to ensure success. Read More >>>

3 Ways Automation Technology Drives Business Value

May 13, 2015 No Comments

Gone are the days where CIOs are only responsible for managing IT and service request fulfillment. As demands have evolved throughout the enterprise, CIOs are being asked to fill two additional roles: Chief Solutions Officer and Chief Alignment Officer. IT leaders are now increasingly relied on to develop and execute quick fixes for company-wide issues, while connecting the enterprise technologically and culturally. With so much to juggle, many are turning to automation technology to ensure no objective gets dropped.

Eight Realities That Demand Multi-Factor Authentication

April 30, 2015 No Comments

by David Hald, SMS PASSCODESecurity is part and parcel of an IT admin’s job duties, but it is just one of a long litany of must-do’s that crowd each day. They put the basics in place, including antivirus software, passwords and firewalls, and then turn their attention to the latest priority or malfunction. Read More >>>


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