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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Top IoT Trends and Predictions for Organizations in 2016

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Top IoT Trends and Predictions for Organizations in 2016

with Mike Martin, nfrastructure
In this interview, Mike Martin, CTO, nfrastructure, speaks with IT Briefcase about what he believes will be the top IoT trends and predictions for organizations of all sizes and their IT teams for the coming...

Top Questions to Ask Before Implementing VoIP

Top Questions to Ask Before Implementing VoIP

Thinking about a move away from traditional phone lines to a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution? You're not alone: According to Business Wire, the market is on track to reach almost 350 million subscribers by 2020 and generate...

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Rugged DevOps: Solving Big Problems

February 4, 2016 No Comments

In part one of this series, “Rugged DevOps: Survival is Not Mandatory”, I shared news that 1 in 16 open source and third-party components downloaded last year included a known vulnerability. That may not seem like too many until you realize the average company downloads well over 200,000 components annually. These components are electively downloaded by development teams, often unaware of the vulnerabilities that come with them.

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Hottest Trends for Government IT Leaders in 2016

February 4, 2016 No Comments

with Chadd Kenney, Pure StorageIn this interview, Chad Kenney discusses how critical laying strategic foundational IT infrastructure is for success in the short-term and over the long haul. Read More >>>

5 Tips for Implementing Custom Apps in Your Organization

February 3, 2016 No Comments

Digital transformation is here, changing how organizations work, collaborate and innovate. Fueled by mobility and BYOD trends, organizations of all sizes are embracing the power of apps to drive output, increase efficiency and streamline workloads. To many, it might seem that the easiest and best answer would be to buy off-the-shelf apps. However, it’s important to consider that apps of this type tend to be generic in order to appeal to a wide audience. They may get the job done, but there’s little to no personalization available.

The Access and Identity Market Is Growing: Here’s Why

January 28, 2016 No Comments

by Dean Wiech, Tools4everWhile as a whole, the IAM market has been growing, there have been certain areas and solutions that have, in particular, shown great growth. What are these and why have organizations of all sizes been implementing them? Read More >>>

IT Brand Pulse: Application Delivery Controller 2015 Brand Leader Report

January 28, 2016 No Comments

IT Brand Pulse: Application Delivery Controller 2015 Brand Leader Report

Rising Rates of Cyber Shoplifting Causing Innocent E-tailers to Lose Their Bank Approval

January 22, 2016 No Comments

While technology has benefited retailers in many ways, it has also contributed to growing levels of fraud. Although EMV and other developments are helping to curb identity theft fraud and unauthorized transactions, “chargeback fraud” remains a major threat to eCommerce merchants. As the technology of electronic payment processing becomes nearly ubiquitous in the business world, online shopping is rapidly overtaking in-store sales for many items. But with any fast-evolving system, scammers find loopholes that can eat deeply into profits.

Tech Training: Tips For Successful Software Implementation

January 14, 2016 No Comments

“Software is eating the world.” The now-classic quote from Marc Andreessen needs some updating, since it’s now more accurate to say software as a service (SaaS) is consuming the world, but the core statement is spot on: Companies can’t survive (and thrive) without the regular influx of new software. The problem? Many employees struggle to keep pace with changing environments and workflows — here are four tips for executives looking to streamline the software training process.

Network Visibility: Meeting the Challenge of Windows 10 and Beyond

January 14, 2016 No Comments

2015 was a banner year for Microsoft. The company updated its Xbox One video game console, created an Outlook app for iPhones and other user-friendly tools across platforms, and opened its successful Microsoft Azure cloud to a wider base of software developers than ever. To top it off, Microsoft released Windows 10 – for free.

Make Room for a New Title on the CIO’s Business Card: Chief Productivity Officer

January 8, 2016 No Comments

Thirty years ago, BusinessWeek magazine announced the creation of a new senior executive leadership position: the CIO. The role and responsibilities of overseeing the IT infrastructure had become so important that companies started promoting their Directors of Data Processing to the C-Suite. In 2016, those responsibilities will undergo the most significant transformation in the last three decades.

Five Things to Look Forward to in 2016

January 7, 2016 No Comments

by Alex Atzberger , AribaIt’s time for annual predictions. Rather than trying to consult a crystal ball, I will instead offer up five things I see today that I believe will shape our tomorrow.Read More >>>

How Technology is Changing the Fitness Landscape

January 7, 2016 No Comments

The recent release of Apple’s new iWatch last year is just one reminder of how technology is having a massive impact on the fitness industry. New technologies have had a huge effect on all aspects of the fitness landscape, from the way gyms and fitness classes are marketed, how we pay for our fitness classes and gym memberships, and even fitness trackers, heart rate trackers, calorie counting and biometric evaluation. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest changes that technology has made to keeping fit.

Comprehensive Privileged Identity Management and Audit for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Product

January 6, 2016 No Comments

Join Tony Goulding from Centrify and Jeff Williams from the National Weather Service to explore the benefits of using Centrify Server Suite to centralize RHEL identities within Active Directory and granularly control privileges, while auditing all privileged activity.

Upgrades That Help You Manage Your Business

December 26, 2015 No Comments

There are always upgrades you can make to run your business more efficiently, but you need to find a way to prioritize them. A new computer may not break new ground, but it will speed up your day-to-day tasks. Alternatively, there is a host of software out there that makes the management of your employees and your business easier. Here is a look at some of the best upgrades you should invest in for the new year.

Important Things That You Should Know Before Developing Android Car Apps

December 15, 2015 No Comments

With an increasing number of auto manufacturers beginning to encourage app development for their models, there has been a renewed interest in the app development community that had perceived the market as being too unimportant. Since 2013, there has been a spate of activities like conferences and training programs on building vehicle connectivity organized by leading car makers that were attended in large numbers by developers.

Does the Cloud Help or Hinder Application Integration?

December 15, 2015 No Comments

By Joe McKendrick, Author and Independent ResearcherThese days, it’s almost impossible to mention the term “application integration” without also adding “Platform as a Service” (or, interchangeably, “cloud”). Read More >>>

How the Mobile Revolution is Changing Business

December 8, 2015 No Comments

Smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops and connected devices have begun a mobile revolution that is impacting society, specifically changing business as we know it. How companies operate, market themselves, interact with customers and understand their consumers has been completely affected by the emergence of mobile everything. Business today isn’t as usual—the practices taking place within as a result of mobile technology are in the midst of normalization.

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Top IoT Trends and Predictions for Organizations in 2016

December 2, 2015 No Comments

with Mike Martin, nfrastructureIn this interview, Mike Martin, CTO, nfrastructure, speaks with IT Briefcase about what he believes will be the top IoT trends and predictions for organizations of all sizes and their IT teams for the coming year. Read More >>>

Introducing the New Retail BRAIN

November 24, 2015 No Comments

This year that annual shopping frenzy in the U.S. known as Black Friday will take place on November 27, the day after Thanksgiving. Sales, according to the Black Friday website, will actually start early on Thanksgiving Day and extend throughout the weekend. Total sales are expected to top $80 billion. Also, the number of bargain hunters will increase this year to well over 300 million. Sales channels will include both brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers.

Chip Cards Offer Additional Security for Holiday Shopping Season

November 23, 2015 No Comments

As the holiday shopping season approaches, the American Bankers Association is educating consumers about the new chip technology embedded in many credit and debit cards. The new chip cards offers bank customers an added layer of security just in time for the holidays. The chip – a small metallic square on the front of the payment card – assigns a one-time code for each transaction, and makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to create counterfeit cards.

Shifting to a Design-Driven Culture

November 19, 2015 No Comments

by Antoine Mottier, BonitasoftUnderstanding customer need is more important today than ever as millennials enter the workforce. According to Goldman Sachs, millennials are one of the largest generations in history and are about to move into their prime spending years – poised to reshape the economy. Read More >>>

Learn About Some of the Top Money Management Apps

November 19, 2015 No Comments

You must be spending a lot of time on your Android phone by just browsing through pictures or playing some tap-tap games. Instead, if you can spend some time for your money management through apps it can definitely be much more worthy. Let us go through some financial apps that can help in effective money management process.

New Cybrary Mobile App Provides Hacking Training to Developing Nations with Limited Web Access

November 19, 2015 No Comments

Cybrary, the world’s first and only no-cost cyber security massive open online course (MOOC) provider, announced the availability of its Android-based mobile app that allows users with limited Web access – particularly in developing countries – to learn hacking, forensics and other cyber security skills on the go.

Six Workspace as a Service Myths Debunked

November 16, 2015 No Comments

If you’re not using Workspace as a Service (WaaS) yet, it may be because you don’t fully grasp what it really is, how much it does, and how hot the global market is projected to become. As with many emerging technologies in a growth phase, WaaS is often underestimated and misunderstood. But if industry forecasts hold true, WaaS just may be the next big thing in the IT services space. To help shed light on why this is so, here are six busted myths about WaaS.

Barbarians at the Gate: Enhancing Web Security with Behavioural Analytics

November 11, 2015 No Comments

Cybercrime is thriving … as demonstrated by several high-profile, online data breaches in the press recently. As static, on-premise security measures are increasingly becoming ineffective against attempts to steal data and take web services offline, many security professionals are left unsure how to best mitigate these evolving threats.

The Power of Passive Authentication in the Contact Center

November 11, 2015 No Comments

In this webcast, authentication and fraud experts from Gartner and Verint Systems discuss passive authentication for the contact center.

Top Questions to Ask Before Implementing VoIP

November 4, 2015 No Comments

Thinking about a move away from traditional phone lines to a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution? You’re not alone: According to Business Wire, the market is on track to reach almost 350 million subscribers by 2020 and generate $136 billion in revenue. However, before ditching your plain old telephone service (POTS) for a VoIP, it’s important to ask a few critical questions.

Looking to grow lean? Here’s how to make sure you have a business management solution that is up to the task

November 3, 2015 No Comments

Many small and midsized enterprises are struggling to get by without a proper business management solution (BMS). Instead, they stitch together a combination of systems that end up leading to inefficient processes and a series of information silos. However, an increasing number of CIOs are embracing cloud-computing options. Indeed, nearly 30 percent of companies plan to move their systems to the cloud by 2018. With that in mind, the following are some questions SMBs need to ask during their shift from a messy, disparate system, to a fluid business management solution that is up to the task of growing their company lean.

Infographic: 7 Monsters that Spook Your Enterprise Applications

October 29, 2015 No Comments

Why is it that 75% of the business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail? Why is failure rate often a planned expense that is written off long before development ever begins? Below is a fun infographic to not only understand the major friction points in delivering successful enterprise applications, but also learn how to tackle these monsters and speed custom app creation. Do tell us about the monsters that scare you the most and any other ghouls we may have missed.

The Internet of Things Is Killing Your Storage: Best Practices for the Brave New World

October 23, 2015 No Comments

IDC points to several factors that are enabling the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), including a global culture that has embraced and now expects greater connectivity; ongoing interest in and development of smart cars, homes and cities; and advances in connectivity infrastructure. Consequently, the analyst firm anticipates that IoT technology and services spending will generate global revenues of $8.9 trillion by 2020.

How SaaS-Safe Time Clock Software Can Benefit Your Business

October 20, 2015 No Comments

If you’re not familiar with the term, SaaS is a distribution method that hosts powerful software on a network or via the cloud, and manages it by a remote vendor or service provider. Once subscribed to the service, you can tap in and manage exactly what you need to, and so can your employees should the system call for it. Troubleshooting, service time and installation are all handled by the vendor or service provider.


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